Beef Relief Today!

Bedrock Beef has arrived! The new company presents an array of whole, half, quarter, and eighth steers for any family’s enjoyment. These are shipped fresh from our ranches here in Bedrock to any home on dry ice.

We have two types of cattle here in Bedrock. Corn finished steers are available year-round. Grass fed beef is tastier, and we harvest in October 2020. Customers wanting to reserve a grass fed beef order can pay half in advance.

Everything is ready to go, and we’re eager for questions.

Our work is in response to the recent concerns about large scale meat processors. Many ranchers here have been told that they may not be able to sell their herds due to the Corona Virus affecting the meat processing industry. Rather than destroy their herds, the ranchers have joined together with local butchers to make this new project happen. Bedrock Beef is about helping customers buy the beef they want and helping ranchers get their cattle to market.

Energy isn’t just about calories and nutrition, sometimes it’s about just that; energy. When you eat livestock, you are getting two types of energy- both caloric as well energetic. You pick up the frequency and vibration of the foods you eat. Filing your diet with positive energy sources is hugely important. It matters how your food comes to you. It’s important to source food, especially meat products, from a positive place.

Our cows are treated well from their birthing process to where you see them as an end consumer. Our cattle are exclusively pasture raised in the mountains and valleys of Colorado. They eat diets of some of the best alfalfa and cleanest spring water. We care for them and treat them well, We even go so far as to meditate with them and play music for them. If you have been paying attention, you know that we are looking at some food shortages. Specificallly meat.

One of the issues on the supplier side is that these shortages are predicted, and they have been told to cull livestock and dump milk, meaning we are looking at the lost lives of millions of animals this season. Our goal is decentralize this portion of the food chain as best we can, by providing beef directly from these farmers to you. Help us with a win win solution – you need to eat we need to move these cows (day this part better too) and you get great value for your money in uncertain times. This is one worry you can check off the list.

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Igloo Luau registration


Jim Davidson is an author, entrepreneur, actor, and director. He is the cfo of and the vision director of You can find him on as well as and also as planetaryjim. He appreciates any support you can provide as times are very difficult. See the Paypal link on this page. Or email your humble author to offer other choices. Visit for more information. Those seeking a multi-jurisdiction multi-hop VPN for communications privacy please visit For those seeking colloidal silver try Ask Jim about CryptoWealth. Visit today!

The Crime Recorder

“It takes something more than intelligence to act intelligently.”
― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment

Americans are currently faced with the fact that the people who police them are willing to murder them in broad daylight. The ideas that police should be an occupying military force within the cities, that they should be a source of fear and terror among the people, and that they should enforce violently various statutes that include a dizzying array of non-violent but prohibited behaviours seem, to me and many others, to be ideas that are completely inconsistent with a free people and a free country.

Leaving aside as irrelevant all the defences that are typically mounted about how the police are a thin blue line (690,000 law enforcement in a country of 332 million) and that there is a war on the police anyway so of course they must be garbed for war and deliberately brutal, and the always flavourful “if you don’t like the laws get them changed” let’s look at what functions the police have been doing that we may wish to see done.

No, seriously, it is totally okay if you wish to debate the merits of police agencies shooting and killing 1,004 Americans in 2019 and killing more in other ways. You are welcome to explain all about the essentials of police brutality, and when you get done, please go on to explain why overseers whipped slaves. Also, if you wish, please go over the vast array of thousands of laws and regulations Americans are expected to obey, the need for prison sentences for non-violent crimes, and do let me know why you believe Ross Ulbricht is serving two consecutive life sentences and forty years for building a free market web site. Then you can go around to all 2.5 million Americans in prison, all 3.8 million on probation, and the million or so on parole who are all expected to be watched and pay fees and obey endless more rules. If you don’t believe there is a prison and probation for profit industry, you may be beyond help.

Police Reports

If the police ceased to exist today, what functions they perform would be needed? One example is the police report that insurance companies insist must be made available to them in the event of a crime or tort. If someone hits your car or breaks into your home or in some other way does damage to you physically or economically and you plan to file a claim against your insurance, your insurance company may make the seemingly-reasonable request that the police be summoned to make a report.

Now, summoning the police has been fraught with peril for the entire time since 1829 when Sir Bobby Peel formed “the bobbies” or the Metropolitan police force in London, one of the first police agencies inflicted on contemporary society. Calling the police can mean that people you know get arrested, things you own get stolen by the police, people get beaten, men or women get raped, dogs get shot, and fairly often, someone gets murdered. Is it possible there may be another way?

Recently I was reading The Fourth Protocol by Frederick Forsyth which includes a scene of a group of skinheads beating a Russian sailor unconscious a few miles from the docks in Glasgow. Two “police constables” arrive on the scene, summon help, an ambulance takes the sailor to hospital. One constable is going through the worldly possessions of the sailor when he wakes up, sees his stuff being pawed at, makes a grab for some of it, then, perhaps disoriented from his recent concussion, runs through the hospital, upstairs, and eventually throws himself from the roof of the building. Combined with recent events in American cities, this sequence of events in the book got me thinking.

What if there were people who provided “crime recorder” services? They need not be employed by government. They would need to be trained and have some sort of mutual certification procedure. Various guilds and trades have always spoken for members of their own profession and held them to standards, so the certification need not be governmental.

The function of the crime recorder is to make a detailed record of what is reported by the victim or victims, what is reported by available witnesses, what the crime scene looks like, and collect materials that may be relevant. A crime scene investigator is a similar profession.

Of course, today’s crime scene investigators work for police agencies and city governments and therefore are prone to hide exculpatory evidence when ordered to do so, and lie about what they’ve actually seen when it comes time to confront a police officer with wrongdoing. The process is called “testilying.” Yes, police have a special word they use, “testi-lie” to describe lies told for the good of the police union, the good of the gang in blue. They like to lie about what has happened, in order to complete the process they favour: the police investigated the police and exonerated the police.

Nevertheless, you can see where a crime recorder could provide a useful service. A crime report would be akin to the police report we now obtain by taking the dangerous step of summoning the police. A crime recorder would provide a record and a written report, making available photographs, videos, audio recordings, witness statements, and perhaps collecting physical evidence where relevant. A crime recorder could also make reports on suspected torts – acts of negligence such as auto accidents.

Crime recorders would not need to be in uniform, but perhaps they would have a sigil or badge of their profession. They would not necessarily have an IQ below 105, or whatever standard is kept presently for police officers. (A recent court case showed that a police agency may discriminate against someone with an IQ of 125. Apparently the “average” is 104, so slightly above the population average of 100 IQ.) A crime recorder would not necessarily work for the government. A crime recorder might not belong to a public service union and might not be expected to support the police in all matters. It would be possible to have independent and competing crime recorders working to find the truth.

Truth Matters

It seems to me that the first victim in every war, including the ongoing wars against poverty, crime, terror, and drugs, is truth. Yet the truth is very important.

Prosecutors like Kamala Harris cannot be interested in the truth, because the truth may stand in the way of convictions. Prosecutors get more money if they get more convictions and they get higher offices if they get more convictions, so they have no interest in telling the truth, nor in presenting the truth in court. They especially don’t want defence attorneys to ever know the truth. Prosecutors get a share of the profits from keeping a lot of people in prisons, forcing their relatives to pay for collect calls from prison (at absurd rates per minute for each call when flat rate “anywhere in America” calling plans are available for $25/month) and putting them on a “pay the state for years” programme. Prosecutors, in short, are evil.

Public defenders are only somewhat interested in the truth. If they are able to fumble around and discover the truth on behalf of one of their court-appointed clients, great. If not, they are quite adept at encouraging their clients to plea bargain so that the prison and probation for profit industry is fed another living victim. Public defenders are not good at locating the truth, and often are not provided much in the way of investigation time nor investigatory staff. Of course, prosecutors are provided not only with endless time to investigate – they can ask for and get a continuance quite easily from any court – but they are also provided with numerous investigators, coroners who will fake evidence or lie about findings, detectives, police officers, and bureau-rats who will either look for information or make it up out of whole cloth. So, of course the system convicts most people it arrests, or gets the public defender to plea bargain their client, or makes it very expensive for a person to prove they are not guilty. The system doesn’t actually care about the truth.

But a crime recorder wouldn’t be involved in all those aspects of the situation, and could be prevented from sharing in the profits of the prison and probation for profit industry. So, perhaps the concept of a crime recorder is worth considering.

Goodness knows, it would be wonderful if finding the truth were important to someone in the criminal justice industry. If the truth were sought, perhaps it would begin to resemble something like justice, and stop being so clearly a “just us” system where those in power are corrupt beneficiaries of their system, and everyone else is a potential victim.

The truth shall set you free.

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Jim Davidson is an author, entrepreneur, actor, and director. He is the cfo of and the vision director of You can find him on as well as and also as planetaryjim. He appreciates any support you can provide as times are very difficult. See the Paypal link on this page. Or email your humble author to offer other choices. Visit for more information. Those seeking a multi-jurisdiction multi-hop VPN for communications privacy please visit For those seeking colloidal silver try Ask Jim about CryptoWealth.

The Luau Gets Detailed

“The people to whom your fathers told of the living God, and taught to call ‘Father,’ and whom the sons now seek to despoil and destroy, are crying aloud to Him in their time of trouble; and He will keep His promise, and will listen to the voices of His Hawai’ian children lamenting for their homes.”

~ Queen Liliuokalani Of Hawai’i

What Is the Igloo Luau?

The Igloo Luau is an event being organised for late September. We feel that people in the Free Mountain West should have a gathering, a festival, and a time for enjoying the traditional activities and crafts and foods of the Rocky Mountains. Our festival will include musical acts, speakers, presentations of crafts, and contests. Our goal is to bring people together in celebration of freedom, free markets, and the opportunities and possibilities of working together toward a better future.

Why Have a Luau?

The tradtional lifestyle of the people of Hawai’i did not allow men and women to eat together. However, in 1819, King Kamehameha II removed all the religious prohibitions and in an act of great symbolism ate a meal with women. Since then the luau has been a traditional Hawai’ian celebration of their freedom. Traditional foods are served, including kalua pig, salmon, and beer. Music and dancing are included. All these things are part of a way of life even further West than the Rocky Mountains.

When Is the Igloo Luau?

We are gathering on Thursday 24 September 2020 in the evening. We plan to have a musical event on Friday evening, perhaps with a band or musical guest of some fame. There will be crafts and games and contests on both Friday and Saturday. Saturday evening will include a luau with roast pig, dancing of all kinds, and music provided by a DJ. There will be a “dead dog” party at noon on Sunday 27 September. After that, you can stay, leave, or jump in the river (there is a river!) because you were always free and sovereign.

Where Is It?

We are currently working to reserve a campground near Bedrock, Colorado and make arrangements for hotel space nearby. We are also working on negotiating deals for overflow space in Naturita, Colorado and possibly in Moab, Utah.

Who Is Involved?

Our first corporate sponsor is which provides a multi-jurisdiction, multi-hop virtual privacy network for people who want communications privacy and data security in their work and web browsing. We are also sponsored by

The organisers of the event are Dr. Freckles Global Tontine Club, the Houston Space Society, and the Resilient Ways Foundation. Our main goal is that everyone have fun.

How Do I Get Involved?

You can get access to all the events, except the special musical performance on Friday evening which we are arranging with a music promoter in the valley, for a one-time all-in-one fee of $100 for adults and $50 for children 12 and under. That includes the luau meal and dance party on Saturday night, the dead dog party on Sunday, and access to all the crafts, vendors, booths, contests, and activities. Individual vendors may charge for their wares and activities at their booths or conducted through them.

We are working to include horseback riding, a petting zoo, demonstrations of quilting, knitting, soap making, candle making, metal forging, leather working, wood working, jewellery making, 3D printing, and other crafts. We are eager to include vendors who get two adult passes and 25% off additional passes with space for their wares for $220. Corporate sponsorships are also available.

We want to encourage crafts, so vendors showcasing crafts get an additional discount. We want to encourage musical acts, so if you sing, dance, or wish to speak or otherwise be part of the programme, please be in touch.

We are working with local people on a gun range for Friday and Saturday, afternoon hours only (noon to 5 pm) to avoid being too noisy. We are also working on an archery and tomahawk range for Friday and Saturday. Depending on how these arrangements work out, the range safety team may charge an additional fee.

What If I’m Poor?

We want to help crowd fund the participation of people who have financial difficulties. We’re well aware that 40 million people were thrown out of work by state actions this year, and so if you are struggling to get to the event, or need a fellowship to pay for your costs of participating, we’re very eager to help you set up to get the help you need. As well, we are working to arrange car pools and caravans from different parts of the country, so people can travel to the event together.

Please don’t let your poverty or any other aspect of your situation interfere with being involved. We think this event is going to be the first in a series, but it may be a once in a lifetime opportunity – 2020 is being one of those years where many things happen that seem to change everything.

What Is Gearing Back?

Gearing back is a term from the book 1632 by Eric Flint. Published in 2000, it discusses a time travel event caused by a cosmic art experiment gone wrong. A circle of special energy some miles in circumference takes a community in West Virginia in the 1990s back to the Thuringinwald in 1631. In the novel, the local people develop simpler ways of doing things that still work, knowing that their 20th Century technology has a lot of parts that wear out.

Gearing back means preparing for a future without centralised power systems, or without centralised surveillance systems, or without a huge invasive socialist government encroaching on every aspect of freedom. Some events, like a supervolcano eruption or earthquake or war or Carrington event or electromagnetic pulse can take down large parts of the infrastructure of technological civilisation.

But, remember, our recent ancestors built the technologies we see today. In many cases they built carefully and well, keeping things local, making sure that people knew how to keep things running. Later, especially in the early 20th Century, much effort was made to centralise and, thereby, make fragile all kinds of systems. There was an economic myth of “economies of scale” which were captured by those who ran government-granted monopolies and gave them opportunities to profit greatly. For many reasons, these monopolies are going away.

We think the Igloo Luau is an opportunity to get in touch with older ways of doing things. What if the grocery stores were empty for three or four years? How would you get food? Identify edible things in the wild? Locate edible mushrooms? Make tools? Communicate over long distances? Travel?

People three hundred years ago (1720) had large steam engines, complex hydraulic systems for pumping water, and many scientific methods for working in chemistry, physics, and engineering. Two hundred years ago people had incandescent lighting, gas lighting, and were working on telegraph systems, railways, and steam ships. A hundred years ago, submersible ships, aircraft, high altitude rockets, and radio communications were commonplace, and television was an experiment coming soon.

In gearing back and making robust, decentralised systems available, we have the knowledge of today and a vast array of failed experiments in community building to look at. We can learn and teach from a very different perspective because we know so much more today than we knew then. Including a great deal about what not to do.

It is in that spirit of possibility and discovery that your hosts invite you to attend Igloo Luau 2020.


Crypto Hippie
Resilient Ways

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Jim Davidson is an author, entrepreneur, actor, and director. He is the cfo of and the vision director of You can find him on as well as and also as planetaryjim. He appreciates any support you can provide as times are very difficult. See the Paypal link on this page. Or email your humble author to offer other choices. Visit for more information. Those seeking a multi-jurisdiction multi-hop VPN for communications privacy please visit For those seeking colloidal silver try Ask Jim about CryptoWealth.

See you at the Luau?

“Round river rocks – local landscape yard called them Montana Round River Rocks 4″-8″. The key is that they are round, never touched saltwater, and don’t crack easily. Steal one rock and throw it into your BBQ on high for an hour….did it explode and kill you? no? good buy a whole bunch more..”

~ Traditional Luau Pig Recipe

Festival Time!

On the most recent Little Saigon Report podcast with Dan “Commander Koenig” Sullivan, he and I discussed hosting a festival in Western Colorado we are calling “the Igloo Luau.” We’re still working on details, but if you want to participate, hit me up.

We’ll have a barbecue pig on Saturday night 26 September 2020 which will be “Igloo Luau Hawai’ian Shirt Day” wherever you are. So if you cannot come to Naturita or Bedrock or Paradox or wherever we end up hosting this event, you can participate in solidarity by wearing a Hawai’ian shirt and, if you wish, eating some barbecue pork. And if pork’s not your thing, eat whatever you wish.

We’re thinking that early bird special will be $100 for the whole event, and corporate sponsors can play for $300 each until we get a lot more ambitious and have thousands of people attending (in the third or fourth year, or sooner, who knows?) or until we say the price needs to rise. Your hosts for the show are Dr. Freckles’ Global Tontine Club (DFGTC.ORG), Houston Space Society, and the Resilient Ways Foundation.

Things are likely to kick off Thursday with an evening gathering. People who want to camp will be able to get into the camping area, people will get the special rate at the conference hotel (which is likely to be some distance from the campground), and there will be a reception that evening for those who like to get involved early.

Friday will include events like panel discussions, demonstrations by exhibitors, mountain biking, horseback riding (bring your own or rent nearby), presentations by speakers, and some sort of dance party Friday evening.

Saturday will have more of the same, plus the exhibit spaces will be fully operational so the corporate sponsors can get full value from their involvement. Plus we’ll have some 3D printers on hand if we get a related corporate sponsor, and some other fun activities.

Sunday will be for breaking down tents and hanging out or moving on, plus some sort of “dead dog party” around noon.

There will be meals available, and we’ll have some sort of advanced registration.

Guns Welcome

The nearest metropolitan area of any sort has a city ordinance encouraging people to keep and bear arms. We also plan to have an archery area and if we can make arrangements with suitable range safety, there will be a gun range. Tomahawk training if someone wants to bring those and hold a class.

You are welcome to organise an event during our event and we’ll even help you pimp it to the pre-registered and here on this site. So if you want to speak, or show people how to make something, or if you want to sell stuff, or if you want to be a musical guest, or if you want to be involved any which way, please get in touch.

Quilting bees? Sure! Knitting circles? Why not! Craft demonstrations on making candles, making soaps, a pie cooking contest and a pie eating contest? We’ll make it sew!

If you know a glass blower, and they want to set up to demo, let me know, that would be fun. If you have some project you’d like to get started, or demonstrate, or talk about, let me know.

Also, if you want to build an airship, let’s get that started, too!

Things are still in the planning stage, but it is not too early to get involved. Remember to register early and often!

Download PDF.



Jim Davidson is an author, entrepreneur, actor, and director. He is the cfo of and the vision director of You can find him on as well as and also as planetaryjim. He appreciates any support you can provide as times are very difficult. See the Paypal link on this page. Or email your humble author to offer other choices. Visit for more information. Those seeking a multi-jurisdiction multi-hop VPN for communications privacy please visit For those seeking colloidal silver try Ask Jim about CryptoWealth.