“God is love … and love is hard …”

  1. First Reading: Psalm 89
  2. Greetings/Announcements: services virtual till 11/15 … call people you haven’t spoken with … say some prayers … prayer is powerful.
  3. Second Reading: John 14:15-31
  4. Prayer for Love
  5. Third Reading: Luke 6:27-36
  6. How to find love in October 2020? : a) outta love? b) our enemies? c) Sin vs Sinner d) loving ourselves too (aka dignity) … e) Satan’s lie: that there are impossible to breach divisions between us …
  7. Moment of silence and prayer for the lonely and lost, for those who do no feel any human connection.
  8. Blessing/Dismissal

Expect the … BEST!

  1. First reading: Genesis 8
  2. Greetings/announcement: 10/18/2020, 12th AVE Square Park … next outdoor service. Right down the block from where I live. One of our fellows in Christ has mentioned a bible reading/discussion series that might be hosted on ZOOM or some other online meeting tool. Finally – I’ve been thinking about the underground church … and here are more thoughts on secrecy … and bravery before the Devil.
  3. Second reading: Daniel 12
  4. Third reading: Ezekiel 33:1-6
  5. Prayer to welcome what must come …
  6. Fourth reading: Isaiah 53
  7. Fifth reading: Luke 22:7-38
  8. Discussion: Expecting the best
  9. Prayer for our friends: a moment of silence and prayer for those in our lives that need our prayers and the help of Jesus.
  10. Lord’s prayer …
  11. Blessing and dismissal
  12. contact: me@iamsully.com

Next Outdoor Service:

When: 10/18/2020, 11 AM PST, for 30 minutes (approximately)

WHERE: 12th Ave Square Park, 564 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

“Lay down your head weary traveler …”

This is the outline for the October 4 service in Bremerton …

  1. Exodus 16
  2. Announcements … ephah is 35 liters … my email: me@iamsully.com … we need to be re-thinking the church, we probably need to consider community scale church … church that his held at people’s homes … there is an authentic Christianity, of the first century, that we need to re-engage with … and I will continue to do the virtual services AND I will continue to organize periodic meetings … like this … but we all need to be ministers now … – German Army story, 1920’s … every private a sergeant, every sergeant a captain …
  3. 1 Kings 17:1-6
  4. Prayer for Sanctuary
  5. John 2:1-11
  6. “Lay down your head weary traveler …”
  7. Moment of silence and prayer for our brothers and sisters in need …
  8. Lord’s Prayer
  9. Dismissal and Blessing
  10. Contact: me@iamsully.com

Punishment from God …

  1. Psalm 38
  2. Greetings and announcements. Next Sunday, at 11 AM, Bremerton, WA, Evergreen Rotary Park, near the Pacific Ave parking lot … more info here: DFGTC.ORG/JC … check in on people. Don’t let the “voting” get to you.
  3. Isaiah 47
  4. Prayer for Forgiveness, Repentance
  5. Matthew 11:20-24 , Proverbs 3:11-12, 1 John 4:13-21
  6. Punishment from God. Moses and the diving rod. Was it punishment? When the Lord gave to Adam/Even so much, and was this reward? The brutality of the wilderness, being exiled in Babylon … suffering under the Greeks and Romans? – was this punishment or instruction?
  7. Prayer for those in pain, moment of silence.
  8. Lord’s Prayer: Matthew 6:9-13
  9. Blessings and dismissal.
  10. Contact: me@iamsully.com

Comfort for the sick …

  1. First Reading: Psalm 55
  2. Greetings/Announcements: October 4th in person service at Evergreen Rotary Park, in Bremerton, WA, at 11 AM PST. We will meet near the parking lot. Again: I will need your help. If you need to have access to a bathroom? – please recon this yourself as well. I’ve never been to this park before. If you need a chair. If you need a blanket to sit on. This will be simply a gathering of Christians. If anyone has any ideas, or projects, please let me know. Also, I’m thinking that maybe we should move to a self-organizing model of church after October 4. This is how it would work: people would organize “friend meetings” in their homes, and I will publish my virtual service by Friday evening so that Sat/Sun these meetings can be in person, with their own service plan, but they have this material as well. Or, they can listen to my service, and then pray/discuss after. Still working this out.
  3. Second Readings: Matthew 4:23-25, Matthew 8:1-17
  4. A prayer for the sick …
  5. Reading 3: John 9
  6. Blessed are the sick?
  7. Moment of silence for those who are sick, those who need physical healing.
  8. Lord’s Prayer
  9. Blessings to the fellowship
  10. Contact: me@iamsully.com

A God of Miracles …

  1. Random Reading: Song of Songs 8:13
  2. Reading 1: John 11:1-44 … Lazarus …
  3. Greetings/Announcements: a) Sept 27 vs Sept 20th for the next in person ministry … this is because I need more time. If you are wanting prayers, please email me. Burnt out, smoky, Seattle … monotheism/polytheism and Mary the Mother of Jesus? .. very first reading as random reading.
  4. Reading 2: Numbers 20:1-13 … miracle of water
  5. A prayer for friends in need of miracles: https://dfgtc.org/iglooluau/?p=1271
  6. Reading 3: Matthew 14:13-21 … feeding the multitudes
  7. What does it mean to say “Lord of Miracles”?
  8. Moment of silence for those without hope, for those that need a miracle.
  9. Lord’s Prayer
  10. Blessings
  11. Contact: me@iamsully.com

VCOLS: Forced vaccination … 9/7/20

  1. Contact: me@iamsully.com
  2. Reading 1: Joshua 24:15
  3. Prayer: https://dfgtc.org/iglooluau/?p=940
  4. Announcements: looking to integrate other people’s testimony into the service … for right now, send a quality recording of a reading or a testimony or a prayer … and I can integrate this into the service … Sep 20th in Bremerton, at a park there … more specific details in the next couple of days … I know this is late notice, but I’m also trying to protect people as much as I can. Also: for in person meetings? – looking for volunteers for music … These are basic gatherings for now: you have to think of this in first century church terms: you need to scout out and recon bathrooms, parking, on your own. I will give a location and time for the service, but we will be sitting on the ground, so bring a blanket or chair if you need it. We are a gathering in the name of Jesus, which is also called a church.
  5. Reading 2: Ezekiel 16:3-8
  6. Prayer for the suffering, and a moment of silence …
  7. Topic: age of science… what the science says so far … vaccination and Jesus … and ASB president excuses all the students during Homecoming … the letter: https://dfgtc.org/docs/20200907_Vaccine_Letter_Generic_VCOLS.pdf … I still need you to reach out to me. I still need you to get an email that has MY NAME … not Mr. Jacobson …
  8. Song: Ayn Rand and Rachmaninoff’s background, and the real soundtrack to Atlas Shrugged … boldly go about in this world … Symphony #2 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=by1Rf0ePbQI&list=PLatrMc6FpMykZjSDa4X-Odj3QPKEpFF6l
  9. Lord’s Prayer and Blessing
  10. Contact: me@iamsully.com
Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name... "Lord's Prayer"  Stencil -Two Size Choices

#VCOLS: Sunday, September 1st, 2020 Christian Worship: “Jesus loves those that mostly see clouds …”

  1. psalm 59
  2. Welcome and greetings, announcements (discuss meeting IRL once a month) … VCOLS: Virtual Church of Little Saigon (Seattle) … I’m thinking Salt Water State Park, near Des Moines, WA … I will research bathroom locations too …
  3. Reading: Ecclesiastes 4
  4. Prayer for those harassed by evil, for those plagued by darkness …
  5. Reading: Matthew 24
  6. Sermon: Seeing clouds, seeing light, and seeing Jesus, 14th Century Crisis, “A Distant Mirror” … dark clouds, in the foothills, coming through the passes of a mountain range on a late spring day … seeing demons for what they are, who they …. but being careful. We cannot merely accuse, but we ought not to dismiss the cries for help. This is why we pray for discernment – to tell the difference. https://dfgtc.org/iglooluau/?p=566
  7. Virtual testimony: a reading, a prayer, a testimony or devotion … please send me an email, if you wish to testify … I have a twitter account … it’s a bit edgy … and the topics are not solely Christian, but you can come there too …
  8. Lord’s Prayer
  9. Hymn, Psalm 91: “On Eagles Wings” https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Psalm%2091&version=NIV
  10. contact: me@iamsully.com

“Who is my lord? Who do I serve?”: A church service …

8/23/20, 11 AM, Seattle (WA), Volunteer Park, just North of the Water Tower …


  1. Psalm 23
  2. Opening Prayer – a prayer for peace, understanding, respect, love, dignity and liberty … https://dfgtc.org/iglooluau/?p=435
  3. Greetings: people should greet each other, as they feel comfortable. If you don’t want to have physical contact, do what your heart moves you to do. Please respect each other’s space.
  4. Lord’s prayer: https://dfgtc.org/lp.pdf
  5. First Reading: 1st Samuel, Chapter 8
  6. Prayer for the lost, the sick, for the weary, the lonely, for the poor in body and spirit … a minute of silent reflection. https://dfgtc.org/iglooluau/?p=440
  7. Second Reading: John 15:18-27 and John 16:1-5
  8. Short Sermon: “Who is my lord? Who do I serve?” https://dfgtc.org/iglooluau/?p=428
  9. Public testimony, before man and God. I will go first, and then allow others to speak, before the congregation, as the spirit moves them.
  10. Amazing Grace: https://dfgtc.org/ag.pdf
  11. Closing prayer – a prayer of friendship, of faith, of fellowship in Christ.
  12. Contact: me@iamsully.com