LSR Notes: 9/11/20

9: 41 AM


7:03 AM


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5:39 AM

The story of 9/11 …

1. You buy a CAMARO you can’t afford.

2. You won’t admit you are broke.

3. You take out insurance on the CAMARO.

4. You set fire to CAMARO.

5. You blame half your neighbors for CAMARO damage.

6. You invade these homes, steal shit, murder families.

“Who’s gonna pay for the CAMARO?” – President Bush, Sept 12th, 2001 …


5:31 AM

“I’m really glad Trump took that #Syrian oil …”

“So you’re ok if I squat your rental and force you to use guns and men to make me leave? And some of them will probably die, and they have families?”

“You’re racist …”

(and scene)

It’s funny how many #MAGA heads decry theft …

Except when it comes to stealing other nation’s shit.

(then it’s ok)