LSR Notes: 9/16/20 (Cryptographic Space Jesus)

11:34 PM

Humans and apples.



11:28 PM

Theory: black people are not “black” because of climate or any shit like that …

People of color are BLACK because it was dangerous where they lived, many threats, and “being black” was a way of deterring likely predators.

Crows are black for the same reason, if you ask me.


11:21 PM

a LOT of bad mojo right now …

the collective unconscious of humanity is forming magma pocket … getting ready to become a caldera of psychic disarray …

(but I’m just a drunk preacher and a hobo shaman … so what the fuck do I know)


7:00 PM


  1. website:
  2. Please don’t be pissed, but here’s a question: what is BIGFOOT’S ENNEAGRAM type?
  3. Institute was founded in 1997.
  4. Last time I was tested, working at Wolfram and Hart, I was INTJ … 50/50 I/E NTJ …


6:44 PM

“… because of this killer bee incident, young Asian women of inscrutable backgrounds were hired to dissect bees.”

“Killer bees respond violently to anything black …”


6:24 PM

There are 6 core “In search of …” personality types …

Type #4 has a typical sub-type: Bigfoot …

Are you a “Bigfoot?”

  1. Extraterrestrials
  2. Magic and Witchcraft
  3. Missing Persons
  4. Myths and Monsters
  5. Lost Civilizations
  6. Special Phenomena


6:17 PM

Basic recipe “Bigfoot Soup”:


  1. Chopped bigfoot flesh.
  2. potatoes
  3. onions
  4. cilantro
  5. fresh tomatoes


  1. place all in large iron kettle.
  2. add water, so that all ingredients are covered.
  3. place over a fire in the woods.
  4. stir every 20 minutes, cook for 4 hours.


6:09 PM

I cook the grumbus of the earth …

my pot is filled with the tears and blood and pasty waste of those drimbick-folken who wander my city realm filled with cocaine dreams and sugarcane nightmares …

I cook the Vromulol and crow-feet …

I cook the ancient oils, pigeon hearts.


6:03 PM

What would make 2020 better?

Someone finally killing that bastard BIGFOOT!


5:48 PM

Harps and xylophones …

That’s 84% of all 70’s soundtrack music.


5:38 PM

Hands’y Chands’y lived on a ship …

Hands’y Chands’y really liked Chip.

Chip would tell Hands’y, “leave me alone”.

Hands’y would tell Chip … “bake me a scone, you Jagulmat-Clone …”

And then he looked at Chip, in his dark dragon eyes …

and picked up a shard of glass.


9:45 AM

Proverbs 29:2


9:16 AM

I’ve been exposed to so many “thought systems” for “re-engineering” your life … thus far?

It’s like they offer you the key to unlocking the key to unlocking the key …

(and I just want to know where the beer is)


8:34 AM

What’s the first thing you say to someone?

On twitter, or, more importantly, in real life?

(trolls won’t understand this question)


8:06 AM

Isaiah 37:14-38

Psalm 139


7:50 AM

Theory: a side-effect of photon tunneling is tachyon propagation …


perhaps a super-dense crystalline lead, wound in nano fiber, and then super-cooled to 1 or 2 Kelvin.

this would act as a tachyon amplifier for photon tunneling side effects.

You pump this system with a gamma ray laser.

Tachyons are propagated via tunneling.

Tachyons decay into photons, in the past.


7:44 AM

I will never torture a person.

But I might torture a pedophile …

(or a communist)


7:41 AM

NASA is Tangata Manu …

Tangata Manu is #NASA.


7:37 AM

I love when people in the liberty “taxation is theft” movement quote NASA or say nice things about it …

it’s so fucking crazy to read an agorist or voluntaryist defending NASA.

“Tangata Manu”


7:28 AM

  1. Jesus
  2. Crypto Skepticism
  3. Outer Space

Three topics that call in AND identify trolls …



9/15/20 10:08 PM

Dark side of the moon would be perfect for deep space observation.

You could send an array of robot telescopes and radio collection dishes …

This could be incremental, and built out.

And it’s not Mars, next door …

Why haven’t we done this?

20 miles up?

A platform would be able to see a great deal of detail on the Moon.

For a few million dollars, a person could design and deploy a high altitude platform – for viewing, accurately, Apollo mission landing sites on the Moon.

Doing this as a “show” would fund it.

Yet, never happened, hasn’t happened, can’t happen?

It’s weird.