VCOLS #18: Forgiveness and Hate, Good and Evil

  1. First Reading, Psalm 79:
  2. Announcements: I am struggling with MY faith. Your connection to God is yours. It is a personal connection. If I speak in terms of “me” or “I”, I am saying it is MY SOUL, not yours, that I responsible. BTW: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURS! With respect to sobriety, I may be on that rocky path, but I can’t say there are many who are sober – what I see is a world drunk on evil, some poisoned by it, many still reeling from the intoxication. It was suggested by a few that I do a service when I am able, if I feel the Holy Spirit … this is good advice … I would suggest we all pray as the Spirit moves us, for each day is a blessing and lasts till sunset.
  3. Second Reading, 2 Corinthians 2: 5-11:
  4. Prayer to forgive, for forgiveness, for healing and the rejection of Satan.
  5. Third Reading, Luke 6: 27-42:
  6. WOUNDED KNEE: A discussion of forgiveness and hate and the grace of God: a) scars of youth, b) scars of love and the pain of broken hearts, c) the obvious corruption of Earthly powers as has always been, d) ACCEPTING forgiveness … We can find a lot of people to hate today. There are many that I would say I hate. I can’t claim to have overcome this anger, this rage, this hate NOR can I tell you when it subsides. I can imagine many people feel the same way. We seek to walk in His path, but we walk by the wayside to get our revenge … and yet, in those rare moments when I can forgive? – I think I come closest to understanding God … the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit … when I am able to let go of grievances, when I am able to accept forgiveness. And yes: we need to seek redemption … what was it that angered God? – Cain’s murder, or his evasion? both … but the evasion made it worse. For did he understand what death was? Christ is a path to redemption for all sinners, this we must believe.
  7. Silent reflection on forgiveness, apologies, redemption, and receiving forgiveness …
  8. Lord’s Prayer
  9. Blessings to all … God Bless!

Season of Hope

  1. First Reading: Matthew 1: 18-24 …
  2. Welcome/Announcements
  3. A prayer in the spirit of hope …
  4. Second Reading: Luke 2: 1-20 …
  5. Discussion of hope: I was angry with a friend on the phone a few days ago … a voice that was not mine, and not Jesus … a) hope for the scientist, b) hope for the Jew, c) hope for all mankind … is it stupid to be this stupid? Is this platitudinal ignorance not a disease? A failure of the mind?
  6. Silent prayer those who are feeling hopeless … and of Christmas? What do I know? …
  7. Lord’s Prayer
  8. Blessing

Where is God?

  1. Reading 1: Judges 6:36-40,
  2. Greetings: a) not sure about the outdoor service on Christmas or being able to organize an indoor service. b) the keyboard might not be appropriate for these services going forward, I don’t know. c) pray for peace, pray for truth, pray for love and that we look out for each other. How do we celebrate Christ’s birth this Christmas?
  3. Reading 2: Matthew 16:1-4,
  4. Prayer:
  5. Reading 3: Luke 10:25-37,
  6. Discussion: Rougly 26% of the Bible is prophecy … both fulfilled and unfulfilled. Maranatha! – Harry Bultema … Aramaic for “come, Our Lord!” a) Gideon’s bible at the hotel. b) testing God. c) tests of faith. d) trauma and healing. e) God’s presence in redemption and kindness. f) God’s presence in human kindness … the Good Samaritan … Elijah’s ravens …
  7. Meditation/Lord’s Prayer
  8. Blessings

Wise and foolish builders …

  1. Reading 1: Genesis 11: 1-9
  2. Announcements: sister Nancy’s birthday … 12/25 … prayer service at the Capitol in Olympia. It might not happen, it might happen. Stay in contact with your loved ones, don’t hesitate to call. Don’t give up hope, remember this is the season of hope. The “apology” for “coarse language” and the darkness …
  3. Reading 2: Nehemiah 2: 11-20
  4. Prayer for the builder:
  5. Reading 3: Matthew 7: 24-29
  6. Reading 4: Ephesians 2: 19-22
  7. Discussion: “build back better” rhetoric … tear it down, build it back … this is simplistic. building … what we build? why we build? does God want us to build? Jesus came from a family of hard workers, builders, creators. He also descended from a line of warriors, heroes, like King David and King Solomon … What should we build? Icons to our power? Icons and buildings in honor of God? – Medieval cathedral boom … could we have lived on the Moon by 1940, if we had avoided the banking scams and the wars? these are questions. Building strong and healthy families? – that’s part of it … building free and dignified communities? – that counts too. Not all payoff will be in gold for the master builder …
  8. Moment of silence: measure twice, cut once … let’s meditate on our skills, our brains, our reason and tools … and let us use these with intelligence, hard work, but also in alignment with our duties as Christians.
  9. Lord’s Prayer
  10. Blessing

Your faith will be tested, but you will NOT be abandoned …

  1. First Reading: Psalm 112
  2. Greetings/Announcements: Christmas Day 2020 … we should worship together, in private in need be, but in public if possible … we should grab our bibles, and our love for Christ, and meet at the Capitol in Olympia. Friday, December 25th, Noon … at the capitol steps in Olympia. To celebrate our Lord’s birth.
  3. Second Reading: 1 Kings 9:1-9
  4. Third Reading: Genesis 22:1-18
  5. Prayer to Overcome Weakness and Temptation
  6. Fourth Reading: Matthew 21: 33-45
  7. Of faith and weakness and hope in Christ: the story of my friend and her family … great and evil things are afoot … in this land lies and liars are spreading … the hearts of the faithful are broken … It seems as if this night will never end … but there is a light. Jesus left us the Holy Spirit, and we are not abandoned. God becomes angry, God senses the evil of his children, AND WE ARE NOT ABANDONED. The name of the most holy is profaned while the Devil is resurrected in the hearts of many, AND WE ARE NOT ABANDONED. It will become hard to protect the body, the things, the stuff … your land will be taken … your children threatened … as Lot before the unholy throng of Sodom. The faithful in Christ will be torn from their families and persecuted … and in all this? – WE ARE NOT ABANDONED! The greatest glory of Christ IS IN THE BODY of HIS CHURCH – WHEN WE CHOOSE TO NOT ABANDON EACH OTHER TO THE MACHINATIONS of EVIL MEN and WOMEN!
  8. Meditation for those whose faith is being tested
  9. Lord’s Prayer
  10. Blessings

David and Bathsheba (dumb and dumber)

  1. First Reading: 2 Samuel 11 –
  2. Greetings/Announcements: 12/25/20 celebration of Christ’s birth … a space … there’s a commercial real estate collapse … right?
  3. Second Reading: 12 Proverbs:18-20
  4. Prayer for wisdom …
  5. Third Reading: 1 Corinthians 1 –
  6. Discussion: Wise, smart, intelligent, aware, asleep
  7. Moment of silence for those still sleeping
  8. Blessings to all

The Devil …

  1. First Reading: Job 1: 1-12
  2. Greetings and Announcements: I’m putting outdoor services on hold, but I am doing a shout out to people willing to host a few people, in their homes, for worship. I’ve discussed this before, and I am not advocating any one way … I am a follower of Jesus, and I am simply asking that we consider more churches, not fewer, and forming these locally. I am planning a service for Christmas – I must. I am working on my piety and my sins that manifest in disrespect for the word …
  3. Second Reading: Luke 4: 1-13
  4. Prayer for Protection:
  5. Third Reading: John 8: 42-47
  6. Sermon: Men and women, the tormented … THE OMEN movie … a) why did God introduce evil into the world? Why did he allow Satan to tempt mankind? b) is the Devil “in the world”? c) how do we defeat the devil? d) Slavery can be alluring, because of the goodies …
  7. Moment of silence for the tormented
  8. Lord’s Prayer
  9. Blessings / Close

“God is love … and love is hard …”

  1. First Reading: Psalm 89
  2. Greetings/Announcements: services virtual till 11/15 … call people you haven’t spoken with … say some prayers … prayer is powerful.
  3. Second Reading: John 14:15-31
  4. Prayer for Love
  5. Third Reading: Luke 6:27-36
  6. How to find love in October 2020? : a) outta love? b) our enemies? c) Sin vs Sinner d) loving ourselves too (aka dignity) … e) Satan’s lie: that there are impossible to breach divisions between us …
  7. Moment of silence and prayer for the lonely and lost, for those who do no feel any human connection.
  8. Blessing/Dismissal