First Do No Harm

“I will use treatment to help the sick according to my ability and judgment, but never with a view to injury and wrong-doing. Neither will I administer a poison to anybody when asked to do so, nor will I suggest such a course. Similarly I will not give to a woman a pessary to cause abortion. But I will keep pure and holy both my life and my art. I will not use the knife, not even, verily, on sufferers from stone, but I will give place to such as are craftsmen therein. Into whatsoever houses I enter, I will enter to help the sick, and I will abstain from all intentional wrong-doing and harm, especially from abusing the bodies of man or woman, bond or free. And whatsoever I shall see or hear in the course of my profession, as well as outside my profession in my intercourse with men, if it be what should not be published abroad, I will never divulge, holding such things to be holy secrets.”

~ an early version of the Hippocratic oath (circa 400 BC), translated from ancient Greek

In the 19th Century the Malthusians determined to limit access to health services. One of the chief among these people with distorted and ugly views of economics, mankind’s nature, and the ways in which innovation overcomes all manner of difficulties was John D. Rockefeller. He helped to organise the American pharmaceutical industry and to promote the cartel operating in restraint of trade called the American Medical Association. He and his cohort of wealthy and deeply misguided (and in many cases, thoroughly evil) associates worked very diligently to hurt as many people as possible.

Utterly complicit and enthusiastic accomplices in this work were the men and women who organised and built the American Medical Association, have ever paid dues to it, and who have accepted medical licences from the several states to operate a cartel in restraint of trade. All doctors who take licences from government are necessarily hurting their neighbours in so doing. The oligopoly of licensed practice makes it impossible for others to work in the same profession without paying exorbitant fees.

Further, the American Medical Association used state legislation to attack and destroy lodge practice medicine, deliberately, maliciously, and terribly harming their neighbours who had, up to the time when the last lodge practice was abolished, worked to cooperate with one another to pay for medical professional services. The American Medical Association as a matter of policy hated the working men and women who sought to provide medical services to their families and acted, in their professional roles as doctors, to harm, viciously and vehemently, everyone else in their communities. Professor Roderick Long has a detailed video and essay on this topic.

Owing to these repeated and evil crimes against humanity, the American Medical Association deserves to be destroyed. A class action lawsuit naming all the people harmed by the AMA and by the legislatures of the several states would deserve to win and should seize all the assets of that evil and violent organisation for distribution to their victims. I believe such a suit is not ever going to be organised and if it were brought to the American courts would be dismissed or improperly adjudicated because we do not have a justice system, they in power have a “just us” system.

Now, today, in April 2020, Americans are once again being caused to suffer extremely by the dictates of evil violent Dr. Anthony Fauci and his cohort of evil government oppressors who hate individual liberty and attack the first, fifth, and ninth amendment rights, among others, of all Americans. The existing lockdowns and the existing impositions of “social distancing” are unconstitutional, in that they prohibit peaceable assemblies, in many cases prevent the free exercise of religion, take private property for public use without any compensation, and impede the ninth amendment freedoms related to owning and operating a business.

Again, Fauci and all the government agencies and all the karens who have called the police to snitch on their neighbours deserve to be sued and would, in a just world, be made to pay compensation (consisting of all of their assets) to the 16.8 million Americans so far put out of work by their terrible behaviours and ideas and actions. But, again, we don’t live in a just world, we have no access to a justice system, and there’s no point in enriching lawyers in a “just us” system because lawyers are exactly like doctors in that they pay for a licence to exclude others from their profession in a violent and evil way. Yes, I am saying that when the state forcibly prevents anyone from practicing law without a licence, that is violent and evil. Every lawyer on Earth knows this fact, none of them care about it, and there are no lawyers who are not complicit in this form of evil. Lawyers are bad news.

So, now, today, doctors are telling people to close their businesses, governors are ordering businesses to be closed, and evil violent obnoxious bullies in uniform called “police” or, even more egregiously, “peace officers” are destroying the livelihoods of tens of millions. Yes, I believe before long another ten or twenty million more people will be out of work. And the doctors are evil in asking for these business closures and the governors and state legislators are evil for imposing these rules, and the police, who have always been evil and personally violent disgusting people (who beat their wives and children all the time, with impunity) are evil for enforcing these rules.

Aren’t you tired of being hurt? Aren’t you sick of rules meant to harm you? Aren’t you disgusted by the karens who snitch on you and your neighbours? Won’t you stand up for freedom.

Starting on 19 April 2020 and continuing every day their after, I say stand up for your freedom. Stand up for your 9th amendment right to party. Stand up for your 10th amendment power to own and operate a business. Go to work, go to church, go to school, and if these places are not open to you, open them. Or start your own. Stand up to the bullies and make them back down. Yes, all cops are bullies, all bullies are cowards, and all cops are cowards.

Remember Waco: 19 April 1993. Remember Oklahoma City: 19 April 1995. Remember the Warsaw ghetto uprising 19 April 1943. Remember Lexington and Concord 17 April 1775.

You have the opportunity to work with your friends, family, and neighbours to end your imprisonment in your home. You have the opportunity to say: “NO MORE!” You have the choice.

The 331 million Americans (based on the doubtful ability of governments to count and the even more doubtful willingness of governments to report their counting honestly) vastly outnumber the military and their police auxiliaries. So if you and the people in your community open for business, that’s your freedom, and if you stand up to them, you can stay free. And if you give up your vigilance, your freedom will be taken again, and again.

I believe there is overwhelming evidence that there are hundreds of trillions of virus particles all around you all the time, 60 trillion bacteria on and in your body, and 6 trillion body cells of your body that work cooperatively with, for example, your intestinal bacteria, and which have an operating system, an immune system, that keeps you healthy. You are far more healthy with nutritional. exercise, and spiritual support for your immune system through prayer and meditation than you are with vaccines.

Bill Gates wants to be paid by your governments to implant a microchip in your body, a mark of the beast, that will prevent you from trade, commerce, or travel unless you also pay for his vaccines. His father was a eugenicist who worked with Margaret Sanger and others. Bill Gates has said he thinks there are 7 billion more people on Earth than he wants to allow. Gates has been prevented from working his evil deeds in India because his vaccines harmed at least hundreds of thousands of people there, and he did so knowingly and deliberately. Bill Gates is not a medical doctor and has very little formal medical training. Yet he wants to inject vaccines and biochips into 7 billion people, and then kill off most of them. He’s evil.

If you want to be a part of this project, check out for resources and discussion.

Stop obeying tyrants. Stand up for freedom. Defend your freedom and the freedom of your neighbours. The time has come. Starting next Sunday and every day thereafter, or start early if you wish.

Your freedom is yours to defend.


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