LSR Notes: 12/31/20

  1. a) Free societies don’t have “reset buttons”. b) Humpty Dumpty ALSO does not have a reset button. c) Perpetual motion machines don’t exist. (I wonder how much more of this I need to say) Not surprising that crypto-cultists push the “reset mythology”. (at least they will have electricity, on the death star, so they can mine shit coins)
  2. “Why would God let this happen?” (that’s a really stupid fucking question) (most of the shit? – people work) (that free will he gave you? – also rope to hang yourself with) Let’s make a resolution and STOP blaming God for stupid shit WE FUCKING DO! (let’s do that)
  3. Here is the feature of my typical @YouTube troll: 1. non-descript account 2. stupid name beyond belief 3. comments that are randomly contradictory 4. NEVER DONATE (they don’t donate shit …) I listen to my customers … so sorry Neo-Stalinist YouTube … you dipshits.
  4. … if I had a mansion … … with an automated gate, and intercom … I would close loop the intercom at the gate, every time they spoke, there would be a short delay, and then they would hear my recorded voice saying “fuck you” … if I had a mansion …
  5. “My name is Scott BLAH BLAH … this is my wife PETUNIA … I help get water to people in a video commercial to convince you that shit like this solves problems so you stay seated on your ass and do nothing, for helping people … for love … call me Scott Psyop.” – Water Dude
  6. the tweet concerning Tom Hanks and the movie “Ring My Bell” – the story of a vaccine injured hero – likely triggered a Hollywood movie-gen algorithm … A self-created prophecy of self-fulfilling info magic …
  7. Minarchism: the theory that IF we can keep the “crocodile” (read: the state) on a diet, it will only do the basic shit we want and nothing else. Problem is? – you will then see it for what it is … a training wheel … unnecessary, irrelevant … and it will cease to exist.
  8. America: the writing is terrible, but the special effects are great …
  9. Here’s what we do in 2021 … a) Reject FEAR, b) Accept Jesus
  10. a fellowship offering is an Honor to God. please, especially if you’re still young: go out and LIVE TONIGHT! PARTY AND DANCE AND DO SO WITHOUT FEAR OR MASKS! BE HUMAN AND BE KIND! If you’re an Atheist you’ll have fun. If you’re a Christian, you’ll be worshiping Jesus.
  11. “The hookers did it all in one night.” – Dick’ns

LSR Notes: 12/30/20

  1. I remember back in 2012 folks saying … “come to Zero Hedge … so much better than Market Watch” … which at the time made sense … now? … Now it’s the same shit.
  2. Colorado gas outage “caused by vandals” … meh … or our system is doing what other crooked systems do at the end: blame “terrorists” for systemic collapse
  3. … because the COVID bullshit? – the CORVIDS will RISE!
  4. How do I know people might be so stupid they are doomed? (people are STILL talking about Black Lives Matter and Antifa like they are “real” things …” They are as real as JRTC. They are as real as the OPFOR I played in the 90’s during military exercises … (that real)
  5. the nonsense is increasing … they are REALLY trying to run down the clock … but to what?What happens when the time is up? When the last time out has been used up? (I think we’re going to find out soon)
  6. United States of America: a multi-level mind-fuck and pyramid scheme.
  7. If there is a NUMBER in the trailing characters of your TWITTER ID? That is ONE FACTOR in determining you are a bullshit account. If you furthermore beg for followers 30 seconds after following me? – that is another factor. Not a guarantee – but a factor. There are some VERY advanced troll accounts … “Angry Okinawan” is one … “Jesse the Punk” (telling us to get the vaccine even though she’s an anarchist) is another … probably … they get deleted, they pop up again … they have these weird rebirth narratives … maybe they’re real … but unlikely.
  8. Troll properties: 1. trailing numeric values in ID. 2. begs for followers. 3. more retweets and likes than anything else. 4. passive aggressive conflict models. 5. will claim to “not have a good phone” – and when you do talk to them, finally? – it sounds like they’re BS. 6. follow patterns of checking in – you can track this …
  9. In Search Of: “This series presents information … that is mostly bullshit … but we hired Leonard Nimoy and we have really spooky fucking music playing … in the background …”
  10. My weird theory of the NOW, temporal editing and the Mandela Effect …
  11. “I am a cocaine hero in a hooker-world …” – Colby Jack
  12. From a listener: “No, I never had a cat eaten by coyotes. But, I am pretty sure the Chihuahua I had was eaten by some. That dog never did like me. One day while outside, Chihuahua looked at me with hate in its eyes then turned and walked across the road towards the cattle ranch south of our place. I hollered out its name and tried to coax it to come back. But it only shook its head and quickly disappeared into the thick grass of its newfound home. Later that night I heard the coyotes howling their contentment at having a new friend for dinner.”
  13. based on the STACK of mail I got today? and the fact that some of the letters looked opened and resealed? (I think some lazy fed was reading my mail the last few weeks) THANKS FREE AMERICA! FUCK! (what would I DO without all this fucking freedom?)
  14. I like free markets … WHY? Because then stupid fucking questions like “give me your argument for or against Ethereum” are just irrelevant forms of mental masturbation. I wish we had free markets, and not this wretched neo-Stalinist dystopian cesspool shit-bird commie party.
  15. Recipe for DESTRUCTION! 1. one twisted tea … 2. one old RV … 3. some weird looking dude with weird looking vacant eyes. (recipe for obliteration)

FREEDOM AGENDA 21: Resolve To Grow Freedom & Weaken The Beast Through Agorism

“Resolve to serve no more and you are at once free.”

from 16th Century essay by Etienne de la Boetie, On Voluntary Servitude

Each of us can easily expand our fight for individual freedom in the new year. You can do many of the things shared below. In a nutshell, this includes anything, big or small, which weakens the state, its crony corporations or its global financial power-mad masters, altogether herein called, “the beast”. If we all resolve to do this, we will become freer, especially in our own lives.

Whenever you buy or sell something, first consider doing so in the real free-market, also known as the Agora. Every time you avoid feeding or obeying the beast, without harming any individual, you’re an agorist. Going forward, let’s all do much more for our freedom, in as many of the ways described below as possible, and beyond.

Near Your Home

Always eat, shop and hire services at locally owned businesses, avoiding big corporations and their franchises. Pay with cash, silver or some other non-banking system method. Talk to the owner about accepting other payments. Ask if they need help getting set up with crypto and do what you can to help.

Support and get to know people selling at road side markets, garage sales, etc. They’re probably avoiding taxes and should be encouraged to continue starving the beast. Talk about what each of you have to trade and what kind of non-banking system payments you each use. Discuss barter possibilities. Maybe you can start them toward crypto or help their understanding of the importance of silver as real money.

Find things you need locally on, especially from those who accept crypto. Buy arms and ammo from individuals on to avoid registration, regulations and taxes.

Also, sell things you no longer need in these ways, or gift them to the needy. This expands the agora and reduces sales of large corporations. For larger items, like a house, learn how to sell it yourself and offer a discount based on the portion of payment outside the banking system, like gold verified as real.

Create an agorist market for your locale. Find a property you can use for a day or two, either with owner permission or temporarily homestead stolen property claimed by government or a bank, preferably with someplace nearby to go potty. You could get a port-a-potty and ask for donations. Get the word out to your community, preferably with nobody in charge. Then, if a state tax thief shows up, nobody is who they can talk to about their BS. If it goes well at that location, do it again, possibly on a regular schedule. Otherwise find a new spot, maybe every time, or even flash markets. Whatever you do, don’t be deterred from making your agorist market happen.

Start your own small business, avoiding involvement with government and the banking system. Determine what you can profitably make, trade or provide. If you have a job which deducts taxes, start a side gig which might eventually free you from being a tax slave. There are a multitude of possibilities. Consider what you like to do that could be profitable, plus make you happy, which is the most important thing of all. Divert time away from non-productive things toward finding opportunity.

If you already have a business, start accepting more non-banking system forms of payment like silver, crypto and barter. Offer discounts for non-bank payments as encouragement. If you sell your services for bank payments, resulting in IRS 1099 forms, offer a discount in exchange for no 1099 reporting, so you both come out ahead. It’s even better if they can somehow otherwise claim the expense below the 1099 limit. Some people provide receipts from various business names to support both parties’ objectives. Given a choice between IRS reported income, or a lower paying agorist opportunity, choose the latter which may actually pay you more in the end, plus starves the beast as a bonus. Over time, your goal may be achieved to become an entirely agorist business.

Avoid banking system debt. It feeds the beast even more than taxes, with high interest on totally counterfeit money (the fractional reserve requirement became 0% this year). If you need to borrow for an opportunity with a good return on investment, look for honest lenders or partners in the agora. It’s a growing thing.

Building on your own land can be a wonderful agorist endeavor for your individual freedom. It’s best to do this outside of any town, in places where there are no building or occupancy permit unjust laws. You can do it in a low cost, strong and very energy efficient manner which frees you from debt, regulations and most taxes. The author has studied just about every building method and the best way to do this, by far, is with AirCrete. An excellent comprehensive resource for how to build your own is the video course at which costs only $70. These are not necessarily tiny, with a two story 30-foot dome having over 1100 feet of livings space. Things you can do to further improve efficiency are: arctic rated windows, provide air through a duct to a wood stove and don’t use flooring because it insulates against the temperature of the earth which provides summer cooling. Collect and store rainwater to avoid the cost and permits of a well (remember, “unjust law”, like prohibiting rainwater collection, “is no law at all”). Use Vermicomposting with standard low-flow flush toilets which also provide nutrients and water for a deep mulch garden which requires little water and is easy to maintain, plus can avoid permits and fees ( If you build efficiently enough, totally off-grid solar power becomes feasible, avoiding easements and smart meters. Consider nickle-iron (Iron Edison) batteries for your solar which can last a lifetime, making the added cost an excellent investment. If you build totally out of view of the road and keep a gate closed at all times, starting before construction, you can avoid tax assessors and only pay raw land valued property taxes. After you learn to do some or all of this, you can even turn it into an agorist business, doing so for others.

Learn how to use crypto with privacy, making it virtually impossible for the beast to track and tax your transactions. The first step is learning about KYC (know your customer) requirements for personal information which a large majority of crypto financial services conform with. Then, avoid all those services and find others who don’t require KYC. They are out there, requiring only an email address to set up, which can be a single use one only accessed on a secure PC from Protonmail, Tutanota or others which require no identification. Keep your primary crypto wallet addresses on your own devices completely separate from your identity, not using 2-factor authorization to a phone or email associated with you. Trading with individuals in person, exchanging crypto for cash or other cryptos, is excellent for privacy. Then start using the only privacy cryptocurrencies which obscure your identity by default, ARRR (PirateChain) and XMR (Monero). Transferring non-privacy crypto, with non-KYC exchanges or individuals, through a privacy crypto, will let you safely move in and out of wallets associated with you. Continue to learn more about maintaining private communications, possibly with a separate encrypted Linux PC or a bootable privacy USB stick for your most sensitive things, and apply that to how you use crypto too.

Get your savings out of the banking system and Wall Street while you still can, especially IRAs, 401Ks, and any other pension funds. It’s at considerable risk there and directly feeds the beast. All states eventually confiscate retirement funds by forcing purchase of their debt, when nobody else is willing to buy it, on its way to becoming worthless. The 2011 Cyprus “bail-in” confiscated deposits from bank accounts, setting a precedent which can now happen anywhere, regardless of FDIC “insurance”. Cash is also risky and can become worthless overnight, when the state changes the money to go more cashless, as India did, and then requires proof of it being “legal” to convert. Far safer investments are productive or useful physical things in your physical possession which have historically held value, especially in SHTF situations, like: silver, gold, guns, ammo, dried foods, etc. Self-directed IRAs and 401Ks are allowed to invest in gold and silver, and these items may be stored in safes in the home of the individual, which is far better than having digital money stored with TIAA CREF or the like. A good further diversification would be the best privacy cryptocurrencies, or Bitcoin (BTC) bought using them without any KYC, in a wallet on your device protected from any association with you. Remember, crypto may become unavailable when internet isn’t available. So, hold other things too.

Invest in yourself. Learn skills needed to prosper in the agora. Convert unproductive time to good use. Grow a food garden and explore permaculture, which you can even do this in national forests and some state parks. Raise and process your own meat. Become a beekeeper. Determine what you can forage, catch or hunt nearby. Preserve food. Be your own plumber or electrician. Design and print 3-D items. Do carpentry, metalworking, locksmithing, ammo reloading or gunsmithing for example. Teaching skills is another opportunity. Diversify your skills. If it interests you and can help your finances or self-sufficiency, learn to do it and then maybe turn it into an agorist venture.

Beyond the obvious, interactions you have with fellow agorists create other possibilities. When you meet people, take the time to visit and get to know each other’s offerings, skills and needs. They probably don’t even realize they’re an agorist, fighting for our freedom. Also, learn about other agorists from them. This networking will grow your circle of opportunities and support. Promote use of Cell411 to provide mutual support when needed and enhance the sense of community. If you decide to form groups of kindred spirits, consider the Freedom Cells approach and encourage others to do the same. A growing decentralized network of cells makes it easier for people to prosper and envision life without the beast.

Out of Your Area

Whenever you travel, watch for the opportunities described above. Wherever you are, support the local agora.

Freedom festivals with agorist markets are great, inspirational opportunities. A gathering of people who understand and abide by the non-aggression principle, with spontaneous order allowed to prevail, is an amazing experience. A list of these festivals is included at Agorist.Market/Categories/Markets.html, including: ForkFest/PorcFest, MidFest, Jackalope Freedom Festival and others.

Freedom communities are a growing thing. Perhaps the best known is the Free State Project in New Hampshire ( A vacation there will immerse you in the largest concentrated agorist community in what is currently known as United States. Others are emerging, like VALIANT in the western Ozarks, and should be sought out for their agorist opportunities and possibly a new place to live.

Agorist.Market , Connecting Counter-Economy Buyers With Sellers, is a project which took off on Black Market Friday. You’ll find many agorist sellers and providers there, plus links to other such sites. If you have continuous agorist offerings, you can list there for free. It’s now expanded with the new ShopAgorist feature for listings of limited time or availability, like CraigsList, for agorists. After agorists are connected, they deal directly, with nobody in the middle, as it should be. AgoristMarket has a discussion group on Telegram to learn more. For maximum visitor security, Agorist.Market has no script, cookies/tracking or even the ability to detect your device. So, you may need to turn your phone sideways for proper viewing.

Resolve To Be Free

In the new year, let’s all resolve to use agorism much more in our fight for freedom. Dive in as deep as you can, locally and beyond. We have the numbers to seriously begin weakening the beast and become unstoppably free. To make it happen, every one of us is important. Please, begin taking more action, today!

Together, let’s grow our freedom, and more importantly, that of our children.

By Mike Swatek on 29 December 2020Thanks to Jim Davidson and Lisa Bowman for their editing support

Republication: You can’t own an idea. The author believes that intellectual property “law” has done more to retard human progress, overall, than anything else the state has ever done. It’s antithetical to the natural freedom of ideas and the agora. Therefore, the content of this article is yours to use as you see fit, for our freedom. Credit back to wherever you found it would be appreciated.

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Contact Mike:

LSR Notes: 12/29/20

  1. $2000 … a) 10 grams of cocaine. b) A hooker for a night … but no … now we are back to $600 in cocaine and hookers … the rest goes to the banks and the high-level hooker army group leaders in sector 5 and 7 … all genital crab banks will receive maximum fundage to treat their genital crabs.
  2. … I saw another small business shutting down today. They PLASTERED their windows with “Black Lives Matter” posters, thinking this would protect them. But they just didn’t understand: it was never about “black people”, it was about communism and control. (doomed by stupidity)
  3. I said this before, I will keep repeating it: People will give up food, water, shelter, sleep and their children before they give up their flawed paradigm. (not all people) (not indefinitely) (but most people, most of the time) “Dan, how DARE reality question my beliefs?”
  4. “When you vote? – you are asking to be strangled, a plastic bag taped over your head …” – Dr. Freckles
  5. The NAZIs? They went after the homeless, the addicts, the old people, the sick and impaired and the FREAKS … FIRST … Because people were like: well … they’re just trash. (bear in mind: you might become tomorrow’s trash) …. I’m first wave trash. … that’s why I just want my cocaine and hooker money … and then they can do their whole “Burgess Meredith obsolete” bullshit on me, I know I’m first wave trash …
  6. “… Gavin?” “Yeah … what?” “I just read this thing on the web … we can weld the doors shut …” “Fuck …. now get your finger out of my ass …” “Ok …” (Gavin ponders the finger in his butt, and the idea of welding in the scronto freaks of California …)
  7. Here is the script for the “Soccer Stadium” phase: 1. First wave trash: elderly, impaired, addicts, criminals, homeless people 2. Second wave trash: anarchists … 3. Third wave trash: everyone else … except the ones running the garbage truck. Maybe I am second wave trash …
  8. I suffer from vromulack … with scorzee’s syndrome and transdermal retrovitus …


These are a mixture of comedy, tragedy, funny, farce, sarcasm and real intuition. Please, don’t take them too seriously … Please, be happy while you’re still alive.

A podcast will accompany this … probably do it tomorrow or WED … fuck.

Getting ready for my predictions episode podcast … (need to make grimulack first, so as to call forth the spirits of glimmpf)

“… he had claimed to have provisioned an abandoned mine shaft with food and liquor in case of an eruption …” –

  1. Haglamite Witch Wars: Among the tryptic beasts of Mt. Ivory, where the nonsense wolves raise ire over new schemes to regulate the forest? To ensure that NO TREE GROWS TOO HIGH … in honor of RUSH. There will arise a great empress named U’ria … she will have yellow hair and greenish skin and large, very firm, breasts. She will form 7 tribes of witch maidens, each one responsible for a separate sect-oil-pool … a pool in which they bathe, naked, rubbing oils and greases on each other’s large knockers.
  2. Clathrate Gun and Final Stage Geoengineering: (don’t eat the snow), hot house Earth, gators in Seattle, and the Lex Luthor property investment scheme … … this also explains the COVID psyop … keeping roads clear … running down the clock shit (this isn’t like an asteroid where you can make precise predictions, more like an earthquake). It also means that people will start dropping dead from toxic shock. It’s possible that’s what really happened in WUHAN – a CCP solar radiation management and spraying event that put too much shit into the air column.
  3. ZOO MEAT ARBITRAGE: (new style Brazilian Steak Houses) … some time in early to mid 2021, many municipalities will be so terribly broke that no amount of magical money will keep protein at the store … and after people realize “printed food” was a movie, and not really a functional thing? – yeah … they’ll run out of frenchies first. Then comes Kentucky Fried Tiger … then comes “Woodland Park Zoo: Brazilian Style Steak House” … WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! “Mom?” “Yes boy-girl-zhe-unit?” “Can we get some Kentucky Fried Tiger?” “We sure can … we’ll get it on the way to picking up your dad from prison.” KFT: cuz it feels right … Panda Express? (you know what they’re serving in 2024)
  4. Food Shortages: wow, related to the “zoo meat arbitrage” …
  5. Soviet Union Style Collapse (nice thought): this is my most hopeful prediction … that we throw off the empire, the deep state, the lies, the corruption, the prisons and the wars, and we regain our freedom. I would settle for respecting the Bill of Rights again … I know this is NOT what will happen, but it’s what I pray happens … for the sake of America and for the sake of the world.
  6. Forced Vaccinations and violent response (from a year ago prediction): … and the response: first movers dilemma … and self defense actions by communities.
  7. Evictions will be as messy: or messier, than the forced vaccinations … at least as messy. The argument “private property” holds less water on the Death Star and given the REALLY CROOKED MONEY that has supplied the real estate world.
  8. Biden dies by April: President Harris picks Hillary Clinton as VP … I don’t know really who she’ll pick … but Biden is probably already in the Schrodinger’s Cat / Weekend at Bernie’s / RBG state already …
  9. CORVID WARS begin: … (Raven General TRUG begins his campaign in Toledo)
  10. The 10th Commie Hooker Army of Banker Lives Matter: will takeover all of Seattle (this relates to the ZOO MEAT opportunities)
  11. Lori Loughlin will make a Lifetime Movie, with Jussie Smollett: Jussie starring as a transsexual hooker named Roxie Anne … PRISON TEMPTATIONS: The Lori Loughlin Story …
  12. Jussie Smolett will appear on a multi-episode OPRAH series called: “REDEMPTION: Smolett and the scars of RACISM”
  13. Pope Francis will deny the divine inspiration, of any kind, in the Bible: … he will publish a new 5000 word pamphlet, to replace the Bible, titled: “Just do what the fuck you want to …” … but as encyclicals go, it will sound so much more authoritative in Latin prose.
  14. The Vaccine Injured will be celebrated as heroes: President Harris (or DR. JILL BIDEN’S HUSBAND) at the first state of the union: “Here are 5 great folks … they’d smile … if they could.” Tom Hanks will make a movie, for Christmas 2021 … “Ring My Bell …” the story of some dude with Bell’s Palsy … Heroes of the Soviet Union, all …”… his face was frozen, but his heart was not …” Ring My Bell – COMING for CHRISTMAS 2021 … Starring: Tom Hanks … I can’t wait to see that Tom Hank’s movie about vaccine heroes next Christmas … “Ring My Bell” The story of Carl Muxton … and ordinary trans-gendered-gay-lesbian-squaw-teacher from Philly … “I can’t move my face, but that doesn’t mean my heart is stone.” (so many tears)
  15. Ray Kurzweil is NOT and will never BE IMMORTAL: … way more likely he dies in 2021, than he ever becomes immortal … not saying he will die next year, just more likely than Ray living forever.
  16. A great truth will be revealed in the first 3 months of the year: I do not know what it is. It won’t be related to football or other mundane bullshit.
  17. Jane Goodall will begin performing marriage ceremonies: … for monkeys and apes.
  18. Black Lives Matter (aka Banker Lives Matter) will get more money than all the small businesses combined: … the ones that will cease to exist. Commies get the loot, freedom gets the boot.
  19. The SEAHAWKS will win the Super Bowl: 21 to 7 …
  20. The rats that live on the roof of my building will do a “James and the Giant Peach” thingy: and build a balloon system and float me and others to safety … in Faerie Land … not far from Mel’s Hole … on Broadway in Seattle.
  21. By the end of 2021 – smart devices will begin carrying people: … and checking their people constantly.
  22. Shit breaking down … falling apart … a neo-Stalinist hell hole comes back to haunt us: … they will call it terrorism or vandalism … “vandals hit the gas line in Colorado” … sure … but it will really be the creeping disintegration of a multi level fear based pyramid scheme masquerading as a free republic.
  23. COZY WINTER: not dark winter … cozy … hot fresh cinnamon rolls instead of DOOM.
  24. One World Digital Currency, by September 2021 [added 1/7/21]: This prediction would be naturally opposed to others already listed. But this would also mean that only ONE crypto would be allowed and others would be harried, attacked, criminalized.

LSR Notes: 12/28/20

  1. “Jane Goodall teaches you to talk like a monkey …” – Master’s Class …
  2. a) the ice cream cone always melts AND b) Ray Kurzweil will die before 2045.
  3. I have a Life Time Movie Network movie for you? “LORI LOUGHLIN: prison sweat …” (I can write this script in a week) (call me …) If I did the Lori Louglin movie for the adult Hallmark Movie Channel? aka Disney? YULE LOG: The Lori Loughlin Prison Story
  4. “Sorry … there were no ‘good’ Roman emperors.” – Dr. Freckles
  5. I and Thou, Martin Buber … use of “me” or “I” in the context of my personal relationship with God. “Do not forsake me …” … I … think please.
  6. Dr. Grunkis just uses Chinese tooth wedges … You pound them into the tooth, and insert a firecracker in the end … force from the cracker splits your tooth for easy removal … like removing stumps …
  7. What do they say? 1. micro plastics are everywhere from plastic shit. AND 2. your plastic shit will never breakdown. (one of these things is not like the other) (one of these things doesn’t belong)
  8. The McRibb Sandwich is back … (this means the Haglamite Witch Wars have begun)
  9. take my ashes and dump them in the Duwamish
  10. These are things I HAVE A RIGHT TO! : 1. Free RENT! 2. FOOD! 3. WATER! 4. POOP PIPES (plumbing) 5. WEED 6. BEER 7. Cocaine 8. Hookers These are the 8 basic rights enumerated by Eleanor Roosevelt at Rome, in 1947 … (fuck …) (me deserves the hookers and cocaine per rights) … and you ask: “who will supply the hookers?” … the hooker-army-collective … of course … or … the Soviet of Women’s Busty Hookers …
  11. There is word of a 10th Hooker Army, somewhere near Ellensburg, WA – not far from “Mel’s Hole” (that gay bar) … and if it arrives? and if the first wave breaks through the great wall? and if we run out of lubricants and essential oils of O’lay? We be DOOMED! We feed on raccoon.
  12. I want to bring Lee Marvin and James Coburn back to life, and have them STAR IN … wait for it: MAXIMUM FULL AUTO OVER DYNAMITE! (the story of two elderly gay men, just brought back to life)

LSR Notes: 12/27/20

  1. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” – Voltaire
  2. “What if Homer were a comedian, and we just never really ‘got’ his stand-up routine?” – Dr. Freckles
  3. I know the delicacies of the streets … the “Oil of O’Lay” as it were …
  4. This Bon Jovi song will play … (as you board the trains)
  5. In a democracy (if you think democracies can work?) – anonymous voting is a FLAW … a bug … (not a feature) Votes that are anonymous are votes that can be stolen.
  6. “King David was courageous, and we need to be right now as Christians … King David may ALSO have been a friend-murdering-slut as well … but he was very brave for God … that makes up for a lot.” – Dr. Freckles
  7. “WHY DO I HATE GOVERNMENT? – because the universe is complex enough … why add more complexity?” – Dr. Freckles
  8. “There is no such thing as leftover cocaine.” – Dr. Freckles
  9. Prediction: by the end of 2021 … there will have been 8 Haglamite Witch Wars … most of these battles will occur in Texas and Little Saigon, Seattle … most of the witches will be dressed scantily … most of their weapons will be shaped like penises, and it will be horrible.
  10. According to the ancient writings of L. Ron Hubbard, the 14th Invasion Fleet of Queen Olestra, representing 4th Corps Lesbian Armed forces, will invade the eastern provinces of the wretched kingdom (East Coast USA), and lay siege to the BBQ joints, Xenu dumps bodies in volcanoes. You think you’re safe in your castles? That’s what the Drungulite Hordes thought, before the great “unheaving” of 2211 BC. At the Battle of Gumptous, General Bustilla used her busty lasers to undo the codpieces of opposing all male sweaty hair chested armies, with sexy results. Will we have allies? – perhaps … Nexta, the White Witch of Wenatchee (WA)? She leads to the Froh-Clog Sect of Baroolian Eagle Worshipers … they might help … if they’re not too busy bathing in oils … and massaging their large melons and fruitful valleys … but yeah … maybe … if we buy them crack.
  11. A great “Zoo Arbitrage” is coming … the great “Zoo Meat Arbitrage” of 2021 …
  12. I should buy AT LEAST $100 in scratchers … and then pay some rent … and then buy food, beer, weed … and the Oil of O’Lay … I should clean up my body juices … go for a walk and scrape the grizzle-gluss off the sidewalks of my fractured soul, and dig deep for more oils.
  13. “passover” : That word has stuck in my head since last July … (I still don’t know why)
  14. “… additional and developing: CDC believes that there is a new mutation of COVID-19 that causes people in RVs to explode … more from Barb … Barb?” … “Yes Clif, the covid will blow your mind … like I blew you last night Clif … get it” … “I do, I really do, weather next.”
  15. If the “Clathrate Gun” is going off? – it matches shit in Isaiah 24 … The next question: what will be the next equilibrium state? 1. Hot house earth: think Yoda planet, but not the end of things .. 2. Venus Syndrome: fucked 3. Rapid Evaporation Cooling Event: snowball Earth. It seems like Superman 1 Lex Luther bullshit, but if we enter “Hot House Earth”, there is an opportunity to buy property where the new coastlines will be … The Midwest might become an inland sea. Florida, as stated, is toast. The Great Lakes might form part of the new sea. Venus Syndrome is too depressing (and unlikely) to talk about. Rapid Evaporation Cooling Event or RECE? This has occurred to me in recent weeks BECAUSE of all the #geoengineering that’s been ongoing and has artificially reduced water vapor pressure – below where it should be. A rapid evaporation/cooling event would start out as the biggest and nastiest and windiest rain storm in history – possibly lasting weeks. This would very quickly become the biggest global snow storm in history. In a few months the Earth is in a worldwide ice age. but what if the oceans lost 15-20% of their volume, to water vapor, in a few weeks? sounds insane, but the oceans have been the heat-sink for decades, and geoengineering has constrained earth-space heat exchange. I doubt we’ll see a linear, slow, stepwise release of energy. But here’s the thing: we’re lied to a lot. Like the NWS saying, a few weeks ago, they could no longer publish data … I know enough about the WWW, webservices, scientific data, and gaming/porno to know this is bullshit … but still, why the bullshit story?
  16. I received a message from “Q” last night … this is what he said: “All the scorned souls of sector 76 are being moved to death zone 8. General Wir of the Egyptian Tank Forces will move his second rook to checkmate the final solution to your hole in one action for cocaine.”
  17. Big managed troll accounts twitter “Angry Okinawan” or “Jessi the Punk anarchist that loves the vaccine”? – they have little trolls. I usually encounter these in the following 12-24 hours.
  18. FDR: “You have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Biden: “Our darkest days are ahead of us. (can you see the difference)

Art of Liberty

“Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break into pieces.”
― Etienne de la Boetie, The Politics of Obedience: Discourse on Voluntary Servitude

Last week, I was invited to visit Lake Havasu, Arizona for a gathering of voluntaryists. There was camping at Craggy Wash. There was a bed and breakfast in town. Nice swimming pool, but very cold when I jumped in. Nobody heats swimming pools in that part of Arizona.

While there I met some old friends and made several new ones. A fellow named Austin and I are going to work our way through Bennett’s Latin Grammar in the next few months. Another fellow, who goes by the pen name Etienne de la Boetie2, was also in attendance.

As you may surmise, he is not the same author as the French fellow who died in 1563. He uses a superscript 2, so one might say he is “Etienne squared” or “to the power of 2.”

His book, “Government: the biggest scam in history” is quite good and available online. I suggest you consider buying a copy for yourself, and give one to someone you care about. You’ll need to get some people up to speed quickly on how they have been deceived, and this book does a great job.

For example, pages 9 to 31 illustrate twenty-one examples of methods used by the United States government, the government of Nazi Germany, the government of the Soviet Union, and the government of East Germany, all to promote the view that government is needed, decent, acceptable, and good. In fact, of course, government is violent, coercive, unnecessary, evil, and deadly.

For example, page 24 shows ” Secret government, real power structure’s use of political assassination of rivals, whistleblowers, dissidents” shows for the Nazis, the night of the long knives and the killings of Ernst Rohm, Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher, and Gustav Ritter von Kahr. In the USA, JFK, RFK, and MLK were all assassinated, as the congressional select committee on assassinations documented in 1977 or thereabouts. Also listed, congressman Larry MacDonald, Paul Wellstone, JFK Jr, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Gary Webb, Seth Rich, Barry Jennings, Terrance Yeakey, William Colby, Kathy Ferguson, Paul Wilcher, Carlos Ghigliotti, Jerry Luther Parks and many more.

For the Soviet Union and Russia on the same page are shown links to the 45+ assassinations by Stalin and 10 critics of Putin who were killed in various ways. For East Germany, the names Cat Falkck (a Swedish journalist) and Benno Ohnesorg are listed. You can spend a fun time looking up these names and finding out how the official stories in each case read like a lot of nonsense.

Then there are another 50 pages of examination of the ways in which the government is a scam, is unneeded, is hurting people, and has bad intentions. There is much here to examine.

Although I was given a copy of the printed book, and it is a very nice document, suited to looking through with friends and family, it contains a lot of links to other documents. Well, you cannot simply click on a link in a printed book. So if you want to follow the story, all the way down the rabbit hole as it were, you’ll want to see the digital document which you can use to follow the links.

Speaking of quotes from Morpheus from the 1999 film “The Matrix,” I just learned this week that the evil awful communists have gotten hold of the Wayback Machine and have eliminated the possibility of searching their archive for my old site from some jurisdictions. Happily, my VPN through Cryptohippie to Germany reveals the links are still there. See my “The Morpheus Proposal” for some additional thoughts on how deep the rabbit hole goes. The topic arises in part because Etienne-squared and I both recited some poetry at the gathering in Arizona last week. I read my Anthem for the Ama-gi which was well-received.

But enough about me. The next 44 pages of Etienne-squared’s book goes over things you can do to help yourself and your neighbours. One of the ideas is to distribute information about the nature of government as a scam.

That is possible with copies of the book, available from and possibly other sites. There is also a credit-card shaped USB stick that Etienne-squared calls a “Liberator” after the famous WW2 stamped gun that some few people in occupied Europe received by air drops (and its more recent 3D printed version that made Cody Wilson famous enough to be entrapped by the government). Etienne-squared adds a white lotus flower to the Liberator gun image to indicate the zero aggression principle is part of the philosophy in which he believes.

Thick Red Line

If you believe, as I do, that paramedics, fire fighters, some sheriffs, and possibly a few police officers are not eager to enforce victimless crimes, are appalled at the current tyranny, and want to work with their neighbours to make things right, then you might like a related project, Thick Red Line. It is spearheaded and conceived by the another fellow, Howard Lichtman. It is a group that has gotten a lot of interest from around the world recently, because it is a dramatically different take on the “de-fund the police” nonsense being emitted by the Marxists these days.

Thick Red Line is trying to build bridges between freedom activists and free market oriented members of the first responders communities. I think it is a good idea, and worth looking into. Like all freedom activist groups, there is a need for raising money, so you’ll find an appeal for funds on the site.

Art of Liberty

Another one of the important projects Howard has proposed is to get information about freedom and how government is a scam to tens of thousands of people in New Hampshire, who were already in the state when people from the Free State Project began to move there. Howard calls it the “pre-state project” and the goal is to coordinate with freedom enthusiasts who live in New Hampshire. Done right, it would involve hundreds of thousands of packages sent to and distributed amongst freedom enthusiasts all over the state, and that means potentially millions of dollars would be needed.

At our meeting, I said to Howard that we don’t have time to focus on only one state. We need a global insurgency for freedom, and that means, to me, at least sixteen states should be included in that work, not only New Hampshire. So, I believe Art of Liberty would do well to set the goal of raising $90 million to do everything that can be done in as many states as possible. That is, yes, a lot of money, though it pales in comparison to the trillions being used to destroy the world economy, end the businesses of millions of Americans, and enslave humanity.

Which States, Though?

Well, to be candid, I don’t think Hawai’i nor New Jersey are going to be livable places for freedom lovers after this coming year, except in the somewhat nuanced sense that people live, for a while, in death camps. Shown above in bright green are the sixteen states of New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Some parts of other states might work, too, and those would be found in blue on the above map, though I don’t think King County, Washington, or Cook County, Illinois (for examples) are properly the deep blue shown on the above map.

What I will say is that if we want a freedom network to get going, the time to be building it is now, and has been for several years. Happily, groups like Derrick Broze’s Conscious Resistance and Freedom Cells, and groups like the Caledonia group first announced in this publication in November 2018, have been building for some time.

Howard’s book on Government, the biggest scam, also talks about crypto-currencies, which I continue to believe are helping many people make some efforts to use alternatives to government money. I’m with EC Riegel on the idea that governments, because they produce nothing but theft and waste and corruption and death, are the worst people to be issuing money. The existing thousands of competing currencies created since 2009 illustrate, in my opinion, ways in which people are able to make better money without government. I particularly like LTC, BTC, and ARRR if anyone is asking.

Thus we get to the end of this review. I think you should support the work Howard is doing. I think you should get involved. Buy his book. Send money to his outfits. Join the Thick Red Line. Be a part of a freedom community, including the ones I’m working on in Oklahoma and Texas.

I’m told that there are people in South Africa who want my help with a freedom community, and I’m available to help. Also happy to pay commissions to people who book me gigs.

We are never going to get back the world we had in March 2019. I’m not even sorry, because I did not like how things were going then, and I’m resolved not to dwell on how bad things were for many people at the time. Whether you view those as good days or not, you have to see that what is planned by the oligarchy for your future does not include a return to those halcyon days. Even if you wanted them back.

We have been, I believe, in the early phases of a war since 7 October 2019, and in some ways ever since 1745. It is a war by globalists whose predecessors financed Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and believe they own and operate the deep state agencies of the GCHQ, CIA, FBI, and NSA. It is a war against you, against your family, against your freedom.

Keep in mind that the path before us does not frighten me, at all. Why not? Because I know that we are not here because of what lies ahead of us, but because of the path behind us.

Since 1745, the globalists have created Jean Jacques Rousseau’s fictional Social Contract, invented socialism and communism, hired Karl Marx to write about communism, started a world war of 1756 to 1763, a world war of 1775 to 1785, a world war of 1914-1991 (in reality) which included another world war of 1939 to 1945 and a “cold war.” They aren’t very nice people. They really want you dead, or enslaved, or both.

So to quote a favourite film: “Come with me if you want to live.”

Free the slaves. Stop the wars. End the state. You’ll be glad you did.

Download pdf …



Jim Davidson is an author, entrepreneur, actor, and director. He is the vision director of You can find him on as well as and also as planetaryjim. He appreciates any support you can provide as times are very difficult. See the Paypal link on this page. Or email your humble author to offer other choices. This week Jim learned that is working, so he’ll be adding new things there soon. Visit for more information. Those seeking a multi-jurisdiction multi-hop VPN for communications privacy please visit For those seeking colloidal silver try Ask Jim about CryptoWealth. Coming soon: – under construction. Just arrived:

LSR Notes: 12/26/20

  1. What if they’d made a movie that was a fusion of “Dirty Dancing” and “Footloose” … “Dirty Foot Dancing” …
  2. I sort of attacked two of my twenty something nieces for not doing the whole “we’ll hold a dance outside of town” thingy … KEVIN BACON?!?
  3. “On the other side of the fence? – the grass is always meaner …” – Dr. Freckles
  4. Why are people so surprised by the incompetence in IT/tech? (there’s a lot of it in a crooked neo-Stalinist death-star hell hole)
  5. From last summer: fewer gunshots that I can hear, or machine gun fire … a lot more ambulances … (and no: it’s not the “covid”) (probably: strokes, untreated cancer, suicides, complications due to illnesses that [under normal circumstances] would threaten NO ONE)
  6. Don’t you love the “polar bear” rhetoric of the right and left when it comes to ecology? Me: I just care about the orca whales that are dying, leaving, not having kids … the salmon runs that are failing. SHIT I CAN SEE WITH MY OWN FUCKING EYES! A YEAR OF VENUS WEATHER!
  7. You know what I’ve NOT seen a lot of in the last 10 years? (dried dead bugs on windshields) (snow on the Olympics or Cascades during the summer) Summers? – they were ice cream cones YEAR ROUND. (primary fucking truth) (you could see, unobstructed, the cascades AND Olympics)
  8. the tidewaters of the Puget Sound? – gardens … growing up. Now they are mostly slimy, black, with whatever seaweed or slime can still live in a dying sea. The crooked critters thrive, lamprey rats for everyone next Christmas.
  9. The Bible: the story of shitty things people do … but there’s hope. We can learn.
  10. “There’s a reason they say ‘we have 100 years’ … because we DON’T!” – Dr. Freckles
  11. When I was a kid: “Social Security will be fine … for a 100 years …” (no)
  12. We live in a time when people would rather believe a “smart device”, than their own fucking eyes and ears and brain. (meditate on that wretched shit)
  13. “Did the disciples wear crosses?” – Dr. Freckles
  14. “Rock breaks, but the stone endures … this is why Peter could fail and still succeed.” – Dr. Freckles
  15. “Theory: no JEDI … no DEATH STARS!” – Dr. Freckles
  16. (a conversation from the camps in 2025 …) “Dude … there’s this secret group …” “Yeah …” “They’re the good guys, and they are SO REALLY CLOSE to getting the bad guys …” “Fuck yeah …” “We just have to be more patient … that’s what Q is saying …”
  17. “Q” … will tell a lot of folks to “get on the trains” … (a lot of people will) (just like Russians who still hang pictures of Stalin)
  18. Isaiah 24: