Time to prep …

“But what the US seems to be facing isn’t so much political, or religious, or ethnic as it is cultural, which is much more serious. The country is on the cusp of a full-blown cultural revolution.”

~ Doug Casey, International Man, October 2020

In a recent essay on what to expect after the election, Doug Casey points out that there is clearly a cultural revolution happening in America. What that means, he relates to the French Revolution of 1789-1796 which resulted in tens of thousands dead in France, mostly by execution by guillotine.

Of perhaps greater significance, the cultural revolution of China from 1966 to 1976 killed perhaps as many as 20 million people. Figures are hard to come by, as the authoritarian regime in China refuses to acknowledge its own crimes. The Chinese cultural revolution is a more applicable event because it was undertaken by convinced Marxists who saw their role in life as eradicating all meaningful resistance to Marxism, all vestiges of civilisation that had gone before, and all dissenting opinion. Eradication took the form of humiliating people, destroying cultural artifacts including statues, books, music, and torturing to death many, many individuals.

Marxists are exceptionally cruel and exceptionally evil. Marxists hate non-conformity, hate innovation, hate anything that upsets the global banking cartel’s control over the economy. It may sound strange that the bankers have always financed Marxism, and its predecessor, the social contract theories of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, but the evidence assembled by Antony Sutton and others is incontrovertible. Simply put, mass-murdering, Moloch-worshipping, baby-raping cannibals hate your freedom and want you either dead, in a slave labour camp being worked to death, or “re-educated” to at least actively pretend to believe in Marxism.

Your country has anywhere from twenty million to sixty million deeply convinced Marxists who may use euphemisms like “democratic socialist” or “anarcho-communist” or other terminology to disguise their actual ravenous appetite for torture, murder, destruction, and viciousness. But, from my perspective, and from having studied at close quarters Marxists, socialists, and pseudo-anarchists of the communist and syndicalist persuasions, I am very confident that these are not people you can trust, not people with whom you can work long term, and not people who want to create anything good, ever.

Free Markets Are Creative
It is an essential truth: free markets are a creative activity. Free markets do many vital and good things. Finding a market-clearing price for goods and services is deeply creative and cooperative. It is impossible to arrive at market clearing prices in the absence of free market, except temporarily and incidentally. A command economy can never work, and always results in bloodshed, suffering, and death.

The people who finance hard-core Marxists like Black Lives Matter include huge corporations such as Bank of America, Nike, Adidas, and others. These are companies willing to pour hundreds of millions to billions of dollars into the cause of destroying America, hurting Americans, and laying waste to cities. Why? Simply put: they know that we know what they are.

Western civilisation, as it has been experienced from roughly 1600 to present includes a great many fantastic works of culture. Art, architecture, books, music, science, scientific equipment, technological innovations – all these things and many more arose because people were, in various places, for various periods of time, more or less free to innovate and create. Marxists are abject failures at creating anything beautiful or valuable. They both hate the freedom which is essential to creativity and hate all the people who are capable of innovation.

Clearly, for the last 200 years or so, what passes for public education in the United States has been increasingly focused on Marxist indoctrination. As a result, students have lost connexion to ancient languages. Whereas Robert Heinlein reported in some of his non-fiction work that Greek and Latin were both taught in public schools at the close of the 19th Century, it is difficult to find either language in a contemporary curriculum, and neither is required for graduation from high school. Similarly, fundamentals like the memorisation of the Declaration of Independence have been given short shrift, and are no longer taught. Americans have been deceived for many generations, to their great harm.

What They Have Done
Understanding the history of America for the last 120 years might be useful, and in other essays I’ve gone over some of the history. The banking cartel began taking control of the major newspapers in the time before the 1898 Spanish American war for empire. His excellent book The Creature from Jekyll Island showcases the detailed understanding of G. Edward Griffin of the period leading up to the creation of the Federal Reserve, the income tax, the Wilson administration’s Black Chamber for domestic espionage, and the other terrible policies of the Progressive era.

More recently, the same banking cartel interests have taken steps to keep themselves from spending the rest of their lives in prison. In July 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was under arrest and in jail. Within a month, overnight interest rates began to spike. By 15 September 2019, they were about 10%, meaning a total lock-up of inter-bank lending. The bankers, in short, were going to demand another bail-out.

But, those of us who were involved in various Occupy Wall Street projects, including the very good one in Kansas City that encamped across the street from the Kansas City Federal Reserve, included a great many Ron Paul enthusiasts of my personal acquaintance, and marched on the nearby IRS building, would have been adamant in opposition to any proposed bailout, and the bankers knew it. So, in October several things happened.

An abomination was placed in a sacred place by the man calling himself Pope Francis. A simulation known as “Event 201” forecast that a coronavirus pandemic would kill 65 million people. The world military games were held in Wuhan China, affording plentiful opportunities for military spies and State Department spies (often CIA or military intelligence personnel) to visit Wuhan. And a coronavirus outbreak did occur. Also in October 2019, as I understand this matter, a new enterprise created by Bill Gates had received a $100 billion “contact tracing” contract from the USA government. You can, and should, do your own research to confirm or dispute any of the facts I’ve mentioned here.

While you are about it, you should look into a project the Rockefeller Foundation has described as “operation Lockstep” which seems to have been written about back in 2010 or thereabouts. Lockstep details many of the things you are seeing such as lockdowns, “essential worker” categorisation, and imposition of tyranny under the guise of a global pandemic. Why are they doing these things to us?

They know that we know that they are mass murderers, baby rapers, cannibals, and demon worshippers, and they know that we don’t want them to have power over us. So they want to hurt us and, if they are able, destroy our communities, enslave millions or tens of millions of us, and go right on doing all their evil activities.

A Short Window
My view is that after the election in early November, whatever outcome is announced, there will be lengthy disputes about the legitimacy of the voting and vote counting. There will be no concession speech from either side. What has been seen in American cities up to now will go to a much higher level of violence and chaos. Previously peaceful areas of major cities will be targetted by Marxists.

You have some time to prepare. You still have time to sell your home in a major city and buy some rural land. You still have time to form teams with good people you know. You still have time to develop alternatives to existing communications networks many of which are going to be turned off or highly compromised at the outrbreak of the next series of violent events.

What you don’t have is the luxury of complacency. You cannot afford not to take these things seriously. You and your family are in danger in coastal cities. Get uphill. Get out in the provinces.

A confirmed Marxist who was also a very clever strategist and tactician, Mao Zedong, once wrote that power flows from the provinces into the cities. Go look at the power generation systems in your country. Most of them are not inside major cities, but outside them. Power literally flows from the rural areas into cities, on a fragile grid. The people who control the power grid don’t like you being free, in my opinion.

Similarly, water flows downhill, from rural areas in the hills and mountains to the coastal areas where there are major cities. Also, food is produced in rural areas and not as much in cities. So if you want to think strategically, think about getting up into the hills and mountains. Think about where you would go if you had to abandon your home, and come up with two or three places to go, in differing directions, in case one or more is cut off. Think about how you would fight your way through to your bug out location, in each case.

Do I expect a collapse? Yes. Is it survivable? Yes.

Preparation makes all the difference.

Contact: jim@resilientways.net

PDF download …

Jim Davidson is an author, entrepreneur, actor, and director. He is the vision director of HoustonSpaceSociety.net You can find him on Twitter.com/planetaryjim as well as Pocket.app and Flote.app also as planetaryjim. He appreciates any support you can provide as times are very difficult. See the Paypal link on this page. Or email your humble author to offer other choices. Visit IglooLuau.com for more information. Those seeking a multi-jurisdiction multi-hop VPN for communications privacy please visit https://secure.cryptohippie.com/houstonspacesociety.php For those seeking colloidal silver try ppmSilver.com/Jim Ask Jim about CryptoWealth. Coming soon: FreedomLandDAO dot com – not yet hosted.

LSR Notes: 10/20/20

2:56 PM

One thing I learned in the Army … if only one.

It’s hard to live in a tent.

To be prepared to move each day, each hour.

But it does make you strong.


2:54 PM

I have a thought experiment:

The people of the old book …

Were they strongest when they lived with walls of stone?


When they lived in tents?


1:59 PM

Can I just say I CAN’T WAIT to go to the Moon …

Literally …

I’m 50 years old.


1:37 PM

“woke” is a bullshit term … like “conspiracy theory” … designed to mock …

I’ll keep it fucking simple …

It’s October 2020 …

If you can’t see what they’ve been doing to you?

(you never will)


1:14 PM

But yeah …

What I see with my own eyes is all in my head …

Is that what your phone told you?


1:11 PM

the sick/sad truth?

If you’re using a nano scale metal to control solar radiation?

You would end up at aluminum …


1:01 PM

If you are going to dump shit into the atmosphere? With a purpose of using radars to control cloud formation and dissipation? – you can’t use iron … it would be less toxic, but too obvious.

You can’t use ANY oxidizing metals …

Something, like Aluminum, is your best bet.


12:50 PM

Jesus taught us to be kind, and to seek peace.

Jesus did NOT teach us to be stupid.


12:39 PM

“Dan, it all goes back to normal after 11/3 …”


12:32 PM


(does not mean the end of the world)

(but it does, as always, as EVERY FUCKING DAY … it goes on and it doesn’t …)

(life begins … life ends)

(every day)


12:12 PM

I will try to help some people – I must as a Christian.

(but only some people)


12:07 PM

“In a world of delusion, there is only death.” – Dr. Freckles


11:54 AM

“Temple Grandin”

She is the architect of this neo-stalinist hell hole …

(and she thought she was designing systems for processing cattle)


11:52 AM

People trust their phones.

(not their intuition)

(bad times coming)

(intuition? – that’s a muscle too bro, gotta work it to have it)


11:39 AM

“sand people” is the way to go this year …

Sand person with the head of Luke Skywalker in a burlap sack … that would be Halloween this year …


11:36 AM


11:32 AM


Don’t update ANY of your apps, phones, computers, websites, with “necessary updates” for the next month at least …

Don’t …

If it says “PHP out of date” in wordpress?


Don’t do any updates … especially fucking Windows.


11:28 AM

I will be watching my sister’s french bulldog between 10/31 and 11/7 …

I might be spending the END OF THE WORLD with “Beans”.

(meditate on that shit)


5:31 AM

I’m going to BLOW YOUR MIND:

How you vote? – will have ZERO IMPACT on the coming famine.


5:04 AM

The most fearful thing in the world for a hobo?

To find out God has use for you.

(even you)

LSR Notes: 10/19/20

7:08 PM

Jesus is in my heart, but the Devil surrounds me.


6:35 PM

Yahweh loved David.

(despite the fact that David broke EVERY FUCKING RULE …)

Yahweh loved David …

Because David was a great writer, and so was Solomon.


6:24 PM

Psalm 49


6:07 PM

The Lord in Heaven was lonely …

For eons I will never understand.

(that’s where the Bible begins)


5:42 PM

Literally “Literally” is the “probably” of 2020.


5:37 PM

Want to know one of the themes of the Book of Genesis that only Kierkegaard really understood? With respect to humans?



5:14 PM

“Sunday is for Jesus. Monday is for the Devil.” – Dr. Freckles


10:24 AM

“In a hell-scape dystopia, there is rebellion in joy.” – Dr. Freckles


9:12 AM

“Do you really want people on your team that WANT you to fail? – then for REAL PROBLEMS! – try cooperation and NOT the government.” – Dr. Freckles


7:30 AM

“A free nation cannot be conquered, a slave nation already WAS!” – Dr. Freckles


7:16 AM

“You can only conquer a nation that has a government.” – Dr. Freckles


7:01 AM

Luke 12:35-40

(something to think on)


6:25 AM

“Freedom” is one of the dirtiest words in America today …

(almost taboo)

(like it points to an ancient crime, one we are too ashamed to discuss)

(think on that)


6:14 AM


All the people that have been lied to about HOW their mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, neighbor died …

Think about those people building a mythology around #Covid19 and how their 89 year old neighbor died …

Outdoor VCOLS service Schedule …

For information on service specifics, email me@iamsully.com

  1. 10/25/20 – no outdoor service, out of town
  2. 11/1/20 – no outdoor service, out of town
  3. 11/8/20 – no outdoor service, out of town
  4. 11/15/20 at 11 AM: Saltwater State Park, Des Moines WA
  5. 11/22/20 at 11 AM: Bremerton, WA, Evergreen Rotary Park
  6. 11/29/20 – no service

LSR Notes: 10/18/20

9:59 PM

THIS concerns me more than covid … and it’s crickets in Seattle when it comes to Fukushima.



3:50 PM



Every major crack/meth dealer in the donut around WA DC probably has an official “Hunter Biden” laptop …


3:05 PM



8:35 AM

The urban partisan of 2020 acts alone, keeps counsel in his own head … picks easy targets, executes quickly …

Calculus is simple: if you must die, fuck up the state in the process …

I don’t go for a walk now without identifying targets along the way … easy pickings.

A prayer for courage …

Jesus, we are at the edge of the cliff. At least that is how it feels.

We stand at the precipice, looking out into a great and majestic sea …

An ocean of possibilities, and terrors, and storms …


You commanded Your disciples to not lose heart, even though a storm tossed the boat at sea … You walked upon that water, proving the power of God.

We are people, many of us simple – all we want is to live in peace, freely, cooperatively, with our neighbors – but there are many now who believe in the iron fist of WILL … the will of the PEOPLE … and one cannot know for sure the source of that WILL, but it is NOT the WILL of GOD!


We want to live in peace, but we are prepared to stand, shoulder to shoulder, as Chistians.

If this means we lose this physical life, then let it be so – knowing the eternal life was always the heroes path.

We pray for help.

We pray for guidance.

We pray for compassion.


Dear Lord, Jesus Christ, God made man, who was judged, tortured, and killed by the mob …

Lord, grant us the smallest fraction of Your courage, in the days to come …

In Your name we serve, Jesus Christ.


The Dangerous, Liberating and Beautiful Path of Jesus …

“We can’t be afraid to LIVE … that’s how you die …” – Dr. Freckles

  1. How many horrors are there?
  2. How many fruitless deaths of the mind are there in this dystopia of fear?
  3. Is it hard to follow Christ? – yes … probably deadly. At this point in human history, you are putting your PHYSICAL life at risk …
  4. The word “Passover” has been attracting me in recent weeks … and I don’t know why. I’m not claiming prophet status … that’s not it … it’s a “gravitational pull” of a concept.
  5. If you are afraid to live, you are doomed to die – on Earth and possibly in the spirit …
  6. I’m a hermit, will testify for myself that I didn’t expect to end up here – Drunk preacher Dan.
  7. Stand with Jesus or kneel in Hell …

LSR Notes: 10/17/18

9:35 PM

Horrible thought …

If the Clathrate Gun trigger has been pulled? – then it explains a LOT of the tyrannical bullshit going on in Australia …

Pray for them, there Summer is beginning …

10 or 20 years without Winter? – that would feel like the Tribulation … even if it were not.


6:54 PM

There’s someone I follow, on twitter, who has been gone for months.

He is a blue check mark.

I used to think he was cool.

I think he got cornered, and they gave him “the speech”.

Now his tweets read like Akely’s letters in “Whisperers in the Darkness …” by Lovecraft


6:36 PM

Beans is ready for Halloween … as you might know, 1/2 of all frenchies are possessed by demons …


2:58 PM

I just figured out WHY I love my sister’s french bulldog, “Beans” …

He’s HOT or COLD or ASLEEP … never lukewarm.


1:52 PM

Demons stole my beer last night …

This is metaphor, in a way.


1:43 PM

“Weed is like motor oil for the mind … don’t use too much, or too little.” – Dr. Freckles


12:53 PM

Government only lies.


Even when they’re “telling the truth” – they are lying about something.

So when you hear them use the word “anarchy”, when they should say chaos?

(they’re lying)

You have a “right to remain silent”?

(that’s called a lie)

Before Jesus? – yes.

Before government? – no.

You have NO right to remain silent – they are lying.


11:17 AM

Dan’s helpful secret for social media people:

If I block you unjustly? – find a “City of Refuge” metaphorically speaking … seek out a third party that you know I trust.

If no such third party exists? – I’m thinking there was nothing there to begin with …


8:04 AM

Don’t ever say “7:99 AM” …

It feels right …

(but it’s not)


8:00 AM

One of my Rules of the Internet …

  1. phone calls help, to verify existence
  2. in person is always best
  3. trusted third party who knows the person, personally? – works too

But don’t assume a few tweets “shows you” someone …

What if I said “demons are on twitter”?


7:48 AM

Let me explain “curses” …

Saying “fuck you” is not a curse … “shit” is not a curse …

Declaring “I hope you die”? – now THAT’S a fucking curse.

My TED talk on curses is over …


7:04 AM

“Block early, block often … period.” – Dr. Freckles

LSR Notes: 10/16/20

9:32 PM


8:38 PM

My piano playing sucks … I know this.

Yet …

I still enjoy it. Doing it. Creating a sound that makes me feel joy, or even one that scratches the back of your head.

What does this say about me? – nothing.

But it says a lot about the power of music.


6:58 PM

I am supposed to tell you good things too.

I saw some college kids cleaning the garbage off of 12th AVE today …

I was stunned. I was heartened.

Jesus, through these kids, spoke to me …

He said “they’re not all shit …”

(no, a lot of these young people had great parents)


6:25 PM

“I’ve read my bible … love is a mess, but it is also wonderful.” – Dr. Freckles



Peckinpah gave you plausible tactical scenarios …

Today’s action? – they train you to fail.



Remember …

Dumping sewage into the oceans?

(that’s been a government solution since day 1)


9:52 AM

You walk up to someone 20 years younger than you …

But he looks just like you, almost …

And you say …

“You know your daddy, right?”

“Yes, what the fuck?”

“good …”

(and you walk away)

(Irishman drink …)


9:16 AM

If you’re a douche bag? – guess why …


Want to change that?

(stop being a douche)


9:14 AM

Shit birds LOVE to blame drugs for being shit birds.

I did more LSD in October 2017 than most ever should – and it was really badly engineered …

I went crazy, and was a terrible person to folks that did not deserve it.


I can take responsibility …


9:13 AM

Weed does not make you indifferent or cold …

I vape more weed than any other 10,000 people.

Beer does not ruin your heart, and make you callous.

I drink more beer than most.



Don’t blame beer, weed.


7:01 AM

I hate thinking about “writing” …

One of my bittersweet memories of 2020 …

My excitement about starting a new project, and then the dread and misery of this wretched dystopia and drowning in it existentially.

Today I will get some beer and weed and I will disassociate.


6:14 AM

“I am more afraid of Godzilla than I am of COVID-19.” – Dr. Freckles


5:46 AM

(a conversation from 2034, it’s nearing midnight at checkpoint Zebra in the King County Slave Zone)

“You hear that?”

“Come on man …”

“I’m serious Z’loop … you hear that shit?”

(a loud scream can be heard from the alley)

“You go check on that …”


LSR Notes: 10/15/20

7:03 PM

I heard the yapple of scroglomite beasts last night …

The tussle of those horned beasts, glowing yellow eyes …

They crawl up to my window, up the tree outside …

They whisper to me as I sleep …

“You can hear our song of splendor, you can see the path to escape …”


4:36 PM

Here is what happened with TWITTER today:

  1. Jack asked his engineering team to test the platform WITHOUT the censorship algos and settings.
  2. Jack found out that his engineering team knew more about social justice communism than about engineering.


3:30 PM

“Something went wrong, but it’s not your fault …” – Jack

Thanks Jack … you arrogant piece of shit.


2:52 PM

Twitter is down …

Now I’m hoping “JACK, you FUCK … please ban me.”


1:04 PM

“Go ahead and be obedient … before my Lord in Heaven? – I’ll be a MAN!” – Dr. Freckles


12:48 PM

Why are we so keen on mixing killers with doctors?

(maybe it’s because hospitals are really death palaces now)



8:34 AM

“Stand up for Christ, or kneel in Hell.” – Dr. Freckles


7:00 AM

Space is so amazing?

(they have patent trolls guarding the entrance)

(that’s how fucking amazing space is …)

“But Dan, black markets can deliver anything …”

“Trips to space?”

“you are racist Dan”

(and scene)


6:42 AM

“Bring forth the Gravic-Beast!”, screamed the hyle-master and 3rd tier gondolord to Lord Uurt …

The Land of Freyling, consumed by fire and orcs, filled with bugbear feces and forbidden dreams …

But only wild dogs … rabid coyote … furious freaks.