LSR Notes: 1/20/21


“Life’s a mess … don’t worry about cleaning it up … just try not to make too big a mess.” – Dr. Freckles

Trump and Q

Now that you’ve figured out:

1. Trump was fake as fuck

2. Q is bullshit


Also: if there were an ACTUAL uprising and not this post-structuralist LARP bs? – Trump would denounce it …

LSR Notes: 1/19/21

Star Trek

this is not a Twilight Zone episode … no. this is some jenky-ass episode of old school Star Trek … We live on one of those crooked planets Kirk would visit … but they come here, and see our mask bullshit?

Spock: “Get the fuck out …”

Kirk: “Yes, warp speed OUT of here.”


Solomon: “Lord, can You make me wise?”

God: “Yes ..”

Solomon: “Please do!”

God: “Hold my beer …”

Solomon: “Why?”

God: “Because you’ll need it …”

Lies …

The Sodomite lie …

The lie that has divided.

The lie that has allowed true evil to reveal itself.

It was NEVER about being gay …

(it was always about rape, and pedophilia)


“Mathematics is about discipline and persistence, computer science is about logic and getting paid.” – Dr. Freckles

“Would the game of monopoly EVER END if it had a Central Bank like ours? – yes … when the board explodes.” – Dr. Freckles

“‘Life is an ice cream cone … don’t watch it melt … avoid dropping it … eat as much of it as you can. It does not last.” – Dr. Freckles

“Do you know what taking God’s name in vain means? – it does NOT mean saying ‘goddamit’ … don’t be stupid … it means DO NOT PUT JESUS’ NAME ON STUPID HUMAN SHIT WE DO! Like Wars … or printing money.” – Dr. Freckles

“Syntax errors are easy …. API reference errors involve research.” – Dr. Freckles

“Over the past month I’ve lost over 5 cats and it blows my mind …” – Noom

“Irish people have intuitive ideas about everything.” – Dr. Freckles

LSR Notes: 1/18/21

Isaiah 25: 7

“On this mountain he will destroy the shroud that enfolds all peoples, the sheet that covers all nations;”

Seems like this could be a reference to geoengineering …

The Mayan Calendar

The great rabbit, who was the 23rd shaman of the house of Anticohtle, rose up one day with a vision … and he wrote down the last year of the world …

But he had dyslexia … so he wrote down 2012 …

The right number was 2021.

OCD gone wild …

I made a factor of 10 mistake on a calculation yesterday while podcasting with my friend Jim … and then back in 2015 I think I did the same thing when talking about Earth/Mars radio transmissions.

I was concerned this meant I was going crazy … but maybe it just means I made a couple of mistakes while rambling through a podcast and YES you should always do interplanetary calculations while NOT drunk or high on weed.

Scenario Discussion

  1. Soviet Style Collapse: 5%
  2. NWO/Reset: 10%
  3. Civil War: 20%
  4. Pandemic starts looking like a real pandemic: 10%
  5. Trauma Based Mind Control to hide something: 40% with breakdown -> a) CME: 80%, b) Clathrate Gun: 20%
  6. WW3: 15%

“Grover Cleveland” scenario has a MINUS 6,000 % likelihood across all theoretical universes.


“Dark” is just “Stranger Things” for German people with unresolved WW2 guilt.

Slogans for LOW IQs …

  1. Eat Healthy Food
  2. Drink Clean Water
  3. Poison is Bad
  4. Murder is Wrong
  5. Stop Raping
  6. Black Lives Matter
  7. Blue Lives Matter
  8. Lives Matter
  9. Matter is Not Alive
  10. Poop Came from a Butt
  11. Do not set yourself on fire
  12. No more running over people
  13. You Will Die
  14. Cops Enjoy Beatings

Fears, troubles, the Devil and the Light of God …

  1. Email from a friend about concertina wire at the capitol … “rubber cone” time is over.
  2. I’ve had a hard time seeing the path in recent weeks. Anger and rage and fear cloud my view of the world. so many worries … so many things to be afraid of.
  3. I read once that prophecy was God’s way of giving us hope via proof – in the prophecy fulfilled we find the reification of faith.
  4. Jesus says “do not worry”, and Jesus says “be ready and on watch for my return” – is this a contradiction? … I don’t think so.
  5. He tells us that he came to divide the house. Jesus is our Father, and Jesus is telling us his children will turn on each other … is this prophecy, or reality?
  6. The Holy Spirit is the light we were given – we must pray this light is accepted by all … but we must accept that not all can see or are willing to see.
  7. The Devil? – offers trinkets. Offers things that pass away too quickly to be any substitute for eternal life.
  8. The Devil? – sells immortality and power and control and SINS … all the sins we desire.
  9. We must reject the howl of the Devil, we must embrace the Light of the Holy Spirit.
  10. The Devil is peddling rage, anger, fear, envy … Jesus is the light of the world. The Devil obscures, Jesus reveals.
  11. Some, in our lives, find the Devil’s promises more believable. The Devil can “print you money” and give you a position – but what is that thing you’re holding onto? Is it a lifeline or an anchor that drags you below the waves?

The Holy Spirit is our Lamp in the darkness …

  1. First Reading, Psalm 37:
  2. Announcements: not sure what happens next … with VCOLS or anything else. Keep praying for the Lord’s protection, for His mercy, for His ability to protect us even in impossible situations. I would like to meet with Christians in the Seattle area, if there are any Christians in the Seattle area who are interested? – please email me:
  3. Second Reading, Isaiah 65:
  4. Prayer for staying on the path, even as demons scream in the night, even as mockers jeer. WE ASK FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT TO FILL US, TO GUIDE US, IN THE DARK!
  5. Third Reading, Luke 12: 22-52:
  6. Discussion:
  7. Meditation and prayer for those who struggle to stay ready for the Lord, to stay on His path in these dark days, to do good when we can, where we can.
  8. Lord’s Prayer
  9. God’s Blessing to all.

LSR Notes: 1/17/21

Season 4 and 5 of “Z Nation” (2017/2018)

“No groups over 5 may form in public …”

(and it’s just a show)

Pax Romana

“The Pax Romana? – not really peace.” – Dr. Freckles

Charlie’s Urine

Twilight Zone brought to you by … Kimberly Clark … or … SANKA … or … KLEENEX.

LSR … brought to you by Old Charlie’s Urine Soup … most people, these days? (2037) They think they can get their urine soup ANYWHERE … but you can’t find quality in any old kill-kill palace … oops … I meant hospital.

Nope, the best aged urine comes from Charlie’s … off of Boblimptock Street …

LSR Notes: 1/16/21

An ominous feeling, part Deux …

  1. Several unfulfilled prophecies, from the Bible, to include Isaiah 24 and Malachi 4, describe an end time event in terms of “fire”, “burning”, “smoke”, “desolation” and the “moon being as bright as the sun”.
  2. Right now it seems as if the deep state is following a schedule that is “fuzzy” – meaning there is no precise termination or end date. Constantly shifting, moving goal posts, keeping people in a permanent state of crazy. I think they know the 1-2 year time frame of this event, but they don’t have a precise date.
  3. 2020 seems like at directed denial of service attack upon the general and global awareness and reason of the bulk of the human race – to the point of madness and death.
  4. Fukushima: rich people LOVE their fucking yachts? – so why no sense of urgency, why haven’t they swarmed on this obvious problem, for everyone, especially boaters (read: wealthy)?
  5. I had an eerie feeling, back in August, that there was some “brick wall” or “black space” about 6 months into the future. Today? – I felt as if that wall was mere weeks, if not days, away.
  6. A good friend of mine has suggested that a CME (coronal mass ejection) matches biblical prophecy IF it’s severe enough. But a “Carrington Event” is probably NOT the kind of CME we’re talking about – we’re probably talking about a scorcher event.
  7. In the 2009 movie (with Nicholas Cage), “Knowing”, he discovers a prophecy, a prediction, in a time capsule that predicts a series of deaths – leading up to a massive die off where NO ONE will be left alive (or perhaps only a few with God’s protection). This could be predictive programming.
  8. A CME, like an earthquake or volcanic eruption, is a fuzzy event in the sense that it would probably be impossible to narrow down the likely occurrence period to less than one year, perhaps two years. It felt, in 2020, like TPTB were running out the clock, in a sense, knowing that they needed to have a plan that could match a fuzzy schedule of catastrophe. If it were an asteroid collision? – they would have more precision.
  9. Geoengineering fits this scenario as well, for several reasons: a) obscures the sky to reduce physical observation, b) manages early effects of what would, maybe, build to a CME, and c) the heavy metals and poisons reduce the human ability to reason about the world.
  10. There has been this inexplicable apathy among so called “patriots” – it’s as if people, on some level, perhaps unconsciously, sense that they will soon be dead … so nothing matters. Drink, party, mine cryptos, do whatever meaningless thing you want until the end … because your reptilian brain is telling you “dude, it just doesn’t fucking matter”.
  11. I thought the “Clathrate Gun” fit the most likely worst-worst case scenario … but what if that was my own mind taking unconscious data and assigning it to the wrong target? The fact is? – a triggered ice age would solve the methane-bomb scenario. If it were a methane bomb? – I’d expect TPTB to set one (or more likely several) caldera volcanoes to explode using tunnels and large mega tonnage thermonuclear weapons – 50-100 megatons.
  12. As with the Clathrate Gun, a lot of folks have reported a “Planet X” possibility. A large object, entering the solar system, could exacerbate or even trigger a huge CME. If a planet-X type object impacted the Sun? – this would undoubtedly release a lot of energy, depending on the velocity. If it were moving fast enough? – most would not detect this until it was too late. Planet X might also be a false interpretation of a real intuition.
  13. The American empire “deep state” loved electronics from the beginning the way the Romans loved roads. When the Carrington Event happened? (1859) This led to many problems with telegraphs. It’s possible this stuck with the deep state, and they decided ONCE they had the capacity, they would try to predict the next such event. That computing capacity probably became available about 50 years ago.
  14. Once this CME is over, the Earth will quickly (over a period of months) descend into a very deep, and possibly long, ice age – this would be the “nuclear winter” that has been spoken of, but far worse.
  15. This is random and probably irrelevant pop-culture bullshit, but Season 4, Episode 1 of “Z Nation”, one of the main characters, Lt. Warren, is having visions of a world on fire. There have been many of these hints, in pop culture, pointing towards a world on fire.
  16. In August of 2019, while sitting at a bust stop on Mercer Island, the cloud cover opened up for a few minutes … and I felt this cooking feeling, inside, that reminded me of my one and only CT scan I’ve ever had … it felt like my insides were being cooked. It was still morning, around 8 AM … still cool, outside. The radiant heat was overwhelming … I’ve had this feeling, going back to 2015, that the Sun’s light was toxic … that it had become toxic. Is it possible, prior to a mega-flare type CME, that the amount of radiation would be greater, and perhaps the kinds of radiation would vary.
  17. In addition to the “blank space” feeling, I’ve had this feeling, for a few months now, that a truth will soon be revealed, probably in the first few months of 2021, and it will be the kind of truth that only an oblivious and foolish person could not recognize.
  18. Antarctica, and the weird secrecy/control over it, makes more sense in a CME scenario – it might be the only place on Earth where you could, in a bunker, have a pretty good chance of riding this thing out.
  19. Solar radiation, excessive amounts, has been linked to madness at the population level.
  20. The vaccine deaths? – why so public. Why enrage and drive people crazier? – if not to immobilize.
  21. The star which heralded Jesus’ coming was life giving. The burning Sun that heralds the Antichrist is filled with pain. From the high level, the end times has a script – the Lord in Heaven knows this. From a low level? – it’s about survival. The prophets, saints and those inspired by visions see different angles. It’s possible that the prophecies you’ve mentioned, about the “candle” for example, are meant as clues, breadcrumbs, to help the elect survive what is coming. But does the time “end” if you survive the CME? – probably not. What comes after surviving the CME is likely the tribulation. The Antichrist is born of a star of pain. Burning orb, searing the Earth, releasing Satan from his frozen tomb in Antarctica …
  22. Another thing about the unfulfilled prophecies: they seem to call attention to targeted wrath, not generalized wrath. The event happens quickly, not slowly. So, Clathrate Gun, though it would be a burning/fiery end? – is convective, and would impact the whole planet (Venus Syndrome). And, it would take months. CME would happen in a few hours, perhaps a day.
  23. I think if we’re hit with a mega-flare? – there is a strong likelihood that nuclear weapons will cook off … despite the “safety measures” … a huge dose of high energy radiation would trigger every nuclear weapon in the path of the flare.

An ominous feeling …

RCW 59.18.150(3) …

I got a letter shoved in my door today. The date on the letter was 1/15 … today is the 16th. It’s a “two day notice” occupancy check, but clearly they don’t give a fuck either.

I think the bullshit is being turned to 11, the crazy, the madness, the anger, all being pushed to 11. What does this mean?

What does it mean when they create anger, confusion, rage, chaos?

What does it mean when they set fire to the restaurant?

I feel as if that “brick wall” I’ve been seeing since August is about to make its debut, and the world will shake.

Or …

Maybe they’re just getting ready to set fire to the restaurant.

The recruiter

Kal: “Hello … is this Mr. Daniel?”

Me: “Yeah …”

Kal: “I just have some questions … what did you do last year?”

Me: “I waited to die …”

Kal: “Great … can you answer foree-five questions?”

Me: “Wut? 45 questions?”

Kal: “Foreeee-fiv questions ….”

Me: “I will answer them ALL ‘fuck you’ …”

Kal: “Blessings …”

Me: “Fuck you …”

The “Reset” is coming …

Season 4, Episode 1 “Z Nation” [9/17/2017]

There are these fragments, pieces of the truth that the Devil leaves littered about …

There are glimpses they give you, not obvious, not something you notice at first … but then, after a while, you see the patterns – you see the lies.

See if you can’t identify the Easter egg?

See if they didn’t leave a clue, in 2017.

Or, is the “Reset” a mind fuck tailor made for the middle-level elite … the governors … mayors … people who believe they are protected – but they will die with the rest of us … I think that’s the riddle .. the “Reset” is bullshit too. (just like the hot turkey in the poster)

“With my blood and the best scientists BITCOIN can buy? – what could go wrong …” – Murphy

Remember when I said so much of our world was now ironically named:

  1. hospitals
  2. smart device
  3. patriot act
  4. war on drugs
  5. war on terror
  6. flatten the curve
  7. black lives matter

Add to this … “The Reset” … it’s not what you think it is … especially if you’re one of these middle-level elite pieces of shit, like Governor Inslee.

LSR Notes: 1/15/21


I was afraid to gas up my truck, you have to be careful these days. The road tramps control most of the CHEVRON stations up to the old border, the ramp-beavers control diesel and alcohol sales among the island people … but I needed fuel.

The tramps would ride those choppers, chasing tail … looking for hooker love and LSD moderation in the gaslight realm of sector-23 …

The tramps owned enough ammo, they had swords and clubs. They carried sticks of dynamite in a bandoleer, per the biker club custom, and they would feign use of these explosives when looking for fast love on a Saturday night …

But I needed fuel and vodka and beef jerky and a girl named Rhonda for the night. Her eyes were brown and her skin pale and almost translucent. Maybe it was the chemicals, the vaccines … but it seemed like all white skin had become almost see through in recent years, since the vaccine promos and krokodil love campaigns.


I’d been out on the road for 9 days, looking for “Cocaine Freddy” and his gumpis-gang of bare-headed bald ass freaks and crypto-nerds.

He used to hang out near the river, not far from where they dump the bodies. He got tired of the hydrogen sulfide smell, got tired of the dead animals in the water, the raccoons with green glowing eyes …

He would talk to Debra, his hooker woman, about leaving …

“Where we gonna go?”

“We go north …”

“North where?”

“Where there’s still juices, where life is not yet dead …”

She’d look at him, with a crooked smirk, she’d nod her head and and whisper curses to the gods and he’d grab his flask and drink two swigs of white lighting and get back to hunting … looking for the spice that gives life it’s proper bowel movement.

I needed Freddy …

I didn’t know where he’d went, but I needed him.

My truck needed diesel, and he had his connections.

“Wanna see the vat?”, he asked me one time.

Wanna see where “Cocaine Freddy” and Debra and his roadside shabby folk would harvest the the greases of the world?

The corn syrup?

The MSG bodies and carcasses of lost lovers. People gone missing during the second storms, the winds of never ending mockery …


But the vat? – that’s where they go.

I just need to fill my tank.

After years of hustling and wandering, I was ready to meet HER – Queen Wendy … Queen of the broken lands, leader of the witch tribes of Sedrowoolley … the last of her kind. A true woman, with nice breasts and a nice ass and a sparkling disposition and 2 .357 revolvers strapped to her athletic hips.

Her blonde hair was almost yellow in the sun … she needed a man … a man with a truck full of diesel. I needed crack … cocaine … meth … some kind of hope. I needed to touch her and to win her and to dominate her bodice, as I thrust my man sword into her fertile valley. But she wanted diesel, for her witch army, for her peoples … for all the weapons and tanks and helicopters she’d captured. I needed her.

  1. Doubt: what does it mean?
  2. Turnip hustlers swiggle their drinks, biding their time with sunset hookers and brilliant bartenders and those miserable freaks that guzzle the unction of northern wines … Terrible twins, mad barbarians moving their armies from Ballard to Maple Leaf? Consequence free eating, at the dog park – frantic moms too tired for their husband’s excuse … What? He came home late again, and didn’t come? What did you expect woman? A careful study of lynx fur will reveal a path between ground that is wet and the volcanic hearts of torrid masses filled with cocaine water and pcp wine.
  3. A tale of TWO’s … the origins of Dr. Freckles, the Flash Crash, Market Watch, Dr. Freckles, and the summer of 2012 – working at COSTCO .. and their PINK NOISE …

LSR Notes: 1/14/21

  1. Why cats and not dogs? – when it comes to COVID-19 …
  2. The dude that tore off his jacket to extra-super-cover his mouth, suffocate himself, as I walked by.
  3. People love to talk about forgiveness, but they often overlook redemption.

LSR Notes: 1/13/21

  1. I got a bunch of free noodles from someone over Christmas … and I’m thinking they’re adding a lot more sawdust to the noodles than they used to … “but Dan, that’s fiber!” … it sure is. Probably sawdust and post-recycled cardboard.
  2. The diaspora … the exile … the disconnection. And what does Alexander give us? – the WWW, the social media, but we are WORSE than wandering in the desert .. at least they were close to friends. We are lost in the wilderness, each of us alone, connecting authentically with the loneliness of Genesis.
  3. It’s OK to refine quotes and ideas: like the Von Moltke / Mike Tyson thingy … “If you live a long life, you were either very wise or a lucky fool.” – Dr. Freckles
  4. Remember, there’s good and bad luck … and, being wise DOES NOT equal happy … per the above quote.
  5. You can freeze dry flies … you can freeze dry them and crush them and make soup mix from them … once we’re done gnawing on all the plastic … once we’re done with the crinkle chili and the bust-a-nutt bbq? … we can collect the flies and eat them … and that will be our last supper.
  6. I’m watching “Twin Peaks” … and I think David Lynch has mastered the art of translating all human emotion as vomit.