LSR Notes: 9/17/20

3:40 AM


1:44 AM

Easter Island:,access%20fish%20or%20move%20statues.

Birdman / Tangata Manu:


1:38 AM

When people are walking up the stairs now, I stop what I’m doing when they get close to my floor … I get silent. I think about where the shot gun is, and what my strategy will be …

I live right next to the stairwell, so the noise is impossible to miss.

I have one lock.

Also …

One of the locks … the inner gate lock … was busted out.

Probably by some homeless squatters …

Are things breaking down? – yes.

Will it get worse? – yes.


1:32 AM

“… then, with the advent of radio … a whole new noisy universe emerged … and man began to listen to the stars …” – Leonard Nimoy (after doing some coke in 1977)


1:14 AM

A demon comes to my window each night …

His name is Xinder …

He says he was born 56,000 years ago.

When I sleep, he taps on the window to remind me he is still there.

When I sleep, he whispers through the glass … words … hideous phrases.

And then I awaken in terror.


12:47 AM

The commies got to Mars first …

(then they came here)

There are many swarms of commies …

What’s true of some swarms is not true of all.

The swarm of commies I’m currently tracking?

  1. Started on Mars
  2. Then went to Easter Island
  3. Now they are in California, mostly … and Seattle.

Wherever communism has been? – you’ll find two things in abundance:

  1. Death
  2. Statues


12:39 AM

“Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it as a Hallmark Movie Channel holiday movie …” – Dr. Freckles


12:28 AM

You know how Musk says he’ll be landing people on Mars in 2024?

And taking some rich douche to the Moon in 2022?

This means either:

a) The control grid/5G for virtualizing reality will be in place


b) End of World soon

Question: could 5G really be the fundamental means for TPTB to rewrite consciousness and insert false experiences/reality?

“Hey, Musk landed people on Mars …”

“Hey, they invented fusion energy …”

“Hey, there’s a pandemic … look at all the dead bodies …”


12:23 AM

“I didn’t say I saw ‘life’ on Mars … I said I saw commies … and so you land there, and you don’t see anything but death and dirt? … I told you commies had been there.” – Percival Lowell



Amos 9

1 KINGS 8:22

Ecclesiastes 7

Amos 4

Hebrews 11

1 KINGS 17