To the Secretary General


Recently, the Portuguese socialist who is currently the secretary general of the United Nations that agree to recognise one another lambasted people who actually create wealth for going into space. There are so many things about this nonsensical person speaking on this topic that I was unable to resist composing an open letter to him.

What He Said

“At the same time, another disease is spreading in our world today: a malady of mistrust,” he said, after mentioning the scamdemic and the climate non-crisis. That included, he said, when people “see billionaires joyriding to space while millions go hungry on earth.”

First, billionaires create more jobs than the UN ever has, and often without having “peacekeepers” trade food aid for sex with minors, to mention a continuing UN scandal. Second, socialist governments in Portugal and elsewhere have caused millions to go hungry so he has some nerve castigating billionaires when it is his own policies that are harmful.

Third, clearly the billionaires should be free to spend money as they see fit, since they have proven their ability to earn more. It hardly makes sense for the UN head mf in charge to complain about tourism. Were the same billionaires spending the exact same amount in Portugal at tourist spots, the man would have said nothing. But because he hates the thought of anyone getting away from his world disorder or, gasp, starting a new country somewhere he cannot control, he heaps his disdain upon them.

Which is not to say that the United Nations represents the nations and peoples of the world. Far from it. As Alvin and Heidi Toffler pointed out in their 1993 classic War and Anti-war, there are thousands of native sovereignties that the UN refuses to recognise. About two thousand countries would exist on the continent of Africa alone if it were not for the Berlin conference of 1885 that drew the borders of every country in Africa to suit European “great” powers. Portugal was at that conference. The only African delegation seated was from Ethiopia which was capable of defeating Italy that same decade. But does this fatuous nincompoop acknowledge Portugal’s rôle in this perfidy? He was, for a time, prime minister of Portugal, ruining its economy. Yet he never apologised for the terrible things done by his country during the Scramble for Africa. Go figure.

The Space Frontier

Like many readers of L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise, I grew up knowing that the space frontier has endless resources to make life better here on Earth. The late Jerry Pournelle once wrote, “It’s raining soup out there. Grab a bucket.”

How do we know? Goodness, cousin, we’ve known since Tsiolkovsky’s day, roughly at the time of the aforementioned Berlin conference that space resources dwarf those of Earth. In the early 1970s, Dr. Gerard O’Neill illustrated how much better off we’d be if we used lunar and asteroidal materials to develop human settlements in space, build solar power satellites and move mining and refining beyond the atmosphere.

Would the UN do anything but stand in the way of such endeavours? It never has. Indeed both the 1967 Outer Space treaty and the UN treaty on the moon and other celestial bodies are communist claptrap of the first order. Billionaires, on the other hand, seem to see profit as the key to long-term success in space ventures, something the grand man from the UN refuses to accept.

Which saddens me. When I think of my personal friends in the space business whose lives were too soon over to see the era of space tourism we have now, I feel a sense of loss that I once explained in a poem.

There is such a stark contrast between the old guard communists like the secretary general and the new wave of decentralising and freedom enthusiastic developers of the future. Like many bad ideas backed by billions stolen by bankers, communism has entirely outlived its supposed usefulness. It was so provably worthless by the 1970s, so deadly and so inept, that leading communists came up with postmodernism to obliterate standards so they could pretend their failures didn’t matter.

The billionaires should go on making things better. The communist in chief at the UN should apologise, resign in shame, and forfeit all his wealth to his victims in Portugal and worldwide.

I have studiously avoided mentioning his name because he would most likely enjoy seeing his name in print. And also because I remember L. Neil not being willing to name certain bad persons and I feel like an homage is due to our late lamented friend.

We deserve a better world which is not saddled with a nasty United Nations and a bunch of elderly communists who seek to destroy what they never understood . Happily, many tens of millions of us are building that future, not only on this planet but also, soon, on many others as well as in free space.



Jim Davidson is an author, actor, entrepreneur, dancer, and coder who has worn many hats. The hat he wears now is worn, but versatile. Jim lives in a wilderness 9 miles South from Eureka Springs in the Arkansas Ozarks where he works to build Freedom Land. Find him at and among other places.

Missing Our Friend: L. Neil Smith (1946-2021)

My first encounter with L. Neil Smith was about 1980. I don’t remember exactly, but I was in downtown Lawrence, Kansas at Adventure: a Bookstore which always had a good selection of paperback science fiction novels. There was a book I had not read, by an author of whom I had no knowledge. It looked really good, so I bought it. It was, of course, The Probability Broach. It changed my life.

It is hard to convey to someone in high school today, as I was in that year now 40 years past, how different things were back then. Or how many of us, including Neil, worked to hold back the flood of badness that has come in the decades since then. At that time, there were successful mainstream publishers that still carried titles by authors who were not communist sympathisers nor eugenicists. Back then, I may have paid about $2.50 for a new paperback, rather than on the order of $11 or so today. The same people who destroyed the value of the dollar were hard at work destroying the publishing industry.

My enjoyment of Neil’s novel was a big part of how it changed my life. Suddenly there was another author for whom to look. But the core lesson of the story, “it did not have to be this way,” was vital to my future happiness. The worlds of the North American Confederacy which Neil would share with his readers in the following years, were places of sanity, good humour, joy, possibility, and wonder. People knew to resist the first encroachments of tyranny and were better off because they did. Nor were they super beings, but good sensible people.

Neil filled his books with good people. Some were smarter than others. The ones who wanted to stay free were well armed. There were also really interesting alien races that came from careful examination of terrestrial species like mollusks, arachnids, mammals, and slime mould, to name only a few. And, of course, there were perfidious villains of the Hamilton, Buckley, and Hillary sorts, endangering freedom, destroying lives, and being careless of privacy and private property for all the usual excuses.

It was in the context of never being disappointed in any of his books that I learned from my friend Bob Boardman about this web site in 1995. Here were good people writing great essays, articles, and commentaries. Wendy McElroy, Claire Wolfe, Paul Bonneau, J. Neil Schulman, and many others could be found in the letters or in the articles. It was a singular honour for me to have my first submitted essay published here in, as I recall, November 1995. Many things I have sent in have been published here since then.

About 7 years later came the capstone of my encounters with Neil. In October 2002, I took my last series of commercial airline flights to reach Phoenix from Houston. Neil was there, speaking at Freedom Summit. I met this hero of freedom and free enterprise at an impromptu pizza party put together one evening early in the summit by Ernie Hancock, one of the Freedom Summit founders. We talked about propertarian philosophy and recent world events and had a great time.

The years since have included innumerable emails, a few phone calls, and many essays and editorials in these pages. At one point, Neil and I discussed the possibilities of a new scouting manual he would write with illustrations by Scott Bieser and others that I wanted to commission. That would have been around 2004 or 2005, iirc, when the “notional” value of my digital gold stocks, had it been possible to liquidate them without collapsing their value, was on the very close order of US$3 million. Of course, the digital gold stock exchange my associates and I were operating out of Vanuatu was very thinly traded.

And of course by April 2007, as the acceptance of e-gold was going exponential, the feral gummint destroyed it. It was the third fortune I’d lost to government so not exactly a surprise to me. And it did lead to others creating bitcoin and 11,000+ cryptocurrencies that fulfil the Denationalisation of Money ideas of FA Hayek that now have over US$2 trillion in value. But among my regrets is not having the funds to commission that scouting manual. In recent months, friend in the Ozarks have been working on a related project, a Freedom Guards Academy, to teach young people about ways and means to stay free.

Neil predicted many things in his books. He showed generations of Americans that we can be free and that being free we are always more prosperous. Most of all, taking the work of Wheeler’s inflationary universe and similar thoughts on cross-time alternative worlds, Neil showed us not only that it didn’t have to be this way, but also he showed that choosing freedom would have brought far more glorious results.

I send my condolences to Neil’s family and friends. I miss him very much. Somewhere nearby there is a timeline where Aubrey de Grey provided longevity treatments to Neil and his spirit lives on. In this timeline his ideas and spirit are carried on by the millions of readers of his books and essays and editorials.

One of the great men of our age passed away. We who remain shall carry on and keep armed.

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Jim Davidson is an author, actor, entrepreneur, dancer, and coder who has worn many hats. The hat he wears now is worn, but versatile. Jim lives in a wilderness 9 miles South from Eureka Springs in the Arkansas Ozarks where he works to build Freedom Land. Find him at and among other places.

Rockhouse Progress Report

“I shall be telling this with a sigh. Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”

~ Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken”

The world is a mess. The group of wealthy and politically powerful oligarchs who think they run everything have decided to murder seven billion people in their ongoing war against humanity. Ever since Jean-Jacques Rousseau came up with an imaginary social contract and tried to foist it on the world, the inhumanity of those behind his rise to prominence has been bitterly clear. Voltaire, on reviewing Rousseau’s book on the social contract identified Rousseau as the enemy of humanity. Communism is one of the follow-up attempts to promote a dehumanised world. And, in their efforts to end mankind the oligarchy has apparently set about introducing a memory RNA based vaccine that, according to at least one whistleblower, has a 100% mortality within three years. Others say there is “shedding” that vaccine takers somehow infect others near them.

The economy is still a mess, with gasoline prices shooting up and other evidence of all the insane levels of monetary inflation since March 2020. You have to be a billionaire to like current economic conditions. It is grim for a great many people.

Why now? Why did all these events start in October 2019, with the man calling himself pope Francis putting an abomination in a sacred place, with “event 201” and the sudden $100 billion federal contract for contact tracing going to Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and the patient zero of Covid-19? Among many other reasons, those in power are dreading the rise of free market money.

There is good news for those involved in crypto-currencies and related support industries. A friend of mine just completed a multi-million-dollar Series A offering and the demand for involvement is so high from investors, they’ve launched their Series B already. Many new fortunes are being made, and with over 10,000 currencies tracked at showing a combined market value in excess of $1.5 trillion, it is clear that a free market in money has made it possible for many people to escape the tyranny of the banking cartel.

Nevertheless, I continue to anticipate an economic collapse. Killing seven billion people is going to make many systems fail, because of unexpected consequences. Complex systems are like that, you know. Small changes to inputs can generate vastly unexpected outputs, and population is a major input. Complex systems fail in non-linear ways, so things can look reasonably stable for a few weeks or months before things really go asymptotic.

What We’re Doing

In February I was shown 114 acres of raw land. I immediately knew it was a special place. There is an enormous wilderness all around that I recently hiked on a magical journey through woodlands, over brooks and waterways, up unpaved roads, across valleys and up to ridge tops, with amazing vistas. The King’s River runs about a quarter mile away from our property, headed north out of the Boston Mountains of Arkansas to split the line between Eureka Springs (which is our closest nearby city) and Berryville. There are a huge number of identifiable wild edible plants, lots of animals of all sizes, and great hunting in the region. The road just outside our property carries hundreds of canoe and kayak and water rafting enthusiasts every weekend past our place to reach a public access to the King’s River.

We have good cell and Internet access from the ridge that makes a sort of spine from Southeast to Northwest on part of our property. I’m currently running a wifi hotspot from my phone for uploading this essay, for example. With a cell amplifier and other tech we can cover our valley. Electric utility power is available at the front of the property where the watermelon patch is located. We also have firewood galore, lots of opportunities to sell sandwiches and the like to passing boater traffic, and there is a large RV from Texas currently parked on property. Existing four-wheel-drive roads network the property, and there is a very large central stream that currently has two working fords and a planned bridge crossing.

Since contracting for the land on the first of March 2021, we have found lot users and prospects for about 14 acres out of 70 we anticipate making available. We’ve identified hardwood, pine, and cedar that can be harvested for the huge bonanza in lumber at current prices. We’ve made many improvements to the roads, cut through downed trees blocking some paths, and designed the bridge for the overflow from the small lake where we anticipate building a floating restaurant. This morning there was about ten thousand gallons a minute flowing from the lake through that overflow, so a micro-hydro-electric plant is a possibility.

A neighbour has a horse barn for his family’s thoroughbred race horses above which he’s build a palatial home from local woods. I met one of his craftsmen a few weeks back. Bob and Vivian have their home powered by 10 kilowatts of solar panels right out in their front yard. It’s a nice place, and illustrates what can be done in this area.

One of our lot users is planning an aircrete dome home. Others are looking at the various remote locations on the property far from the madding crowds. There’s plenty of water, plenty of wood, plenty of wilderness. Also, we’re sheltered on the North, East, and West by high ridges, so any blast waves from bad things elsewhere are likely going to be kept from affecting us.

Life is good. I live under a spring-fed waterfall, where I’ve recently added several terraces and planted tomatoes, zucchini, butternut squash, radishes, carrots, onions, spinach, and other crops. Wild strawberries, wild blackberries, and many nuts and fruits are all around. You should come visit.

We have a detailed plan here: and lots of photos and maps on the same site.

You’ll want to be somewhere better, soon. Things in the cities got chaotic last Summer and there is no reason to suppose they won’t again in the next few months. Let us know and we’ll show you around the place.

In other great news, I’ve heard from a freedom group looking to acquire 500 acres in Idaho. There are dozens of these new developments, all over the world, and I’ve been keeping a list. Soon there will be more Freedom Land than slave land. And that’s really what you want.

Free the slaves, stop the wars, end tyranny, and build a better world. You’ll be glad you did.

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Jim Davidson is a teacher, author, professor of faith, actor, and dancer. He has worked in metal recycling, banking, aerospace, real estate software, practice management software, real estate development, health care practice management, software documentation, management consulting, private equity, and non-profit activities. Since 1991 he has been actively in search of a free country and since 1993 has worked on several efforts to build a free country. Find him in Arkansas working with voluntaryists & agorists living in absolute non-aggression today (VALIANT). Learn about his work at and support his work at Your contributions to are tax deductible to a 501c3 charity.

I am love …

“All you need is love.”

~ Lennon & McCartney

The phrase kept coming to mind: I am love. It was most clear while I was praying the penitential rosary.

Our friend Jesus has been given many names and titles, including the Messiah, our Saviour, the Christ, the Truth, the Way, and the Life. When one reflects upon the life of Jesus, it is easy to see that Jesus is love. Are you?

I believe we are all capable of being love, of taking on love as our essential nature. It begins when you turn to God and seek to be good. To be good is to love God with your whole heart, soul, mind, and spirit, and to love your neighbour as yourself. More easily written than accomplished, though.

Love is kindness

Love is kind, forgiving, gentle, peaceful, and patient. It is something of an apothegm amongst Quakers that one should not confuse our kindness for weakness. Enduring much vexation and remaining kind requires great strength.

If you review in your mind the suffering of spits, blows, lacerations, bullying, blindfolding, abuse, official sanction by three unjust judges, the scourging (which is whipping with a device that has barbed points on multiple whip ends) at the pillar ordered by Pontius Pilate, the open wound created by that scourging that was especially pernicious, the crowning with thorns, the carrying of the cross, the crucifixion, being made to taste vinegar and gall instead of water when complaining of thirst, and being pierced by the spear of destiny, before breathing out his soul, you get a sense of how strong Jesus was. When you consider that he asked that our Father forgive them, for they know not what they do, his kindess shines through.

Love is patient

Patience is a key aspect of charity and of love. What is patience? It is a willingess to wait.

Quakers have a form of worship service we sometimes call waiting worship. It involves sitting around a room, no one person being in charge or higher or more prominently seated than any other, silently waiting for spirit to move. When someone feels moved to speak, they discern whether the impetus comes from ego, in which case they wait until after worship service, or whether it comes from spirit, in which case that person stands and speaks what they were moved to speak. You might try it some time. It is quite refreshing compared to the other forms of worship service I’ve observed.

Today I was experiencing a good day for patient activities. The suit jacket that I have worn since 2007 has become threadbare in quite a few places, and torn in some, as well. So I got out needle, thread, and other gear and sewed up the arm which was torn a few weeks back during one of the many tours of VALIANT (voluntaryists & agorists living in absolute non-aggression today) Ozarkia Rockhouse, where I now live full time. Lots of climbing roses, blackberry thickets, and other thorns here.

Before I got the black thread off its spool, God caused the sewing kit to be up ended. Sure enough, there was a better, much stronger spool of black thread about which I had forgotten. Getting the torn arm sewn up, it was then time to pick up the spools of thread.

Five of the spools (if one may count a loaded bobbin as a spool) were tangled together and there was a vast collection of threads, including some loose thread from none of the spools, and a rubber band, all worked together into a complexity. Now, a knot topologist, such as my friend William Baxter, who is chief technologist for Austin-based Vertalo, might say that a spool of thread with a mass of thread at the end all worked together in loops, coils, and throttled loops, is still a straight line, topologically, and perhaps not a “knot” in some senses. Nevertheless, it took some time and quite a bit of patience to separate each of the five spools from the mass.

At the end of this process, there was just one colour of thread from one spool, and unworking its loops and throttled coils wore it so much that it finally snapped. A couple of good pieces of tangled red thread are left, in a nickel baggy, with the clothing tape measure and some other odds and ends. But why not simply cut the mass of tangles away, spool up what is left, and be done far sooner?

Love looks ahead

For several months now, I’ve been diligently cleaning my plate at every meal. Sometimes I feel moved to say, “Don’t waste food, it may be scarce some day.” Similarly, don’t waste 35-cent spools of quality thread purchased some decades ago, as their price and availability are unlikely always to be ready to hand. We are going through tumultuous times, and many resources will be intermittently scarce.

How did the good stuff we all enjoy go away? As the saying goes, “slowly at first and then all at once.”

And how did you survive the thrashing about of the dinosaurs that were killed off by the cataclysms involved? One might liken giant corporations and giant governments to dinosaurs, or to hothouse flowers in that extremely artificial conditions are necessary to their existence. Nevertheless, when big complex systems stop working, they fail in discontinuous and unusual ways. Things fall apart, and that causes cascades of other failures, so that even more things fall apart. Those in power are not immune to these failings, so they issue decrees and mandates and soon enough manage to exacerbate the downfall.

You are coming into a time when electric power from the utility grid may fail. In some places it has failed repeatedly, such as in California during wildfire season in the last few years, in Texas during a recent very protracted winter storm, and in other places.

It is one thing to be without power for a few hours, or a few days. What would it be like to be without electricity for more than a year? How would you do your laundry?

I do my laundry in a clear running stream. God has provided part of the stream, where the water flow is greatest, with limestone outcroppings perfectly suited to laundry day. Yes, it takes time, but without electric power to run devices and without connexion to the communications grid, there’s often plenty of time here.

You might try it. Of course, if you live where there aren’t any streams, such as in parts of the desert Southwest, you might not find it easy. Indeed, even in the presence of good streams for the purpose, I find laundry day to be physically challenging. Lots of clothes to walk down the hill to the stream, and heavier wet clothes to haul back up to drive back to the clothes lines. Laundry day is thus defined as “that day when I have one or two clean shirts left.” Clean dry clothes sometimes wait for God to apply extra rinse cycles from rainfall, so it is well that Anarchyball sold me a black and gold hoodie for just such situations.

Love conquers all

In the second chapter of the book of Daniel, a dream sent to Nebuchadnezzar is interpreted. A figure with a head of gold, arms of silver, midriff of brass, legs of iron, and feet part of iron and part of clay is completely destroyed by a great stone carved out without human hands which grows to fill the whole world. The statue represents all the many empires, kingdoms, and man-made states of various kinds, including so-called republics. The stone represents love, the love of God, the kingdom of Jesus Christ, the complete decentralisation of everything.

Which brings me to the topic of fifth-generation warfare, which is hinted at in Sun Tzu’s book, The Art of War. In that book, the greatest skill at warfare is described as winning the war without having to fight a single battle. May we be so blessed, God’s will be done, amen.

You’ve seen what happens to people like Randy Weaver’s family or the Branch Davidians who take themselves apart and seek to live their own way. The evil machinations of terribly corrupt, personally vile government operatives always lead to confrontation and murder. Such continues to be the experience of many, such as Duncan Lemp and others too numerous to name.

Therefore the concept of an exclusive, “self-sufficient,” and separate community won’t work. It will become the target of the same sort of attack.

VALIANT project sites are therefore not exclusive except in that those agreeing to become lot users in a VALIANT community must agree to zero aggression. They are not self-sufficient, because no island really is ever sufficient unto itself, but takes in light from the Sun, fish from the sea, visitors from abroad, and other resources. Nor are they separate from their local region, but integrated to include a farmer’s market, self-storage facilities, campground, RV pull-throughs, a restaurant, and other resources that bring in visitors also known as customers.

The goal is that the measurable success of each VALIANT location can be established by profitability, so that the model is sustainable and reproducible. Just one Freedom Land is a target, a million Freedom Lands are victory.

Very recently, God explained the Freedom Land flag: one small white circle (filled in, so a dot) off centre, above and to the right of centre, on a black field. (Field is flag speak for background.) As more VALIANT lands and various other freedom lands get networked together, the number of dots grows, but none are ever in the centre. We are decentralised.

Just weights and measures, fair dealing in commerce, and paying one’s workers for their work are all detailed in scripture. God loves free markets. Jesus whipped the money changers and bird sellers out of the Temple because of their corrupt relationship with the temple priests and to purify God’s house by shedding a den of thieves. The root of evil is the love of money, or of the state, or of any other thing in place of the love of God and the love of your neighbour as yourself.

Love will conquer the world and the universe. Not necessarily without conflict, difficulty, and perhaps the occasional firefight. But necessarily and inevitably in the fullness of time.

Love means free the slaves, stop the wars, and end the oppression of tyranny. You’ll be glad you did.

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Jim Davidson is a teacher, author, professor of faith, actor, and dancer. He has worked in metal recycling, lawn & pool care, banking, aerospace, real estate software, practice management software, real estate development, health care practice management, software documentation, management consulting, private equity, and non-profit activities. Since 1991 he has been actively in search of a free country and since 1993 has worked on several efforts to build a free country. Yes, he went to Somalia and many other places. Find him in Arkansas working with voluntaryists & agorists living in absolute non-aggression today (VALIANT). Learn about his work at and support his work at Your contributions to are tax deductible to a 501c3 charity.

Saving Souls

“[I]n these difficult times, full of obscurity and darkness and confusion, together with man’s villainy today, and taking into account that the Heavenly Father is greatly angered at mankind, atonement must be made to Him: what better way than by fifty times a day begging His forgiveness using the prayer which I recited for you!…”

~ Our Lord Jesus Christ, to Clemente Domínguez, 3 February 1970

God is greatly angered. More than 8 million children are taken off the streets of cities around the world and made into sex slaves, every year. The oligarchy consists of pedophiles who rape children. The prisons and the probation and parole systems enslave tens of millions of Americans and hundreds of millions around the world. Evil banking gangsters have stolen property through mortgage assignment tricks, usurious interest rates, deceit, and using the state to enforce their theft through coercion. The same banking gangs have created national currencies that defraud billions of people of the value of their money. For over a century, these financiers have used their monetary schemes to fund wars that murder, explode, and destroy, harming hundreds of millions and killing tens of millions in combat operations. In recent years some countries have been harvesting the organs of tens of millions of political prisoners. The elderly are traumatised by being forced from their homes by their own children who put them in nursing homes to be forgotten so they can divide the wealth of the family home. Nursing care in many places is designed to maximise the profit to the nursing home, while removing all dignity and all joy from the lives of the elderly. War profiteers sell the missiles that are fired from unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to blow up wedding parties and the depleted uranium machine gun ammunition that are used to eviscerate civilians and camera crews. And you know these things.

You’ve known these things for years, now. The Epstein flight logs are available to you, if you would only look at them. The names on those flight logs are a who’s who of important people in business and politics who have been engaged in raping children. The “collateral murder” video of WikiLeaks and the many other documents released by Open Leaks, WikiLeaks, and by whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning are filled with details about what governments acting in your name have done, and these whistleblowers have been reporting the truth for decades and decades. Evil depraved men and women claim to rule this world. Hoax stream media reporters are paid big salaries to push propaganda every night on the “evening news” and 24 hours on cable networks, on web sites, and in newspapers. A hoax virus and a deadly vaccine are being used to hurt hundreds of millions and lockdowns are destroying small independent businesses for the exclusive benefit of billionaires. Many millions of people are wearing masques and worshipping the state and believing the propaganda and denying God.

God is justified in great indignation and God is justified in great wrath. God wants you to repent.

But, wait, you say, you are not a financier of war profiteers, you are not profiting from the prison and probation slavery schemes, you are not gunning down civilians, you are not raping children, you are not abusing the elderly, you are not pushing propaganda, you are not harming others. So why should you repent?

You should repent on behalf of others to save their souls.

You should take as your example the life of Jesus. Jesus was without sin. Jesus suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucfied, died, and was buried. He descended into Hell. The third day He arose again from the dead. He ascended into Heaven and sits at the right hand of God the Father, from whence he will come to judge the living and the dead.

Time is short, and there is much repentance needed. If you have been sinning, if you have been doing any of the things mentioned above, or investing in companies that do these things, you should repent for your own sake, for the sake of your immortal soul. Turn away from your sins and stay turned away. Ask God for help in staying turned away from sin. Even if you have done none of those things, if you are not a sinner who should fear eternal damnation, you should repent on behalf of those good souls who have been beguiled, who have erred, and who have failed to come to repentance themselves.


Pray the penitential rosary.

The penitential rosary is prayed in a posture of penitence: kneeling with your head bowed and your arms held straight out to your sides. Hold the rosary in your right hand and on each of the beads of the five decades of the rosary, saying the Our Father, the Hail Mary, the Glory Be, and the words “Hail Mary Most Pure, conceived without original sin.”

It is an uncomfortable posture. I’ve prayed the penitential rosary since early March 2021. You should pray in a state of grace, having yourself repented your sins. Kneeling during the time it takes to say 200 prayers, plus a few introductory prayers and the concluding Hail Holy Queen is difficult. It is completely appropriate to use a pillow or two on which to kneel.

You are not being asked to injure yourself. You are also not praying after being beaten, unjustly judged by three judges, scourged at the pillar by torturers, crowned with thorns, made to carry a cross with an open wound on your shoulder, nailed to that cross to suffer and die, made to taste vinegar and gall, and pierced with a lance by a soldier to finally kill you. So account yourself fortunate that Jesus was glorified by those sufferings. Yet consider that ending the depravity of the world and the work of the salvation of souls is worth effort on your part, is worth concentration, and is worth discomfort and, yes, some pain.


There are many things happening now and in recent years that should give you much hope. Many people have worked tirelessly to stop the wars and end the oppression of the state. Some of these efforts are bearing fruit. Digital currencies have begun undermining the state monopoly on issuing money. There are now thousands of competitive currencies in a truly free market. This new market is large and growing, already involving the equivalent of trillions of dollars. Why? People seek freedom from tyranny and oppression. Efforts to fix things by working within the existing system have failed. People cannot rely on a hierarchy of control which empowers the few to enslave the many. Modifying a corrupt system by making cosmetic changes cannot make things right. We need to do things in new ways. We need to be beyond the control of those who oppress us. We cannot be free if we are subjugated by other people.

Put not your faith in people. Put your faith in God. The state is a work of human hands, as all it can ever do is done by people. So don’t expect the state to help you. But do look for ways to love God, love your neighbour, and love yourself. Extricate yourself from the matrix, the grid of control, the limitations of centralised power and power distribution. Liberate your mind from the propaganda of the hoax stream media. Liberate your friends and family from servitude. Look to new ways of doing things in order to begin building an actual civilisation and stop serving the hierarchy of control.

Most of all, hope comes from prayer. Pray to God on your own behalf and on the behalf of others. Pray repentance.

God does not wish to destroy all mankind. God has the power to do so. Archaeology, history, and scripture are replete with examples of great floods when the ice sheets melted, great disasters from extra-planetary bodies impacting Earth, great firestorms, and super volcanoes wiping out human civilisations again and again. The world was destroyed in a flood; the tower of Babel was brought down; Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire from Heaven. Never doubt the power of the Almighty.

Help God to open the way to a new world, to new ways of doing things, to a new grace of goodness. Civilisation should be about serving God and being kind to one another. Love God, love your neighbour, love yourself.

Pray the penitential rosary every day. I do.

Turn away from sin. Free the slaves, stop the wars, end tyranny, and build a better world. You’ll be glad you did.

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Jim Davidson is a teacher, author, professor of faith, actor, and dancer. He has worked in metal recycling, banking, aerospace, real estate software, practice management software, real estate development, health care practice management, software documentation, management consulting, private equity, and non-profit activities. Since 1991 he has been actively in search of a free country and since 1993 has worked on several efforts to build a free country. Find him in Arkansas working with voluntaryists & agorists living in absolute non-aggression today (VALIANT). Learn about his work at and support his work at Your contributions to are tax deductible to a 501c3 charity.