LSR Notes: 9/13/20

10:16 PM

“Easter Island”

(that’s the morbid thought in my head right now)


9:57 PM

I got way to obsessed about “Hezekiah” today …

(and now I feel crappy about all the stuff I don’t know)

But what is exciting? – all the study and learning that lay AHEAD!


… also …

Imagine a bald eagle that was bred with a toucan and a golden eagle and was 12 feet tall when standing on the ground … ???


5:56 PM

Hezekiah? – met the forest demon.

Hezekiah? – hunted bear and deer and lived with musky women in caves and bled the blood of ivory tears.

Hezekiah made merry with wookie marshals and stood beside the River of Torg …




He is the forest wanderer, he carries 8 knives and 3 hatchets …

He looks for plants and roots and berries.

He hunts the grizzly and wrestles him and nearly dies.

He mends his wounds, nakedly, by the calm stream.

Forest maidens bring him mead and chicken strips.


5:50 PM

I just came across this, and this is 100% #Twitter with respect to trolls …

Proverbs 27:3

“Stone is heavy and sand a burden, but a fool’s provocation is heavier than both.”


5:46 PM

Some Coastal Salish Indian totem poles display an “eagle” that has the beak of a toucan …

And it makes me wonder … was there a toucan like hawk that looked like an eagle and used to live around here?

(and will I see it?)

(and will it utter my spirit name: “Hezekiah”)


5:25 PM

Recently …

I’ve been thinking a LOT about Easter Island …

(that and the name “Hezekiah”)


12:50 PM

Jim Cramer?

Some random big bank?

Underwear models?

These are not good reasons to buy crypto.


(below: an advertisement for a lottery ticket)


11:38 AM

A lot of anarchists/preppers/agorists spend time, these days, hopping from one life raft to the next … looking for the one that won’t leak.

(but they’re all leaking now)

Is this a test?

An optimist test?

I don’t know …

I just think it’s hard out there, desperate.


8:14 AM

Naked man …


8:11 AM

Why do ya’ll believe this story about the LA County Sheriff’s deputies being killed?

If you were there? – great.

But if all you see is a video from an iPhone or android?

Why do you believe it?

(kind of like the Chinese citizens “falling over” back in February)

“Dan, cops need to have military training and capability.”

“So, I was trained … by the military … like 25 FUCKING YEARS AGO … I wouldn’t let some dude walk up on my vehicle, that is not opsec.”

“Then you must be racist.”

(and scene)

If you’re a cop in LA?

In 2020?

And you’re letting ANY MOTHER FUCKER walk up on your vehicle without challenge?

Then you made a stupid OPSEC mistake.

Despite your paramilitary training, you were an idiot.


Doing coke in your vehicle?

Perhaps drunk?



“Dan, when it says firestorms will burn anything that can burn … what does that mean?”

“Turn to your mirror, look at yourself in the mirror, that means you …”

“That’s racist …”

(and scene)

“Dan, I can just jump in my car if a firestorm comes to my city.”

“You can … you will die in a traffic jam instead of at home.”

“What do you mean?”

“It moves too fast, temps will rise so quickly that your lungs will feel like they’re cooking in minutes, then it gets worse.”

if you hide underground during a #firestorm? – you will quickly run out of air.

if you jump in your swimming pool? – you will boil alive.

if you try to escape? – fire storms are FAST … too fast to escape, not if 3 million of your best friends are doing that too.

some of your last experiences before you die in a firestorm?

watching extremely overweight people melt and burn … like human candles …

(you won’t be alive long after that)

Firestorms sustain temperatures that lead to gasification …

This means ANY FUCKING THING that has trapped gases or convertible glues, bonds, plastics, which are convertible to a flammable gas?

That happens fast … during a firestorm.

Very quickly, a city is ravaged.

“Dan, what’s gasification?”

“You see that big wooden beam up their, the load bearing one helping to hold up your roof?”

“Yeah …”

“At the right temperature, you can cook the wood and it will release a flammable gas.”

“That sounds racist …”

(and scene)

People pouring into the streets in panic?

During a firestorm?

That’s like spilling a bucket of gasoline.

(think oil fire)

“Dan, what about all this cheap shit we’ve been buying from China for the last 40 years? That’s been piling up like junk everywhere in the city? That must be ‘fire safe’, right?”

Ha …

(you funny scro)