It’s too easy to be homeless …


  1. Little Saigon food bank
  2. The concrete spikes, and SDOT
  3. BLM/Antifa, and the likely murder of homeless (why the “clean up day” of CHOP CHAZ was barricaded by the SPD)

“Government is forever …” – no real anarchist ever …

If you believe: the government is all powerful and forever? And you call yourself a libertarian or anarchist? (you have some thinking to do)

I don’t see a “reset”. (I see Humpty Dumpty, falling to the Earth from 20 miles up)

Government: “fishing with dynamite”, for several thousand years

(my dad called them “dupont spinners” …)


(kinda the main reason they collapse)

(you can only “fish with dynamite” for so long)

Maybe: 10,000 GALAXY BONDS can save them?

Bukowski and the spider … (Henry Chinaski)

“I just used Bukowski to kill a spider. I used it to kill my soul.” – Dr. Freckles

La Futura …

“In the future, everyone will be Mexican.” – Dr. Freckles

Going to the Moon …

“I wonder if Michael Collins believed he’d live long enough to see someone land a human on the Moon?” – Dr. Freckles

The test subject customized PSYOP …


What if the Skinner-Box has become so sophisticated that the “channel” you see, even the “news”, is JUST FOR YOU … changing, mutating, just for you. Mass, customized, psyop … (in that sense: simulation … or, government) government has always been simulation

Going to VEGAS …

In VEGAS I will eat right and work out and lose weight … my penis will get longer. In Vegas.

In VEGAS I will form a posse of street raiders and howler fiends. We will ravage region-X of North Vegas and make love to the busty maidens of Dauntley AVE … Our legend will be complete once we’ve formed the Hooker Republic of Nevada … and then? – THEN MARS! If I get to Vegas …

In VEGAS the seven tribes of Gimbulous will meet with me, daily, over breakfast at the IHOP. We will eat bacon and talk game theory and design a new kind of space-time trebuchet, so we can hurtle entire SUNS our our enemies … CAN YOU IMAGINE A TREBUCHET THAT BIG? TO THROW SUNS AT OUR ENEMIES? … this can all happen, in VEGAS.

In VEGAS, I will wander the streets looking for honest men and women. I will carry a lantern, on it will be written “HOW?”. In the sidewalk fancy, with grunkis-grease covering everything, I will commune with the heart of VEGAS … once I get there.

Manson Lecture 18: WW3 (March 12th, 1998)

.. cast your luck into the swill barrel, feed on old dead things.

you are sky bloom, and I am meat flower

listen Moon Peach … “WAR” is an artifact of your disturbed mind. You can’t see this soul juice dripping? You can’t see this stool sample is a color out of space? This mind is full of bottle rockets and snap peas. Blend the magic and roll with banshee kings from region 94 and 8.

I love you sky flower, sky love