A prayer concerning miracles …


Every day we awake, it is a miracle from you.

Each day that we can breathe, eat, smile, and be with the people we love is a miracle.

In the Bible, great acts are performed – and this TOO from God, done for us.

Lord in Heaven, a terrible curse has befallen this land, this world .

Darkness rules, evil divides and the righteous hide meekly behind excuses.

Jesus, we have before us the challenge of the age.

Do we not have the ability to stand up and do what’s right?

Have we become so tired in our faith, that we are simply waiting to die?

Jesus, the miracle I desire was performed, already.

The miracle I hope for, I pray for, is the rekindling of our human dignity before the shadow of Satan overcomes this world.

In your name, I pray, Jesus Christ.