LSR Notes: 9/17/20 (continued)

Don’t test God!


11:32 PM

Seattle is turning to shit …

Mayor Durkan is largely responsible.

Inslee is also at fault for allowing this Covid19 bullshit hysteria to take hold.

And I think what happens next will be HUGE and unexpected and will involve the convulsions of MILLIONS of pissed off people.


11:26 PM

Some kind of ruckus going on outside the building … in the alley.

Some guys fighting … talking about garbage …

A woman cackles …

And I think “will this be the first one?”

The first shooting, stabbing, murder, kill scenario that is literally outside the building?

Or, is this the first one I’ll hear …

And the bodies keep stacking in the Duwamish.


11:01 PM

“Did you kill’em?”

“What Zlog?”


Grimbo looked back, face covered in sweat and bile and vomit and pieces of brain matter …

Zlog looked at Grimbo and understood that the old white man had been killed … and Make-Make was fulfilled … and Tangata manu bs.


10:55 PM

Big … big … ba ba boom in my hood just now …


10:43 PM

What is #Twitter?

A log of crimes …

To be used against me …

When the commie-kangaroo courts are held …

The various violations of peoples “feelings” will be read off …

And all the NOORIDIAN FLECKEN-JAK will steal the the golden butt plugs from the fairy princess.


10:26 PM

“It’s not enough to be anti-racist … you need to go around calling people racist AND beating them to death with steel pipes …” – Dr. Freckles


9:39 PM

A lot of sirens tonight …

Blimptian freaks are coming up from the underground …

Trovian war lords, carrying mace and hatchets, take their jungle hounds down to Pioneer Square … there they harvest the flesh of the streets … there they make the stew of forgetting.


9:36 PM


9:35 PM

I think people are dying, being killed, BECAUSE OF the #lockdown …

I think there are people in all our lives who are close to the edge, because of it …

and it PISSES ME OFF when people virtue signal this crime …

this lie … #covid19


6:46 PM

Did the people of Rapa Nui go through a stage of decline that can only be called the “meth head” stage?

They did a lot of meth … and they carved stone heads.


6:39 PM


1:32 PM

have you met a bugbear?

a gondulast-beast of golden hem and remulack scrimly?

If you could glide with android dancers, would you spend your days drinking lye?

And the charcoal is 3,000 years old?

And you don’t know who killed Elvis?

I’d say you will find only tangata manu.


12:56 PM

I was the street shaman you passed by.

I had an idea about your fear and your hate and your envy.

(but you passed me by)

You exalt as a glumbly-king, but your putrescence spreads to the 7 kingdoms.

And you call me cold?

And you will hunt me for my frumptous-meat?



11:24 AM

what if they use gene editing to hack Gene Hackman?


11:06 AM

There’s only one proper document, well standing after 55,000 KLEN …



(that’s the deal)


11:04 AM

twitter is mold. I am mold.
Mold is the way.
all is mold now.

I make a grinkus stew
of lukewarm grimy goo

the mold of life stands fast

and the zunker-folk

beholden to Skunk-lords

raise money for Joe Biden and Senate Democrats

“Just flip 4 seats …”, Nate Silver is doing cocaine.

This song is about a serial killer …


10:53 AM

the best antidote to mold is light …

and freedom is that light.


10:47 AM

The french bulldog is the “Deliverance” of the dog world …

“You have a pretty mouth …”

“Konrad Lorenz trained his geese to stalk and kill french bulldogs … just saying … Konrad loved dogs … Konrad loved people … Konrad hated commies and frenchies …”

  • Dr. Freckles


10:46 AM

  1. Arabs with box cutters
  2. Chinese with a Crispr
  3. Some radicals with Bick lighters …

(it all adds up)


10:36 AM

If you want to understand “Fantasy Island”?

(read the “Screwtape Letters”)


10:21 AM

“Agile project management: like creeping slowly towards destruction.” – Dr. Freckles


10:00 AM

… Tangata Manu …

Once a year the virile young men swim from the Statue of Liberty to NYC …

They each carry a hand grenade …

They race to toss it at the current king, who is tied up in Times Square …

(this is how you become gungis-lord)
(and you rule over the WOOKIE)

we’ll play Nordic death metal DURING the competition on giant loudspeakers … free beer that day to all … and free gun powder.

Here’s the theory:

if the King is popular? – no one will succeed. Grenades will be lost in the water. Or no one even wants to compete.

This achieves a brutal “unanimous consent”.

Also – you give the king a martini/steak dinner the night before … just in case.


9:55 AM

  1. Solomon asks for wisdom.
  2. Solomon threatens to cut a baby in half.

And I’m thinking … “how many babies did they cut in half before the success story?”.

They got to the HOOKERS before they got a hit …

(dark Bible)


9:46 AM

“I’ve been on NOOM for 4 months … I’ve lost 27 friends … and I feel I’ve got my life back.”


9:00 AM

Testing God … testing faith.

Who is being tested?

Mark 9:14-32

Judges 6:36-40


5:22 AM

Amos 9

1 KINGS 8:22

Ecclesiastes 7

Amos 4

Hebrews 11

1 KINGS 17


5:09 AM

Slender man … very creepy subject.


4:58 AM

I have no idea what is meant here …

I get troll’d BIG TIME whenever I talk about space … and many of the trolls are weird, ambiguous, launching glancing or oblique attacks …

Dear Space Trolls:

The more you troll me? – the LESS I BELIEVE in “space”.


4:45 AM

Pedos … Kevin Spacey …


4:33 AM


(just another strategy for getting laid)