LSR Notes: 9/15/20

10:05 PM


9:30 PM


5:00 PM

“Hey Dan, I’ve haven’t spoken to you in a while …”


“What’s the color of the sky there in #Seattle?”

“Hell …”

“The color Dan?”

“hell .. hell color …”


4:49 PM

Birds: do they exist?



4:20 PM


Seems like how they’ll administer the death-poison at the FEMA camps …


3:47 PM

I want the wars to end …

But I would not be so sure that’s what’s happening right now.

Troop re-positioning could signal something quite ominous.


3:40 PM

Coyotes will mate with crows … and create crowtes …

Coyotes will breed with rabbits too …

Rabbotes … or Coybits … just dangerous as fuck.


3:32 PM

Coyotes will breed with all animals.

(especially house cats …)

Cat-yotes? – are not a joke.


3:25 PM

I’ve developed a pregnancy test for men …

  1. you pay me $600
  2. I punch you in the face and run


3:19 PM

How does classical time travel theory (unitary timeline, non-expansionary Wheeler bullshit) … no multiverse … mix with reincarnation?


3:15 PM

“Being a heavyweight? – means you drown faster.” – Dr. Freckles

Listen …

I’m a heavyweight / #HEAVYWEIGHT …

You are QUITE LUCKY that I spend some of my time with you …

You should take this as an opportunity to soak up my blessed knowledge … to receive my golden shower of info.

So come on …

(you owe me like $4000 already)


3:08 PM

What would a firestorm be like if it reached the scale of a hurricane?


Fire-cane: coming soon, in 2023 … starring: Brock Tadner.

The story of a washed up fireman, who ends up as a drunk homeless man, and saves a family from the “Fire-cane” by killing a rich dude.


2:57 PM

and ventriloquists are creepy …

you ever see the movie “Magic” with Anthony Hopkins?


8:48 AM

Luke 4:18-19


8:03 AM

I want to live so rural …

I can shower outside …


Fire pistols at the same time.

(and drink whiskey)

(and listen to Astrud Gilberto at 10 gorillion decibels)


8:00 AM

I don’t want a civil war.

But this death star must burn.

This empire must fall.

Then maybe we have a chance to be free again.

Maybe we could build something, a “land of the free and home of the brave” … wouldn’t that be amazing?

To lead by example.


7:39 AM

Shock-u-mentaries were BIG in the 1970’s …

Shockumentary: a documentary meant to titillate and tease using urban legends and common fears …

I think “Overlords of the UFO” is the greatest of all …

Bigfoot, Lochness, Satan, Ghosts, ESP, Dimensions, you name it …

Killer Bees …

Asteroids …

Serial killers …

Ice Ages …

Shocking …