LSR Notes: 9/14/20

11:17 PM


9:00 PM

“We have to kill it …”

“Why do we have to kill it?”

“If we don’t kill it, it will kill us …”

“Why would it kill us?”

“For our gold.”

“How we gonna kill it?”

“With a ballista …”

“Where we getting that?”

“British Museum … the ghost of the Monkey-King will meet us.”


8:48 PM

I point at people all day long …

I’m Mr. Pointer …

I point at you as you’re driving your car, swerving too close to the yellow line …

I point at you for your MASK … “you’re not wearing that right” … and I point at you.

And my heart is dead.

And my life pitiable.


8:45 PM


8:36 PM

“My main strategy is to shove my arm … as you see here … in one FLUID MOTION up the butt hole of Nessie … I think we’ll get some really great results …”

“But won’t that startle the beast?”

“Oh … so you’re racist …”


8:32 PM

I looked into the eyes of Nessie …

It looked back into my demon heart …

A heart that was worn down to nothing but a pebble of morose longing for horse drawn wagons and lusty women and sex under the sunlit sky in a farmer’s field …

And I stare at you now …

And you see.


8:23 PM

I have all kinds of crazy thoughts …

50 cents a pound …

and a pound is a nickel …

and a nickel ain’t worth a dime …


8:21 PM

“… I just finished murdering two hookers in Glasgow … and I got really drunk … and I got a hold of some premium Colombian cocaine … and then I saw Nessie … made my weekend …”


8:12 PM

the only way to solve the Loch Ness problem is to drain the Loch …

pump out all the water …

(this is the only solution left to us)

Signed: Government

drain the mud

drain the blood

drain the Earth

drain our worth …

watch eons of love pass by, as we glide through this ash time of leaky faucets?


and all I can do is be sad
and we are left at the crossroads abyss

too softly dead


7:48 PM

“… now the spirit is telling me they really … really … wish they had a Facebook account …”


7:08 PM

Commie donation can … 1990.


6:46 PM

“The thing about ghosts?… they don’t know how to use the internet …”


6:35 PM

Tangata Manu is less crazy than our electoral system …


6:22 PM

you and I will become the gladiators of time …

when you leave behind your fear of flying? – you can fly with me, like the Bird Man of Easter Island …

and one day, you mother fucker? – they’ll build stone idols dedicated to YOU man …

You and your sarcastic bullshit.


6:20 PM

during the time of pirate soirees …

when the last empress of Toledo took her oath?

Catapult leaders, spending time and money, began hurtling their pain at the YALOMITES!


And I took explosive underwear on the plane …

(and asked to leave)


6:16 PM

I have already voted 17 times …

I clean my butt brush, after the morning pump out …

I see the blood and bile drift out to sea …

But I will vote 17 times …

Canned monkey stew is on the menu, along with pickled pigeon eggs and snail mucous …

I will vote 17 times.


12:02 PM

Another name for the Bible?

“This life is hard, but beautiful …”


11:56 AM

this song captures my feelings about normality, these days …

whatever normality is left.

(which ain’t much)


11:48 AM

Proverbs 28:27


11:26 AM

“If you live long enough? – you will become wise, lucky, or both.” – Dr. Freckles


10:59 AM

The Omen movies and the Rocky movies seem to parallel each other, in a way.


10:44 AM

“Nature abhors tyranny … nature conforms to reality.” – Dr. Freckles


10:38 AM

If you want to be my friend, here’s some great advice:

My “self help” book? – that’s the Bible.



10:30 AM

In the time of Slector-Nour?

When the Goglumeck people of realm 8 waged war against pirate angels?

There were many Barnumites, bespectacled and haughty …

Grasping cigars of pain …

Setting fire to the kittens of our mutual regret.

Eating pig slurry with mungis-freaks.

filter out the poisons first …

I would reduce, to a slurry … put this is in the cesspool.

Let the poo cake dry.

Use that for your pudding soup.

Or …

fuck …

Just set them on fire.


10:17 AM

When Christ gives you free bread and fish?

(he’s teaching you a lesson)

(one you really need to learn)


10:12 AM

“I’m a Christian AND an ANARCHIST … I know how to hide from the Romans.” – Dr. Freckles


10:02 AM

When I really hate life, and that’s not today?

(I want a Snicker’s bar … and a Coke)

(that’s my noose)

(that’s my razor blade)

V8 almost killed me a couple years ago …

You get free INFINITE V8 if you work at Microsoft – and that’s great, right?

Problem is? – I think it ends up being partially distilled glyphosate in tomato broth and plant gumbous …

Boy …

“free” ain’t free. except for liberty.

V8 vegetable drink, IMHO, contains a LOT of distilled poisons.


9:49 AM

“The only thing darker than a Canadian horror movie director? – a Danish person.” – Dr. Freckles


9:25 AM

“If you want to be a great sailor? – you can’t be afraid of the wind.” – Dr. Freckles


9:19 AM

“Without repeatable, verifiable, experiments? – science is a joke.” – Dr. Freckles


9:12 AM

Have you heard of “holocaust insurance”?

(research it)

(worthy discussion)

I am NOT a “Holocaust Denier” …

I am someone very skeptical of the “official version” of WW2.

Theory: the Rothschild powers told FDR to NOT bomb the rail roads and the death camps …


Because they needed a pretext for Israel, and 70+ years of persistent propaganda against anyone opposed to Israel.

Jews let Jews die, so that Israel could be born.

Did FDR know where the death camps were? – YES.

Did we have the capacity to shut down the death camps? – YES.

Would we, net-net, have saved lives by bombing the death camps AND the railroads to them? – YES.

Did we bomb the death camps OR the rail roads heading there? – no …

Don’t tell me FDR and his administration “couldn’t imagine” the Final Solution …

(Roosevelt knew that we’d given the NAZI’s that idea from how we treated native americans)

(so yeah … they could imagine it)


9:11 AM

Is contemporary physics, as a science, a grift?

I think it is …


9:06 AM

I have a weird way of saying “hello” …

I don’t walk up and say “hello” …

I say “hey … is that a V-8?”

(it’s a kind of test)


9:04 AM

“The menu is NOT the meal.” – Dr. Freckles


8:57 AM

I am currently drifting through dimension 009X-Romeo …

This is the dimension of hippos and zebras, hanging out down by the river … smoking cigarettes … and they give you dirty looks.

Please do not contact me about ANY special DEALS today …

(not while I’m in 009X-Romeo)


8:32 AM

Prices are pointless now …

Soon? – we will simply quote non-linear growth functions to each other …

“How much you want for that car?”

“Price today? … fuck … n^2+233 …”

“Shit … that’s a good deal, what’s wrong with it?”

“I murdered my wife in it …”

(snare drum)

*** a secret meeting between #Trump and FED Chair #Powell ***

“So … this money printing is HUUUGE …”

“Yes … yes it is Sir.”

“How long until we’re done, complete … with the money printing?”

“When we’re NP-Complete …”

(snare drum)


7:26 AM

I’m a hobo philosopher, a burnt out middle aged computer programmer …

I’m a drunken preacher …

A shaman for hire …

A painter.

A dude seeking after NAZI gold in Canada …

A sinner and a Christian …

I know Jesus loves me, yet I shake my fist at God from time to time.


6:53 AM

Commie Artists Must Die!


6:37 AM

“Better an ugly hooker than an ugly truth.” – Dr. Freckles


6:26 AM

I live more than 15 miles from where my sister lives, yet I know that her french bulldog “Beans” took a poop 27.8 minutes ago …

I simply sensed it …

Is that ESP?


6:24 AM

“If you don’t know what you’re talking about, why would you assume others do?” – Dr. Freckles


6:23 AM

to any discourse, definitions are critical.

often, just understanding what we mean when we say words like “freedom” or “weapon” explains a lot.


6:05 AM

The movie concept “Shivers” …

Set in Seattle, a weird virus takes people over and causes them to run around stabbing each other … randomly … in crowds and individually.

I had this idea a few years ago – but then reality caught up with me and surpassed me.