LSR Notes: 10/31/20

9:09 PM

is intentionality really just semantic teleology?


7:23 PM

Trongis, the last Y’orbian priest, will set fire to the wallis-tong and free the bale-rat lord.


5:56 PM

Beans is now barking at the outside … not anything in particular … just … well … the outside …

he’s like some grumpy old shriveled up man …

(he reminds me of myself)


9:46 AM

Beans eats dirt.

And frankly, I can’t ensure he’s not eating dirt …

And he could get worms from the dirt.

(but what if he’s mostly worms already?)


9:44 AM

Beans Report:

Beans is sleeping.

(but always on the watch for bigfoot)


9:42 AM

Schrodinger Healthcare: not knowing is half the battle … maybe.

LSR Notes: 10/29/20

10:38 PM

“smiley Joe”

These trolls serve 1 purpose: to gaslight you about what is intolerable. They tell you “shit man, it’s your attitude”, and they avoid conversations about “masks” or forced vaccination or internment camps.

“Smiley Joe” spends time talking “mindfulness”, compliance.


10:35 PM

“the assassination”

This is where a disinfo agent is attacked, to provide credibility.

de-platforming, de-funding, cutting off access to resources … advertising dollars.

Then a “white knight” provides the funding, and the “nearly destroyed” voice speaks the new religion …


8:22 PM

If someone tweets “click on this link to restore your privacy” … don’t click on it.


6:16 PM

I really wish bigfoot and his friends would just finish this off already …

Just come streaming out of the hills, like the Chinese in October 1950 …


9:29 AM

Isaiah 34


8:21 AM

More on #propaganda: “EGO PUMPING”

Ego pumping is where you find some “figure” in the media that supports your core disinfo narrative.

You target them with positive messaging, financial support, and you connect them with “popular figures”.

Their narrative becomes adopted.


7:52 AM

“Pack it out”

If it makes sense in the woods dumb ass?

When you’re camping?

(it kinda makes sense everywhere dumb ass)

Some things, like the atmosphere, we share …

(let’s not be assholes)


7:42 AM

I choose my friends, in no small part, based on the following principle:


(but now you’re confused: beauty, money, power, popularity)


Better than me at living the Kingdom Life.

My compass feels broken sometimes, and we are all far from shore.



7:40 AM

If I knew when I was 15, what I know now?

I’d probably have herpes …

(so I’m glad I didn’t know)


7:00 AM

Is there a heart broken? (a prayer to my Lord)

Is there a heart broken, that You do not see fit to mend?

Is there a scar upon our souls that our Lord Jesus does not also have?

My God,

In this season of madness, with so many broken and so many misled, we know that You are still here – that You have not abandoned us.

So we will heal, and heal each other.

We will have scars, and remember this as part of our lineage.

In your name, Christ Jesus, we will LIVE!


LSR Notes: 10/28/20

8:15 PM


5:03 PM

  • twitter purge
  • internet ghetto
  • how do you like the view


4:54 PM

Just got a random phone call from some Chinese voice agent …

“Ni hao … ching ching ching”

Ni hao – I got …

the rest was gibberish to me …

but it’s weir to get random wrong numbers with Chinese voice-over …


3:14 PM

on the first day following the “election” …

all klimpet-volk will fight in the streets with bats and chains and buckets of gasoline …

they will set each other aflame, in pursuit of their own rotten selves …

in large iron pots, people will be boiled down to fat …

from this will come the “soup” …

(keto friendly)

this is when I transcend …

I will seal my loins in ancient leaves and oils …

I will carry a hatchet and a knife …

My name will be “Old Hatchet Joe” …


I will make burnt offering to the Y’orloz, the god of Whiskey, cigs and big boobs.


10:13 AM



9:44 AM

In 2022, all our brains will go into robot bodies.

In 2023, we will rip out our brains and scream a last scream of pain … and stomp on our brains with our last robot commands.


9:18 AM

Violence Wins!


7:17 AM

A prayer for the traumatized, the broken heart’d …


7:02 AM

New theory:

Professional Wresting as a pop culture phenomena in the 80’s was deep state / CIA modeling of future presidential elections, and elections for other offices, and even supreme court nomination.

They wanted to streamline both buyer acceptance and buyer’s remorse.


6:57 AM

“Dan, what’s a blocking experiment?”

These are VERY FUN …

These are high follower, low followed accounts that DO NOT have blue check marks …

8/10 -> “graphic artists” or “models” or “artists” and “models”

8/10 -> “nice looking, almost too nice looking, pics”

I block.

The key thing? – you block before you are EVER on their radar.

If you get on their radar, and go “city of refuge” path? – then judgment call …

But if they simply just keep showing up, in your TL, like a bad penny? – tells you a great deal. Affinity groups.


6:53 AM

Go Daddy is playing it now too …

“Dan, you can buy stuff on the Death Star and businesses be ethical cuz gov …”

Tell Sound Cloud (I pay them, I am shadow banned there – provably)

Tell Go Daddy (see above)

But whatever … this is life on the Death Star until it explodes.


6:46 AM

here’s an uncontroversial rule:

if someone gains power or money from scaring you? – then seek at least one second opinion from someone NOT making money scaring you …

And if none can be found?

None who do NOT make money scaring you?


(happy Wednesday)


6:43 AM


6:42 AM

Patterns reveal a lot, is all I’m saying …

Account “hopping” is integrated into USAF and other MI social medial management software.

Including scripted “hopping”, where you can make it look like two different accounts interacting.

But the deep patterns are hard to hide.


6:35 AM

There was once a show called “Bullshit” …

And I just saw a guy, from that show, with a “I voted” sticker on his forehead …


(the psyop is so deep)


6:33 AM

“Dan, there’s a ‘bad strain’ of covid, and it went west from Wuhan …”

“How did it do that, choose to go west?”

“Science …”

“Like Brownian motion?”

“Yes …”

“Well, sweetheart, that would mean it should have gone all directions … dumb ass …”

“And you are racist.”


6:20 AM

I think it’s this simple …

We are headed for:

  1. Chaos/collapse
  2. Hyper-global-statism
  3. Some mixture of 1 + 2

Only in #2 do I find myself thinking: I won’t be able to live there …

1/3 are both scenarios where I can find a “gap” to survive, if I’m lucky, if I try.

I’m thinking it’s no. 1 …

I think it’s 1, and I think nature is not linear.

when it happens? – abrupt will be a hard word to use. Abrupt will have too much duration.

(this neo-stalinist banker hell hole is going to topple over and crush MANY souls)


6:07 AM

another thing the #mask does …

It allows state-operators: undercover cops, CIA, FBI, Military Intelligence, Mossad, et al … banker scumbags …

It allows state-operators to easily coordinate and infiltrate, REPEATEDLY, making minor costume chages.

(one more thing it does)


5:52 AM

Trump Narrative wins.

Post election Violence? – 80% …

Chinese War angle? – 75%

LSR Notes: 10/27/20

5:03 PM

I don’t think you can take people’s physical gold BEFORE you start taking guns …

(it’s a sequence thing)


12:02 PM

Statesman like speeches …


10:23 AM

Dear crypto freaks …

there has to be a second wave, for the first to mean anything …

that old quote? – you don’t get to “common knowledge” unless there is acceptance.

(I see dirt as broke people man, currently)

(where’s the second wave?)


10:17 AM

Stuckey is gone on …
Stuckey is gone …

Stuckey is gone,
he was smoking his bong …

His name was Stuckey …
And he was sinking in the swamp.

Stuckey was here,
he brought me some beer.

Stuckey had whores,
waiting nearby …

He could fly aye,
with the angels,
his name is Stuckey …

bye bye …

… but he had to …

Point his M60 at those Cajun freaks and,
they fired back with well aimed shots so,
sergeant is dead in the water and,
now they’re stuck in the Bayou forever …

Oh yeah stuck in the Bayou …

Like Stuckey …

In the fucking swamp.

“Bye STUCKEY … you really fucked up with that M60 you fuck …”


9:25 AM

If you think getting to know “Dan” is about podcasts?


… doing this thing again … cuz I love this song for times like this …


9:13 AM

“Southern Comfort’s” basic plot: “Moby Dick” …

Ishmael? – spit into two characters …

the captain? – is a spirit that jumps around a little between characters …

the white whale? – duh … THE FUCKING CAJUNS

oh yeah …

the guy that hangs himself at the end from the tracks …. Bogul er something Vogel? (he’s Queequeg …)


9:01 AM


  1. Trump wins
  2. Bill Gates becomes “Covid Tsar”
  3. “We need your guns, just for a short while …” – speech

(pucker up, get ready for it)

no matter who wins: 75% there’s violence (organic and fake), 25% we get the “statesman speech” and anyone with the “boogaloo” hashtag?

(remember the first few minutes of Brave Heart)

(or, the first part of Josey Whales with Eastwood)

“Hey, we going to a meeting!”


If we get the “statesman” speech from Trump?

A lot of folks are going to regret the psyop known as BOOGALOO

  1. first few minutes of Braveheart
  2. when the Rebs meet with the Blues in the first part of the Outlaw Josey Whales

IF you hear the “statesman speech”? – go to ground.


8:49 AM

A list of bullshit …

(in no particular order)

  1. Boogaloo
  2. Monkey Herpes
  3. Impeachment
  4. Race War
  5. Condensation Trails
  10. Hating on Malthus more than Keynes … uber fucking bullshit
  11. The Election …
  12. The Libertarian Party
  13. Department of Defense
  14. US Government
  15. TRUMP or BIDEN, Democrats or GOP – total fucking bullshit
  16. War on Terror
  17. War on Drugs
  18. Modern State of Israel
  19. Federal Reserve and paying taxes
  20. Marxism
  21. Social Contract
  22. Buddhism, Mindfulness and other Eastern Philosophy (oppression is ok) crapola …

The shit they don’t want you to know about? – they don’t spend much time hyping.


8:09 AM

TPTB think they can manage collapse … their voter cucks agree.


2021: the year of more rude awakenings


8:00 AM

I get the feeling that the authentic cajuns, and the native Americans, have figured out how to survive the fall of empires …


(it’s in the cracks where we’re gonna survive)

“Southern Comfort” (1981)


6:41 AM

How horrible of a shit bird do you need to be that you would fucking EMOTIONALLY BLACKMAIL YOUR PARENTS on their deathbed over voting …

Voting … – if it worked: gang warfare by other means

(but it doesn’t work)

I swear – those are pieces of shit I have ZERO TIME FOR.


6:16 AM

“Dan, I use a VPN …”

I saw the deep state DARPA funded douche talk about this in 2003 …

(they’ve owned you fucks for a WHILE)

There is only ONE form of trusted security in 2020 …


(and don’t make plans, or teams, too complicated)


6:11 AM

WWW: a diseased railway system where EVERY FUCKING CHIP you didn’t manufacture yourself is working for Israel and the NSA

(someone told you “encryption” will help you)

(ha – except for the metadata bro)

“But Dan, I use a VPN with message splitting”

Really – they got you too.


6:02 AM

Spooky shit happening with email, since yesterday.

“But Dan, the internet is pure freedom.”