LSR Notes: 11/29/20

5:30 PM


4:23 PM

Seattle, WA …

Weather started out this morning foggy, murky, gross …

It became “sunny’ish” and “blue’ish” …

Then about an hour ago?

Fog horn from ships … rare thing … except today. Repeating fog horn blasts I can hear in Chinatown …

A weird fog settled over Seattle about an hour ago …

Now, it’s murky, soup’y … dark and foreboding.


2:00 PM

The spraying continues …


1:00 PM




12:54 PM


8:30 AM

Nasty fog hanging over Seattle … nasty, greasy, fog of pain and misery and dying things in the gutters …

Of sewers and ancient oils …

A film of trimulack and dried blood and feces and frog putty …

And the gronkis-lords say “HEY” …

And the bromulack herders say “HO” …


12:58 AM

Some kind of nasty, drizzly, shit coming down on Seattle right now … not a drizzle, but heavier than a mist … a drist …


12:02 AM

There was a great thrymbic swave, with triutrulent imbumulation

Two tormulack 8 subs, in mortal swag combat near archipelago X, not far from the Denver Shallows. This was Torgis realm, this was the realm of the tiger sub of SWAG!

“Commander Swag?!”

“Yes Gurn”

“Are we to set depth for 300 meters?”




This was from the submarine wars of 2047.

LSR Notes: 11/27/20

7:56 PM


5:07 PM


4:37 PM

More supply chain info … red beans ARE NOT kidney beans …

Red beans are cheaper …

So why have the kidney beans cans been filled with red beans?


9:37 AM

Running out the clock …


7:49 AM


7:17 AM

“What ya doin around heres?”

That’s what I’d say, when the aliens land at our advanced space station …

I’d lumber out in greasy overalls, a whiskey bottle in one hand, a cigarette hanging from my lip … “What you doing around here?” …

The roar of recorded chainsaws, screams, on HD-Audio playing loudly in the landing bay of the station, as jets, sprays, mists, of red colored corn syrup spray out in the background … pig guts strewn about … fecal matter …

The aliens would start walking backwards …

“What da fuck DO YOU WANT around here?” – I say in drunken, slurred speech …

Then they get in their spaceship and get the fuck out of here …

We are centuries away from the ability to defend ourselves from these bastards, but there’s one thing the human race is REALLY FUCKING GOOD AT … gaslighting.

LSR Notes: 11/26/20

7:52 PM

Scientology: the deep state’s first attempt, as part of MK-ULTRA, to create a religion from scratch. Building to their finale: the one world religion to come during the end times.


5:52 AM

The Crombo-Freaks are celebrating Zoom’s Giving …

Moloch and Baal are set up, in blue light specials – various frumpticks are breaking out the blood wine …

For Zoom’s Giving, the telebrick-priests of Gondoz floss and tighten their wads …


5:50 AM

LSR Notes: 11/25/20

7:43 PM


9:08 AM

That thing about Jacob wrestling God for his blessing?

That’s shit my dad would do …

(he was tough as fuck)


8:11 AM

Hidden in the curses, as Adam and Eve left Eden?

(divorce was going to be a thing)


7:37 AM

Weight loss commercials? – absurdly tasty at this point … especially the NOOM commercials …

“I’ve lost 78 pounds in 4 weeks … can’t believe it …”

(don’t worry)

(we’ll all be on the Leningrad Siege Diet soon enough …)

“I only need 2 protein cubes a day now … and I don’t even NOTICE the tattoos …”

LSR Notes: 11/24/20

11:30 PM


9:44 PM

The rehabilitation of Hunter Biden will be interesting …

He’ll have to be cleaned up a bit, less meth’d out, when he gives the funeral oration for his dead father in March or April of 2021 …

Also – Hillary will want him sober when he introduces her as “Vice President” …

Or … maybe Bill Gates and his tranny wife get that job.

But there will be a VERY entertaining soviet-style rehabilitation project for Hunter …

(so funny … on FEMA camp TV)


9:34 PM


6:56 PM

If I were Hip-Hop-Dan, in a Hip-Hop-World?

I’d be “Ginger Bread”, that would be my hip-hop-handle …

I would have fly-girls, and grimbric-cubes, and cocaine, and hookers … and all the scro-blat I could inject into my splinctus sack next to my tornado nozzle …

And all will say bo-jizzle, as my spew covers the Earth in a rancid and diseased goodness …

If I were Ginger Bread …

If I were the hip-hop-king of Little Saigon.


9:42 AM

Covid-19: the ultimate divide-and-conquer strategy …

“The only good way to live, is alone …”

(that’s how you die …)

(in spirit and body)


8:37 AM

Why couldn’t you have a tethered high altitude sky factory? – automated 3D printed guns.

You float resources, from a garbage dump, with some sorting, up the tether … using hydrogen …

Down come guns, with little parasails, to our customer base … or maybe a high altitude delivery drone … dirigible … that drops the gun in a canister with parachute.


we could shape the lifting gas envelope of sky-gun-factory, to look like the floating head from Zardoz.


7:57 AM

“Nothing you say is true.” – some troll

It’s funny … I am deeply shadow banned on the WWW, but YOUTUBE manages to allow the porn-kings and the douche bag burner-account trolls through …

And most days IDGAF …

But today I was trying to be optimistic … and this bullshit drags me down.


Nothing I say is true?

(that would mean he would be unable to hear any of it)

(which would also mean he wouldn’t be able to say I’m saying anything)

(ergo: he’s the liar here … even if I were mostly lying)

(and I am mostly trying to be a normally honest person)

(and once again: FUCK DONALD BAKER)


6:25 AM

“Honey Puff Pancake”

: a study in disappointment

: a class taught by mom


5:16 AM

Cognitive Nihilism: we are lied to all the time, ERGO: everything is a lie.


2:45 AM

People think that there was JUST THAT ONE TIME … in the desert … when Moses was away … that the people built a golden calf …

But … this was shit the chosen people pulled a FEW TIMES …

Golden calves …

Canaanite gods …

(whatever Baal or Moloch seemed useful in their wretched failure …)

LSR Notes: 11/23/20

4:57 PM

Statesman like speech? Soon?


11:17 AM

“Those that never fail? – they are the true losers …” – Dr. Freckles


11:00 AM

I am a total piece of shit, IMHO …

A crappy Christian …

A worse preacher …

And yet I look around, and what do I see?

The total moral desolation of the Earth.

And I look at myself?

(and I realize I’m not so bad)


9:32 AM

ID Checks … in this dystopia … of masks.

There are many forms of stupid – this may be the worst form.

This is also a weakness …

(if the boogaloo were real? – they would see this weakness)


9:21 AM

Can you imagine wrestling the hand of God?

Wrestling an angel?

Jacob? – he was a FUCKING BAD ASS!

Genesis 32: 22-32


8:56 AM

Crypto rise?

Property madness?

That’s what hyperinflation looks like, at first, in a neo-stalinist hell hole …

(but wait, there’s more …)

(next comes famine and death camps … soccer arenas filled with troops …)


7:35 AM

Mark 11:15-19


7:22 AM

Zechariah 1:3


6:30 AM

2 Timothy 3

In the last days …

(and meditate on “bitcoin” and “crypto” in all this, in addition to worthless fiat)


WHEN: NOON, 12/25/20, Christmas Day

WHERE: The Capitol Steps, Olympia, WA … on the CAPITOL STEPS … (Inslee BE DAMNED!)


… and …

Governor Inslee is a TYRANT!

PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW AND PRINT OUT AS MANY COLOR or Black and White copies as you can afford to, and post these! Post these anywhere!

LSR Notes: 11/22/20

10:23 PM

Weird tremors and bangs, for several months now …

I was thinking it was sub-surface tunneling … but …

What if this noise is methane deposit explosions, at the bottom of the sea, in the Puget Sound and off the coast of WA/OR?


9:34 PM

Flying Monkeys, of the last couple years, to date:

  1. Revelations of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange
  2. Revelations of pedophilia among the powerful
  3. The repo market disruption
  4. The impeachment
  5. The “monkey herpes” (covid)
  6. The Race War: aka Black Lives Matter
  7. The election

What is the next flyinng monkey?

  1. Civil War
  2. WW3 and nuclear war
  3. Clathrate Gun
  4. NWO “Great Reset” takeover
  5. Bill Gates’ medical tyranny dystopia? (Covid-19 part 2)


9:31 PM

I know people that believe in the “American Dream”, or what I call the hamster wheel.

“If you work really hard, it will all pay off …” – sometimes.

“If you work really hard, you will be able to ‘retire’ at 72 …” – not likely.

The hamster wheel is rigged …

(soon it will pop off its mounting)


4:25 PM

The Beecher's Cheese For All | Seattle Magazine
Ben Garrison | Know Your Meme


3:47 PM

When you think of all the evil deeds going unpunished?

When you think of the pedos and the real estate con artists and the financial engineer scumbag thieves?

The bankers?

The poison peddlers (like Bill Gates)?

Think of Ecclesiastes 8:11


2:45 PM

Look for the contradictions, that’s how you will find the lying …

Look for the fool … the “fool”? – in propaganda theory, this is the person you choose, as the controller, to represent the problem you DON’T want people thinking about or taking seriously …

Al Gore?

Greta Thunberg?

These are paid fools.


10:33 AM

Watching the “Trailer Park Boys” …

(it’s like cleaning the palate of the mind)


10:00 AM