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My very dear friends Cathy, Ken, Albert, Wayne, Scott, Sean, Neil, Roger, Mejakun, and all the readers of the letters to the editor of L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise, Albert’s letter is an exceptionally wise look at the idolatry of the state. The state has its Cathedral, and those who worship there were highly vexed with Americans went in and did what Americans do, looked things over, checked out what they had been paying for, wandered off with a lectern (one American took a stand!), stood behind the rostrum in a room decorated with actual fasces (look it up) and, horror of horrors, sat at the desk of Nancy Pelosi that they had paid for and put feet up on said desk. None of that is allowed by the oligarchs who believe they own the world.

Happily, the overwhelming evidence is, these are just really terrible people, the oligarchs. They have a lot of foolish ideas from Thomas Malthus and Thomas Huxley, and a lot of wealth and power handed down for generations, and currently are expressing their ambition to enslave all mankind and kill about 7 billion of us. They rape children, drink blood, and have other unclean habits.

Yes, the state, the bloody bloody government, is an artefact of human hands. It was set up by people for the exclusive benefit of a few. If you review the anti-federalist papers, always a good source of info, you find that the plantation owners Washington, Hamilton – who grew up on a plantation in Nevis, and Madison were key to the orchestration of the palace revolution of 1787. They were unhappy with the government of these United States of America under its articles of confederation, so they met, swore a blood oath of secrecy, and crafted a huge new plantation they wanted to build until it controlled the entire world.

And still they persist in ignoring God. God, and I ask that you believe me on this matter, is not ignoring them, nor us. God is working in our world, and all the time now. We will soon see many fruits of those works.

Those who seek to have all mankind enslaved do wish to set themselves up at the top of a hierarchy of control. They have been at this work since at least 1745, I believe, and there are documents such as the Emerald Tablets of Thoth and certain other esoteric information, as well as now-abundant archaeological information that there was a “high” civilisation 100,000 years ago which included not only modern humans, but also Denisovan, Neandertal, and Floriensis (hobbit) humans. Much of that civilisation was obliterated by the supervolcano at Toba roughly 70,000 years ago, and the main surviving branches of humanity, us and the Neandertals were still around 30,000 years ago.

There are texts engraved in a building in Egypt that list “kings” of various Egyptian dynasties going back tens of thousands of years. There is “meltwater pulse B” which seems to have been caused by an impact event in the ocean that dramatically raised global temperatures, melting the Cordilleran, Laurentide, and European ice sheets and, in about 40 days and 40 nights flooding the world and raising global sea levels by up to 400 feet in various places.

There are some who trace the numbers 33 and 322 in secret societies and who notice that there were a small number of scholars responsible for the two great works of English literature of the early 17th Century, the King James version of the Bible and the collected works of William Shakespeare, and note that key phrases produce, in various kinds of Gematria, numbers like 74, 33, 322, and even 137 the 33rd prime number. I note with intense interest that the Merriam Webster dictionary that was forced onto the American scene after the War of Northern Aggression changed the spellings of many words (colour, tyre, neighbour) with possible outcomes in Gematria. To say that there are people in our world who have been plotting and planning our enslavement for hundreds of generations seems easy to support, and I suspect that some of this stuff goes back even further.

Thoth, for example, relates that he drove a path into the “halls of Amenti” and found 32 ascended masters there, suggesting that Thoth was 33rd, and so the worship of 33 may be related to the cult of Thoth. I note that some recent esoteric researchers claim that the Tarot cards are a remnant of the “Book of Thoth” spoken of in ancient Egyptian
documents and building texts.

We who mean to be free have to be aware of these things, not because we have to believe exactly as one another, nor indeed is there any evidence that God wants unwilling compliance with a set of human doctrines, but because we have to understand what we are fighting. And what the nature of the fight has been and will remain.

Very near the first issue of this wonderful publication, the publisher and our great good friend L. Neil Smith pointed out that we are in a culture war. And, like any good soul, Neil has been emitting useful cultural artefacts since his first novel, The Probability Broach, way
back in 1979. Neil has done more for the culture war than nearly anyone I can name, bar none. And has been joined by many, many good people in fighting the culture war by showing people visions of how it might be if we were all completely free.

In my opinion, we are also in a spiritual war. And by that, I specifically mean that those we are against want to enslave mankind to the dark powers they believe in, the demons they worship, the Moloch that they claim justifies them putting their children into the fire, the Baphomet that they say teaches them to drink the blood of children. I believe there are cultural aspects to this part of the war, such as Peter Thiel trying to normalise harvesting blood from teenagers (he says with their consent) and Jack Dorsey of Twitter trying to normalise the rape of children. But these cultural aspects of the war relate directly
to the spiritual context.

My dad followed the scientific philosophy of Hans Reichenbach and my mother said she was agnostic and would say, “I don’t know if there is a God and I don’t think you know either.” I was raised by them and believed as they did, and did not invite Jesus into my heart until 1997. It was only in 2020 that I came to understand that the blessed Mother Mary is also a vital part of my life, and I began praying her Most Holy Rosary every day.

So please allow me to agree with you, Albert, that I know there are many people of good conscience who are not believers, either atheist or agnostic, and many who believe in other ways in the same aspects of reality that I understand as God the Father, Jesus Christ his only son, the Holy Spirit, and Mother Mary.

What you describe as atheists who believe in worshipping the state is consistent with the oligarchy manufactured “social contract” of Jean Jacques Rousseau (who was called the enemy of humanity by Voltaire, a contemporary who had reasons to say so) and the oligarchy manufactured “communist manifesto” of Karl Marx. I am sure that there are communists who believe themselves atheist, but there are also oligarchs who worship

The real issue is: they have now set up death camps in the regions most under their control. The oligarchy has determined to put Americans who supported Trump, who don’t wear masques, who won’t take the vaccines, who won’t obey the state blindly, and who are not the obedient slaves of the oligarchy in various kinds of “re-education,” torture, work, and death camps. They plan to work your fellow Americans to death to exact some profit and to exact retribution and revenge.

We, then, who represent the free people of the world, should build new freedom communities (VALIANT is working in many states and four countries now and I invite anyone who wants help organising and building for the future to contact me) and make plans to crash into those death camps with 18-wheeler semi-rigs and get our fellow countrymen out of harm’s way.

We own the rural districts. And that is a huge advantage. Power, said Mao, flows from the provinces into the cities. So does food. So does water. We free Americans own property in the high ground, in the rough terrain, and in the swamp lands of Louisiana and Florida. We can win the physical war, because we can move frequently and keep our ability to fight active for generations. Vietnam fought for 60 years against the French, Japanese, French, American, and communist Chinese empires, and won. We might be able to win in less time, I don’t know.

But we are in a fight, and soon, we’ll all know that we’re in a fight.

I invite everyone to consider the spiritual, cultural, and physical resources needed to win this fight. Think. Plan. Then prepare and get moving.

You don’t belong where communists thrive. You belong where freedom lives.

Ubi libertas, ibi patria, said James Otis. “Where freedom dwells, there
is my country.”

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LSR Notes: 1/15/21

  1. Doubt: what does it mean?
  2. Turnip hustlers swiggle their drinks, biding their time with sunset hookers and brilliant bartenders and those miserable freaks that guzzle the unction of northern wines … Terrible twins, mad barbarians moving their armies from Ballard to Maple Leaf? Consequence free eating, at the dog park – frantic moms too tired for their husband’s excuse … What? He came home late again, and didn’t come? What did you expect woman? A careful study of lynx fur will reveal a path between ground that is wet and the volcanic hearts of torrid masses filled with cocaine water and pcp wine.
  3. A tale of TWO’s … the origins of Dr. Freckles, the Flash Crash, Market Watch, Dr. Freckles, and the summer of 2012 – working at COSTCO .. and their PINK NOISE …

LSR Notes: 1/14/21

  1. Why cats and not dogs? – when it comes to COVID-19 …
  2. The dude that tore off his jacket to extra-super-cover his mouth, suffocate himself, as I walked by.
  3. People love to talk about forgiveness, but they often overlook redemption.

LSR Notes: 1/13/21

  1. I got a bunch of free noodles from someone over Christmas … and I’m thinking they’re adding a lot more sawdust to the noodles than they used to … “but Dan, that’s fiber!” … it sure is. Probably sawdust and post-recycled cardboard.
  2. The diaspora … the exile … the disconnection. And what does Alexander give us? – the WWW, the social media, but we are WORSE than wandering in the desert .. at least they were close to friends. We are lost in the wilderness, each of us alone, connecting authentically with the loneliness of Genesis.
  3. It’s OK to refine quotes and ideas: like the Von Moltke / Mike Tyson thingy … “If you live a long life, you were either very wise or a lucky fool.” – Dr. Freckles
  4. Remember, there’s good and bad luck … and, being wise DOES NOT equal happy … per the above quote.
  5. You can freeze dry flies … you can freeze dry them and crush them and make soup mix from them … once we’re done gnawing on all the plastic … once we’re done with the crinkle chili and the bust-a-nutt bbq? … we can collect the flies and eat them … and that will be our last supper.
  6. I’m watching “Twin Peaks” … and I think David Lynch has mastered the art of translating all human emotion as vomit.

Ecological Privateers

The Privateer

There was a time in the not too distant past when kings and queens would offer license, certificate, authorization to be a pirate – to hunt down the ships of other nations, to steal their wealth, to attack and destroy and to burn and capture the vessels. During the seventeenth century this was a common practice, among the the power elite of Europe. Eventually, this, like slavery, became immoral, illegal, and it was outlawed and the pirates were hunted. But, there was a strange time, for a couple hundred years, when pirates were allowed to hunt, by law and with the protection of law.

Those days aren’t really in the distant mirror, we have private armies today, and they can hire private ships – if they seek to steal, they can get authorization from NATO or Russia or China or some other entity that has nuclear weapons and THEREFORE can do that which is lawless. Today, as yesterday, there are privateers, and they do the bidding of the deep state.

The Ecology and Liberty

I am of the belief that we, humans, collectively, along with every other living creature, share the air, the water, the soil; we can act as if we do not, but we do. This is not communism, this is a practical, rational, approximation of our situation – there are things we share, there are things we should all be stewards of and show concern for. True stewardship comes from free and cooperative action; only through liberty can the true human and natural ecology be balanced. So no, I’m not some “climate change” crazy who wants to convince you to give up more freedom, but I am someone who lives on “planet reality” where poisoning the air harms more than just me.

If you found a real problem in the ecology of our planet? – I would say there are ONLY 2 likely causes: a) random act of nature OR b) government. Government implemented a central bank credit card for 100 years. Government convinced you that we could eat 10,000 years worth of lunches in a century. Government promoted policies and activities that showed ONLY contempt for nature (above ground nuclear testing being one example), and government blocks honest and decent people from actually fixing real problems.

I believe there is a good chance that the human race faces one or more ecological catastrophes, in the near future, that might be the result of human stupidity – but not freedom. The stupidity of thinking we can have free lunches, the stupidity of building societies that look like complicated prison camps, with varying luxuries for each inmate. The promises, impossible promises, of legislatures and dictators alike.

One scenario I’ve spoken of recently is the “Clathrate Gun”, and I don’t really want to go into that subject here – but if it is a real problem? Like pollution generally or damage to the oceans from Fukushima? – then the ONLY way we can fix it is with freedom. Tyranny will simply make it worse, and speed on our doom.

The Ecological Privateer

You might wonder WHY this essay belongs here, on – well here’s the answer … Jim is no fan of seasteading, and I get it. He believes that this is too risky, too likely to be impacted by government interference and he is likely correct. But I do believe there are ecosystem catastrophes (mainly government caused or enabled like the Marshall Islands radioactive dump site) that should be addressed and can be, like Fukushima, if and ONLY IF we understand how freedom is essential.

Not all of these disasters are at sea …

What if we took sites like Hanford, Fukushima, the Marshall Islands Nuclear Waste dome, the Duwamish River (or any number of other EPA super fund sites), and granted “Rights of Ownership and Sovereignty” as LONG AS the sites are cleaned up, as long as a fair audit shows a positive impact from these grants?

First – I want to live in a free world where “asking permission to help” would NEVER be a thing, but we don’t currently live in that world.

But what if we could convince a state government, a national government, that we could, as free people fix THEIR MISTAKE while at the same time allowing us sovereign control of the land, the property, the region defined by the ecological disaster?

The community? – they get help cleaning up a persistent threat to their physical and psychological health.

The ecological privateers? – they get a chance to prove what EVERY FREE PERSON KNOWS … give a free man or woman the chance, and they WILL come up with a solution (assuming it’s a real problem).

The ecological privateers get ownership and sovereignty that must be recognized and respected if the adjacent community wants this help. And the community must recognize, that in doing this damage, or more likely allowing their government to do this damage, they have in fact ceded this land … they abandoned their mutual duties to not poison the air, the water, the soil. This is not communism: this is healing.


I wrote this for Jim’s business site because YES it’s crazy, but we live in crazy times. And around this nation, and even my own city of Seattle, there are sites, places, that simply leach poison into the water …

Imagine an ecological pioneer that said the following: allow me to build a town, on the Puget Sound, of 10,000 people … and for this we will clean the waters, we will restore habitat, we will bring the orca whales back … it sounds crazy, but it amounts to saying WE want this, this positive outcome in exchange for giving people the freedom to solve it.

Imagine the same ecological pioneer/privateer, years later, convincing the world that WE CAN clean up the oceans and build floating islands at the same time – we can heal, we can provide a constructed archipelago of artificial islands made from the garbage in the sea. Nations of free people, on the oceans, leaving the air, water and soil better than they found it.

They will not ask for their sovereignty at this point, in the future … they won’t wait for the thanks of government.

The oceans will breathe again …

Life will return again …

And the only healthy ecology of the Earth will come into sharp focus: liberty …

Only through freedom are we in balance.

That is the victory in this strategy: to place freedom in the context of ecology.

LSR Notes: 1/12/21

  1. “Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego …” … “Whitman, Price and Haddad …” … they’re fine … they’re just baking in the Maui sun …
  2. Feel good story:
  3. Ecological Privateers …
  4. Roswell has a gay USAF combat veteran missing a leg … all the old white guys? – pretty much shady … yeah … no programming, no cultural propaganda. And then there’s the 9/11 crack … this is so much shit … why am I watching this wretched neo-Stalinistic garbage?

VCOLS #18: Forgiveness and Hate, Good and Evil

  1. First Reading, Psalm 79:
  2. Announcements: I am struggling with MY faith. Your connection to God is yours. It is a personal connection. If I speak in terms of “me” or “I”, I am saying it is MY SOUL, not yours, that I responsible. BTW: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURS! With respect to sobriety, I may be on that rocky path, but I can’t say there are many who are sober – what I see is a world drunk on evil, some poisoned by it, many still reeling from the intoxication. It was suggested by a few that I do a service when I am able, if I feel the Holy Spirit … this is good advice … I would suggest we all pray as the Spirit moves us, for each day is a blessing and lasts till sunset.
  3. Second Reading, 2 Corinthians 2: 5-11:
  4. Prayer to forgive, for forgiveness, for healing and the rejection of Satan.
  5. Third Reading, Luke 6: 27-42:
  6. WOUNDED KNEE: A discussion of forgiveness and hate and the grace of God: a) scars of youth, b) scars of love and the pain of broken hearts, c) the obvious corruption of Earthly powers as has always been, d) ACCEPTING forgiveness … We can find a lot of people to hate today. There are many that I would say I hate. I can’t claim to have overcome this anger, this rage, this hate NOR can I tell you when it subsides. I can imagine many people feel the same way. We seek to walk in His path, but we walk by the wayside to get our revenge … and yet, in those rare moments when I can forgive? – I think I come closest to understanding God … the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit … when I am able to let go of grievances, when I am able to accept forgiveness. And yes: we need to seek redemption … what was it that angered God? – Cain’s murder, or his evasion? both … but the evasion made it worse. For did he understand what death was? Christ is a path to redemption for all sinners, this we must believe.
  7. Silent reflection on forgiveness, apologies, redemption, and receiving forgiveness …
  8. Lord’s Prayer
  9. Blessings to all … God Bless!

LSR Notes: 1/11/21

  1. Been watching the I-LAND … thoughts: a) cheap rip off Plato’s Republic what’s real deal, b) euthanasia is painted as liberation, c) one of the characters we need to care about is trapped by being a mom and kills her children … husband is very abusive ergo kill your kids ok, d) joining the Marines is rebellious, e) all men are to be feared …, f) the mother is to be destroyed … blah … blah … NWO blah …, g) Texans are corrupt and want to build prisons, h) the simulation is in the simulation in the crappy Texas simulation …

LSR Notes: 1/10/21

  1. “The Jews in captivity didn’t just suddenly become slaves … it took a few hundred years.” – Dr. Freckles
  2. YouTube Commercial: “I almost got into a car accident at night because of the glare of oncoming cars, and that’s when I decided to do something about it …” … I became the hunter, you became my feast.
  3. Sonic-box and twiglies in the walls … you put this box adjacent to an apartment, to someone you want to drive out … and you drive them crazy.
  4. Republic of Rose Island: (on Netflix) … pretty good. I’m thinking of declaring “ROD” … the Republic of Dan … Power derived from the cum-sent of the governed.

LSR Notes: 1/9/21

  1. Possible Clathrate Gun event?
  2. Is there any sect of Christianity that believes Alexander the Great is in Jesus’ family tree?
  3. the “jab” … (a boxing term) … you want to fly on a plane? – you must be punched. You want food, housing? – punched.
  4. I used to play Far Cry on XBOX Live … 12 years ago …. and there would be these “conflicts” that would develop … but it was never a “thing”. Twitter conflicts, and other social media, fall into the same category – it’s not community … it’s a video game … twitter is a video game.
  5. Mask is conditioning for a lower atmospheric oxygen scenario … <11% …
  6. “Running Out” the clock, vs “Running Down” the clock … and the Trump impeachment and other trauma monkeys.
  7. When food gets scarce? And people need cash? The new “yellow curry” go with your “rice” ration … (won’t be rice, just recycled plastic and pulverized cardboard) … SEMEN harvesting … by 2024.