LSR Notes: 9/9/20

6:35 PM 9/9/20

What kind of scum bag pediatrician does an advert for fluoridation?

EVEN IF you honestly thought it helped, what ever happened to freewill? Choice?

If fluoride helps SO MUCH, couldn’t we just add it, as a powder, and ingest it voluntarily?

The people that support fluoridation just HOP OVER the question of choice …
And these are the SAME FUCKERS who will DEMAND you give your kid Bill Gate’s poison.

“Dan, fluoride is good for you …”

“Ok …”

“So we need to add it to your water.”

“Alright … I think WEED is good for you … can we add that to your air?”

“That’s racist …”

(and scene)

Creepy web site ….


6:25 PM 9/9/20

Ozzie … why have you abandoned us?

6:18 PM 9/9/20

Crombo-freaks are peeking out from behind the sky-slurry, a metallic taste, a residue of creosote and aluminum and cobalt and hopelessness …

Desert junkies build tunnels to Paris, making merry for the future – which is now the past.

Cherry 2000 fear mongers her way to boogaloo town …


4:56 PM 9/9/20

I remember walking through the stairwells, at Harborview?

It looked like the walls were alive …

Like if I had a way to “shrink down” and visit the wall world? – it would be thicker than the thickest jungle in Brazil.

it’s like …

if you tripped and fell into the wall of the stairway at Harborview? – you would be almost instantly melted and absorbed by the biomass living on the walls …


11:22 AM 9/9/20

I have an 8 stage diet program …

you can lose 200 lbs in 9 days …

most of it involves poison.



“… eat the rat, it is the taco meat …” – Dr. Freckles


11:12 AM 9/9/20

This is 2020 …


10:49 AM 9/9/20

Someone asked “what kind of soda are you?”

Coca Cola, 1895


10:39 AM 9/9/20

“I lost 32 pounds with Noom … I’m 70 … and I can still parade around in a 2 piece …”

But maybe you shouldn’t …

Maybe we should display grace and dignity and modesty, especially as we grow older.

Maybe you shouldn’t be proud of yourself.


10:05 AM 9/9/20

Jesus: “And why did God give you guys ideas about shotguns and machine guns and concertina wire?”

John Browning: “Because of crowds dude … crowds …”

Jesus: “Damn right!”


9:58 AM 9/9/20

Max Maven …

This guy used to freak me out …

(he seemed diabolical)


9:55 AM 9/9/20

“Land of the free, home of the brave.”

I remember hearing about a place like that once … in books.


9:32 AM 9/9/20

that’s a painting on John Podesta’s wall …

(Not a place for kids)



9:30 AM 9/9/20

Bad air …

Weird mojo in the air …

there’s also the boss at Uncle Ike’s yelling at his employee yesterday … I observed this.

(it’s a pot shop)

(it shocked me)


9:27 AM 9/9/20

ART is a lesser magic …

(let’s have that honest conversation)


9:17 AM 9/9/20

is there a zero word break context free grammar?


9:12 AM 9/9/20

“I want to make numbers stations great again …” – Dr. Freckles

What’s the difference between a slow, read-only, file server … AND …

An AM radio station, or CB transmitter, broadcasting digital information, cyclically?

It’s a weird thought, but we are in new times …

The bulletin board might be a CB … soon.

What if the solution to the network latency problem for cryptos? – is the use of cyclical radio wave transmitters to announce a solution? …

Propagation is fast, no switches, no intermediaries …

Get rid of the network all together …

truly decentralized …


9:01 AM 9/9/20

“Spiritually speaking? – coming across a trickster-demon is like finding a sweaty stick of old dynamite.” – Dr. Freckles

is Willy Wonka a good guy, a bad guy, or a trickster?

trickster in the Jungian/mythos sense:


8:45 AM 9/9/20

Memories of Amalga …

I had employees at HMC …

“The leading Level 1 Trauma Center …”

Tell me that an inaccurate infectious disease report was no big deal …


(please meditate)


8:12 AM 9/9/20

It’s oft said but bears repeating: individuals can be smart or stupid, but crowds or groups, even as low in cardinality as TWO … are invariably and always dumb.

If I asked one of the random kids, 17 year olds, from my messed up “elevator experiment” gone awry to go into an elevator, and bring in a wheel pallet of 3,000 pounds? – that kid, ceterus paribus, would have told me to fuck off …

But I get him and 17 of his friends together?

Products of the best families of WA state?


And all of the sudden they lose their ability to reason.

Non-violent resistance is also bullshit …

Any form of opposition that creates tension? – is violence.

It may be low scale “threat-fear” violence or intimidation.

But it’s still violence.

Sorry – I’m ok with you forming a crowd … I do so for God.

But don’t pretend.

You give me a crowd?

Even one formed by MLK in the 60’s?

Give me a couple rifles?

Some firecrackers?

And I will give you a mob in 5 minutes …


And a group of them?

“Non-violent resistance”

“Peaceful protest”

(that’s Orwellian bullshit)

… add “Blockade” or “Sanctions” …

a lot of Orwellian bullshit.


7:42 AM 9/9/20

Of mobs, marches, riots, and protests … of Black Lives Matter and Black Lies Matter …

“Crowds are fickle, messy things … hence, why I see ZERO DIFFERENCE between a march and a mob.” – Dr. Freckles

“March or a mob? – shit, just tell me how much they’ve been drinking …” – Dr. Freckles …

“What is a stampede? – but a march gone crazy.” – Dr. Freckles

Let me put it this way:

Humans, and other creatures in nature (by the way), wouldn’t form crowds if it did nothing …

(a school of fish can look intimidating to a dumb shark, if the school heads in the same direction)

this idea that “crowds are safe” is silly.

crowds are “safe” or “dangerous” to the extent that they are directed or influenced or cursed towards “march” or “mob” …

I just think we look at MLK, and assume “peaceful resistance” – but crowds intimidate bigly.


7:31 AM 9/9/20

You can force #Google #translate through a translation feedback loop with some phrases – in Latin and probably other languages …

They did “Claude Shannon” and NOT “Noam Chomsky”.

Shannon is easier, computationally.

Chomsky is correct.

Given that Latin is a root language for Spanish?

And Latin is basically a dead language?

Seems like getting Latin translation right would be easiest.

(I guess #Google takes the short bus now too?)
(or maybe they were ALWAYS on the NSA free money short bus for spectrum-idiots?)


7:24 AM 9/9/20

“Share knowledge, not fear.” – Dr. Freckles


6:48 AM 9/9/20

There are aggressive pan handlers out at 6 AM now … normal has been AFTER 11 AM (earliest) … but 6 AM? – that means shit is starting to get really hard …

This is a new pattern … something to consider.

I thought of 6 AM-11 AM to be a relatively SAFE TIME to go about my business … ha.