Hypnotizing Women: Chapter 1, “That Hot Glance …”

Look into her eyes.

Focus your eye-beams on her energy loci. The foci of her loci WILL reverberate at various frequencies in the tune of Mercury. Her center is translational – with juice-energies cumming from her butt grease.

Take out your fidget spinner …

Place it on the bar, wait.

Yin Yang Fidget Spinner - AZ - ActivStars

She will look back into your beast soul. She will see the wolf spirit, this is when her own EGO will REJECT your mind insertions. Don’t worry.

Begin whispering into her ear:

“I am your cauliflower KING, you are my taco QUEEN.”

Repeat this, over and over, as she calls the cops.

Take your left hand and spin the spinner clockwise. She will lift her eyes from the smart phone, and she will stare at the spinner.

Tell her: “your mind is my waste basket, my heart is your stone.”

Tell her: “the hawks call out your name as the day breaks, your boobs are sexy.”

Now …

She’ll try to get up, go to the door of the bar to get to her UBER … you block her by taking out the “flashing light box” and you turn it on and place it in her visual field.

The flashing light will put her mind into a deep mental state of HX, what you want is MINXUS.

Minxus is the spiritual vibrational zone when a womans L-fluid is moving in balance with the rivers and the streams and the movement of gypsy armies.

When her eyes glaze over, and she says: “I can see that you are my wizard lord …” … then she’s ready. Ready for next steps.

Tell her: “I’ve got the UBER baby …”, and lead her to your car.

She’ll respond: “Beast king, I am your alligator woman.”

At this point, her boyfriend comes out of the bathroom.

He sees you, picks up a beer bottle, and busts your skull. You begin bleeding out on the floor.

Now, comes the real test …

Focus your boy-king tears on your man-boy-wound center. Tell your body to heal itself. Say “fix this fucking dent in my skull and this serious brain hematoma …”

Repeat: “I can be my own vitamin.”

Repeat: “I am safe and good.”

But nothing happens.