Decentralised Finance and You

“We envision a world in which all systems, management, charters, and performance bonuses are written into smart contracts and stored in the blockchain in an enterprise. Connect all the individuals and organizations in the house through smart contracts. We no longer need roles such as CEO, CFO, CTO, and our members are all over the world, we don’t even need offices, we don’t have utilities, nor going to pay for water and electricity. All choices and governance will be adopted through rules and incentives, we can avoid relying on the central authority or person, which can also greatly reduce the risk of fraud.”

~ Overview of Decentralized Autonomous Organization

This essay expands on and greatly improves an earlier essay published in these pages. ~ the author

Over the last twelve years, a great deal of thought has been put into the development of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. There are now many thousands of similar currencies. The market has valued them at various levels, and you can look up their “market cap” and other details at sites like if you wish. One of the vitally important concepts to come out of all this thinking is the smart contract, which has led to the development of decentralised structures for finance and for operations.

A simple way of looking at the opportunities thus created is to consider the “ringleader problem.” If there is a rebellion against authority and one or two people are the prominent voices, then the evil wicked authoritarians in government merely have to target those leaders. Take them out by killing them, or discredit them by a campaign of lies and persecution, and before long the rebellion is suppressed. Free people are again thwarted and the mass murdering baby raping cannibals in government and their baby raping cronies in giant multinational corporations are able to continue in power and keep raping, killing, and looting.

Decentralised finance or DeFi is a collection of autonomous enterprises, led by outfits like which provide smart contract systems for reliable lending. An overview here seems worth a look for people new to the ideas. One important take away is that a very recent estimate suggests that from $1 billion near the beginning of June 2020 it has grown in size to about $10 billion of value being lent and earning returns for investors, in various DeFi structures, as of September 2020.

Related projects:

Freedom Land
The goal of Freedom Land is to build a large number of communities on land secured by purchase. Each participant in the DAO is paying for a deposit on a long term lease for a home site on one of the properties. We will seek to purchase not less than 40 acres in any given purchase, so that an effective number of freedom enthusiasts are able to live near one another at each project. Once we purchase land, nothing prevents participants or non-participants in the DAO from buying additional land nearby.

Among our goals:
• Take the high ground;
• Get rural
• Have acreage that is agricultural use exempt from property taxes;
• Develop as participants move;
• Think strategically

We are not a real estate broker, we are going to be a leasing agency. We will purchase land and lease home sites through a structure such as a real estate investment trust, non-profit organisation, limited liability company, or other company as best suited to the particular jursidiction (nation, province or state, county or region) where we are buying land.

Our DAO will contract with lawyers, accountants, realtors, and other parties to provide strategic relationships with government tax authorities, government regulatory agencies (if any – many rural counties have none), utility services, road contractors (muh roads!), and others to provide long term usability to all DAO participants.

Freedom DeFi Software
Several of my friends, including Chris Boehr who wrote a book, The Liberty Project, on the concepts in building freedom communities which is not yet published, and Gator Greenwill, who started Eldar Capital with me back in 2016, are working on a smart contract software services company that will also offer full stack development. If you know people who code, or if you yourself code, please get in touch. I am looking especially for coders who can learn or who know Solidity, the main smart contract language for Ethereum – anyone with experience in programming should be able to learn it fairly fast.

Since there has been a ten-fold increase in DeFi, it seems obvious that many more billions will be invested in it soon. After all, everyone can see the bitcoin and other crypto currencies moving, and read the smart contracts and understand the certainty of getting paid. So more smart contracts will be written, and more new web sites developed, and we want Freedom DeFi Software to be at the forefront of providing those services. Right now most of our code team is based in the USA or Canada.

Back in 2002, I met Doug Casey at an event in Las Vegas put together by another financial newsletter writer, Mark Skousen. Doug and I talked about the work I was doing in Somalia with Michael van Notten, and I shared two tomes of business plans for those ventures. Later Doug said he thought I could write a business plan about anything. In June of that year, Michael passed away which for various reasons ended the possibility of active ongoing work in Somalia for me. In July, Doug and I met again at the Liberty International world congress in Puerto Vallarta. It was then he invited me to the Eris Society gathering in Aspen, Colorado. That happened in August 2002.

It was at that event that I met Kevin Wilkerson. He and I are still involved in Eldar Capital, and we’ve worked on plenty of other financial autonomy ventures in the years since then. Kevin and his associate Sean Daley invited me to work on the project in 2014. More recently, they have built and, good news, it is paying commissions.

I can confirm that today I requested a commission redemption from CryptoWealth for one of the accounts I manage in that system. So, the good news is, I’m sure it is working. And the better news is, that if you wish to get involved, contact me and I will send you an invitation link.

DeFi and You
What is DeFi? Simply put, it is people making person to person or business to business arrangements to place capital and receive a return on capital. There are many many sites offering these opportunities. Smart contracts provide the details of the different ways to invest. Billions are now invested in various DeFi projects. Payments are going out. Investors are investing and receiving returns; commissions on referrals are paid by some of these projects. People are getting paid.

What that means, to you, I believe, is that you can get involved directly without having to work with a bank and without having to have a stock broker, and without the state being involved. Financial freedom is coming, if you want it.

Since the world is now entering what Doug Casey once called The Greater Depression (which he anticipated back in the 1990s, by the way), and has hit the other eyewall of the hurricane that was the 2009 financial collapse, and hit it with a vengeance, you need to look to the future as being very different from the past. If you have been expecting that things will soon enough calm down and that things will go back to how they were in June 2019, I’m must inform you, that world is gone. After Jeffrey Epstein was arrested, the people who have power over all of us became very upset and set about destroying the economy and setting up new ways to hurt all of us. After all, they are baby raping mass murdering cannibals who worship Moloch, and there is no possibility that those of us who know what they are can ever live with them being in our world, much less controlling our lives.

No, you are not going to vote your way out of this mess. Yes, Claire Wolfe was right in 1995 when she wrote in 101 Things to Do Before the Revolution that it is too late to fix things by working within the system. (I have believed for many years that the system is designed to work for the people who profit from it being the way it is, so they make sure efforts to fix it always fail.) By the way, she said in 2004 that it was no longer too early to just shoot the bastards, but, as you’ve noticed, there is not yet a concerted effort to do much bastard elimination, and, to be very candid, people who want to eliminate the bastards face a lot of difficulties. So, focus on your family and your community and your friends, the people you can work with, the people you can help.

I sometimes mention a French phrase “sauf qui peut” as I learnt it long ago. It generally is translated as “save yourselves” but it can be transliterated, word for word, as “save who you can.” I think we’re at that point in human history where millions or even a few billion souls will lose their lives. I’ve felt it was coming for many many years. We’ve all seen the signs. We’re now at the threshhold of those events, and, so, instead of working on shooting bastards, much as there are many who may richly deserve it, I suggest you leave that to others or to another day in the future, or leave it to God who is working in our world to make things better. Instead, focus on saving who you can. Save yourselves, your friends, your family, your neighbours.

DeFi is a set of tools in that respect. DeFi can help you make a better tomorrow. DeFi is about financial autonomy. It is ready, if you want it.

PDF Link …


Jim Davidson is an author, entrepreneur, actor, and director. He has served as the vision director of for many years. You can find him on as well as and also as planetaryjim. He appreciates any support you can provide as times are very difficult. See the Paypal link on this page. Or email your humble author to offer other choices. Visit for more information on an upcoming event. Those seeking a multi-jurisdiction multi-hop VPN for communications privacy please visit For those seeking colloidal silver try Ask Jim about for DeFi opportunities. Ask Jim about Jesus.

Upcoming Events

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.”

~ Camille Pissarro

There has been an aspect of reality, for me, and for some other people I’ve talked to, that has seemed very unsettling due to the tyranny, but also on a spiritual level, not quite “real.” As though either another shoe were about to drop or somehow I know that what is happening all becomes irrelevant due to something that is coming soon. Many people I know have been talking about the “little chastisements” and the “great chastisement” and have pondered whether this time we are in represents one or the other of those prophesied times. All of which is to say that I’m not sure if events after the Autumnal Equinox or as “far off” as the election in November feels are really going to happen as planned.

About forty years ago, I first attended Renaissance festivals and science fiction conventions. Almost immediately I heard the phrase, “secret masters of fandom (SMOFs) make lists.” How are events organised? By people who make lists, go down the list and get things done, and then make a new list. On that level, it isn’t very complicated. When I got into graduate school and was taught how to write business plans by Professor Ed Williams, it had this same aspect. Planning doesn’t generally survive contact with reality, but having plans, and thinking about contingencies, helps people get stuff done. So here is a list.

JackFest 1-10 August 2020

You can find some free people at the Jackelope Freedom Festival in the Sittgreaves National Forest in Arizona (near Heber Overgaard) in the first two weeks of August 2020. I attended in 2018 and 2019, and there are many good people there.

Igloo Luau West 25-27 September 2020

You can find such people at the in Naturita, Colorado, 25 to 27 September 2020. I have made arrangements to attend, and the event is sponsored by as well as Houston Space Society, After Dark Publications, the Resilient Ways Foundation, and Dr. Freckles Global Tontine Club. We have the following accommodations for our guests:

A. Rimrock Hotel, Naturita has rooms, although the tyrant running Colorado government says nobody can stay in the rooms with shared bathroom facilities, which were the best value in my opinion. Nevertheless, if you want to attend our event and just show up, great, try there.

B. Uravan Campground is a place in Naturita area for camping. They offer good prices.

MidFest 10-11 October 2020

A very good friend of mine is one of the organisers of MidFest in Oklahoma 10-11 October 2020. See their web site for details. If I’m able to do so, I plan to attend.

Luau East 19 October 2020.

So far the folks involved, myself, Ben Stone, Evan Freshwater, and Chicago Joe, have not set up a definite location for this event. Nevertheless, we’re planning to host it, probably somewhere in eastern Kentucky across the river from West Virginia.

Luau Georgia 23-25 October 2020

Another group of us are gathering in the Appalachians near Jasper or Helen Georgia in late October. Given the expected “October surprises” to make every election year even sillier, it is again one of those cases where “I’ll be there if I’m able.” Two of the people in Georgia we’ve been talking to about this event are Brent of Smoky Pit Story Time podcast and Pete Quinones of Free Man Beyond the Wall and the Libertarian Institute and Stateless Productions.

Where We Are Now

In order to understand what to expect in September, October, and perhaps November, it might be good to review some recent events. I think these events are related and worth considering in the following order:

July 2019 – Jeffrey Epstein is arrested, bringing global attention to his underage prostitution and human trafficking activities, and those of Ghislaine Maxwell. A large number of very prominent people are implicated. People at the FBI are very familiar with the use of child trafficking and child rape as tools the FBI has used to control politicians and wealthy business people going back to the 1920s.

August 2019 – overnight lending between banks begins to rise dramatically, culminating 15 September 2019 at 10% – meaning an annual rate of 3,650%. Put another way, banks stopped lending to each other and the “too big to fail” banks were going to need another bailout.

October 2019 – Bill Gates leaves Microsoft and his foundation to form a new company which gets a $100 billion “contact tracing” contract. Event 201 outlines events with a “coronavirus” epidemic which might kill 65 million according to the simulation. World Military Games in Wuhan, China occur bringing diplomats, espionage agents, and military personnel from all over the world to Wuhan. Based on patient zero, the nCoV2019 virus epidemic began during this month. An “abomination” in the form of a pagan idol is placed in a sacred place, the church of Saint Mary in Rome (see Daniel chapters 10-12).

November 2019 – patient zero, a 55-year-old man, is diagnosed in Wuhan. Early signs of a highly infectious disease are discussed by Wuhan area health care professionals and some international health specialists in epidemiology.

Year End 2019 – A report comes out that 1,480 chief executive officers and thousands of other high ranking officials in different business enterprises have either retired or quit during 2019. It is regarded as a remarkably high number.

January 2020 – On 12 January 2020 the health ministry of France re-classifies hydroxychloroquine sulfate and related compunds as “poison” which means that pharmacists in France – who often sell over the counter antibiotics and other treatments after brief discussions with customers – are now required to have a prescription from a doctor before selling hydroxychloroquine. Late in January travel from Wuhan is “locked down” after roughly 5 million persons had already left the city for Lunar New Year celebrations.

February 2020 – panic over the epidemic is building. Masque supplies become scarce. Economic activity in Wuhan plummets. Travel restrictions are announced in many places. Discussion of emergency response legislation authorising the distribution of $1.5 trillion to the largest companies and banks begins. Federal Reserve begins planning a multi-trillion-dollar monetary inflation response.

March 2020 – the fix is in. Small businesses are prevented from operating, big businesses get huge government and Federal Reserve subsidies. The Cantillon Effect lets those who get the new money first benefit from the opportunity to buy before prices rise. Oil prices crash.

April 2020 – the lockdowns are extended. Some relief is provided to some Americans, especially those who recently filed income tax papers. The global supply chain begins to fail. Dire headlines are frequent.

May 2020 – the economic consequences of extended lockdowns are being felt. Late in the month, riots are organised and promoted in major cities in response to incidents of perceived police brutality. Police precinct buildings in Minneapolis are destroyed.

June 2020 – riots become frequent. Marxists controlling several prominent groups (BLM, Antifa) receive funding to attack communities all over America, and in other countries.

July 2020 – rioting remains commonplace in some cities. Late in the month, Freedom Land DAO is started to develop places to live in the mountains of Texas, Arizona, Ontario, and elsewhere.

You are going to see things continue to get weird, so it would be wise for you to form teams, establish secure communications, make plans, and build for the future.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of good is for good people to cooperate. Your time is now.

Contact Jim:

PDF Download …


Jim Davidson is an author, entrepreneur, actor, and director. He is the cfo of and the vision director of You can find him on as well as and also as planetaryjim. He appreciates any support you can provide as times are very difficult. See the Paypal link on this page. Or email your humble author to offer other choices. Visit for more information. Those seeking a multi-jurisdiction multi-hop VPN for communications privacy please visit For those seeking colloidal silver try Ask Jim about CryptoWealth. Help ranchers avoid destroying their herds, buy Bedrock Beef.

LSR Notes: 9/29/20

9:48 AM

The debates tonight? Predictions?

… at minute 34 …

Biden: “Arrr … rrrrr …. rrrr …”

Trump: “This is gonna be YUUUGE!”

Moderator: “What the hell Mr. Vice President …”

In a matter of seconds, because of an experimental bull semen treatment, Biden transforms …

… at minute 35?

Trump pulls out a 12 gauge revolver, titanium, arm-wrist support with recoil piston and cylinder progression blow back … 5 rounds go into Biden’s mungous face … Trump puts on a hockey mask.

Trump: “I am the Lord Humoungous … you thought you could win?”


9:40 AM

pixelation in the supply chain precedes shortages

shortages precede famine

famine precedes chaos

chaos precedes hell on Earth

then the wookie folk stream out of British Columbia, sasquatch armies armed with steel pipe and bags of rocks … and .50 cal machine guns they carry.


9:37 AM

A friend of mine reminded me of something the other day:

Old Testament times were VERY DIFFERENT …

If it smelled bad? – kill it, it’s a demon.

If it looks weird? – kill it, it’s a demon.

Perhaps Jesus also brought sanity, along with grace and forgiveness.

(weird thought)


9:22 AM

If I had a million dollars?

I would raise 10 mountain gorillas – 5 male, 5 female …

I would train them to each flesh, switch to a meat diet …

Teach them to make tools and start fires …

And release them into the Cascade Mountains …


there’s some kind of insurance scam in this … like “bigfoot camping insurance” …

… and we bundle these into tranches, giving them grades … from least likely to most likely to be eaten by bigfoot …

we sell these as “Fatality Backed Securities” or FBS …

we make bank

2020 is rife with shit, fucked up shit …

schadenfreude souffle mixed with dead panda entrails and monkey turds and old semen, jar’d up by the homeless dude off of Broadway …

And the crop circles? – they might be markers

Maybe the Aliens heard this


9:13 AM

“I’m hoping one day we can find bigfoot … cuddle with him … make wookie love…”


9:06 AM


8:55 AM

Let’s talk about the “pros and cons” of space …

Prostitutes (pros)

Con-artists (cons)

I think “space” is a grifter paradise.

LSR Notes: 9/28/20

6:42 PM

Orange man needs to take vid of him writing a check back to himself, for $750, using the White House checking account.


5:41 PM

stare at the death, happening before you …

each dead thing that falls off your body is a flare, shot up, signaling the coyotes “this guy … he’s seeing you soon” ..

that gray hair? – it’s your clarion call … GET GOING.


Find your liger.


9:16 AM

“God is not a magic trick.” – Dr. Freckles

Magic tricks are “low stakes” … Jesus doesn’t do that.


9:00 AM

Got back from shopping, and …

  1. saw a couple, wearing masks, with their kid
  2. saw another bus, half fool, by mandate of Seattle/King Count

I also saw that PCC was low on ground beef … what does that mean?

  1. I saw a thirsty, hungry crow
  2. PCC low on ground beef

What does this mean?

Prayer for Forgiveness and Repentance …

Jesus Christ,

Your death signaled the end of one era, and the beginning of a new one.

On the cross you took the sins of all time, of all souls, and carried the pain and sorrow of this.

You lay in the tomb for 3 days, and in that time you must have seen every sin, including mine, including the sins of those I love and those I despise.

You did this to wash the world, but also to teach.

Lord in Heaven, you died on the cross so that we may have a lighthouse on those stormy and treacherous “nights of the soul”. You gave us a point in the distance, to set our course, freeing us from the pain and misery of hate and regret and vengeance.

Punishment is God’s, not ours.

Punishments do happen, there are consequences.

Lord in Heaven, I pray as I wander this world that I remember: the sins I carry were meant for you … so in repentance I must give up those burdens … in place of those burdens is the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, forgive me my sins. Forgive the sins of my enemies. Forgive the sins of my friends. And if we must suffer chastisement? – grant us the wisdom to see a way through, towards you, Jesus, and towards love.

In your name, Jesus Christ, we serve.


Punishment from God …

  1. Psalm 38
  2. Greetings and announcements. Next Sunday, at 11 AM, Bremerton, WA, Evergreen Rotary Park, near the Pacific Ave parking lot … more info here: DFGTC.ORG/JC … check in on people. Don’t let the “voting” get to you.
  3. Isaiah 47
  4. Prayer for Forgiveness, Repentance
  5. Matthew 11:20-24 , Proverbs 3:11-12, 1 John 4:13-21
  6. Punishment from God. Moses and the diving rod. Was it punishment? When the Lord gave to Adam/Even so much, and was this reward? The brutality of the wilderness, being exiled in Babylon … suffering under the Greeks and Romans? – was this punishment or instruction?
  7. Prayer for those in pain, moment of silence.
  8. Lord’s Prayer: Matthew 6:9-13
  9. Blessings and dismissal.

LSR Notes: 9/27/20

9:36 PM

“Show me the concertina wire!” – Dr. Freckles


9:14 PM

We are all stochastic representations of a shallow and fleeting world … to each other we are gunkis …

In the time of Lazor? – we could run merrily through the wompas-brush, being chased by tee-diglers …

But now the PCP is nearly dry, and the heart muscle is calcified, old


8:48 PM

This #election2020 is one big lame turd.

At some point, if I see a lot of propaganda from ANY OF YOU FUCKING VOTERS?

I think I will be purging …

Just don’t push too much of that stupid voter shit.

“Trump didn’t pay taxes …”

“Biden has dementia …”

I fucking don’t care.


8:33 PM

I used chilled bogroolian mist …

I collect it on a moonlit night, as the summer sprites dance down in the hollow … and the birds sing songs of bastard kings.

I mix this with sumptous-pollen and weeble grease …

I boil this for 24 hours, into a thin wafer.

(then swallow)

tis a rare thing … a will-o’-the-wisp …

such things are found in the fleeting time of longing, as the snow melts, and one flower shows through?

But that flower pisses you off.

So you grab some lighter fluid, and burn it, and stamp it, and bury next to that guy you killed.


8:14 PM

“If you love someone, you shouldn’t set them on fire.” – Dr. Freckles


8:04 PM

what is love?

if it isn’t the vortex …

a pulling in of outsides …

a pushing out of insides …

and then everything becomes a mess …

At that moment your eyes lock, after so many years. You see in the other that tornado passion … and you travel to the stars, to desire.


2:45 PM

BLM … $200K …

Seems like ordinary people are starving … but BLM is getting free FED money …

God does NOT bless America in this case …


2:07 PM

Whenever I hear people say “Dan … the government wouldn’t do THAT …”


Your government once frack’d for natural gas using a nuclear weapon.

Please, tell me what they won’t fucking do?


2:04 PM

“Darkest hour is before the dawn …

Great … I love that …


Do you know what time it is?

(so to speak)


2:00 PM

  1. how everything magically goes back to normal on Nov 4th, and how this is related to a new energy drink I’m going to sell.
  2. “Barret” the supreme nominee
  3. The coming of super-lockdown …
  4. There’s still food, but for how much longer …
  5. other stuff


12:58 PM

People keep saying “there’s gonna be a military coup …”


This already happened … November 22nd, 1963 …


12:36 PM

A lot of beast-system promoters are HUGE FANS of the #blockchain.

Predictive programming on this is all over the web … “you have no choice, you must use crypto when it comes, what … you don’t want to eat?”

Sorry – but the beast-system works like this.

(free worlds don’t)


12:27 PM

When they cut us off from loved ones who are dying?

When they tell a mother she cannot see her child?

When they tell a son or daughter they cannot see their parent?

Pure evil.

This is the “reset”, the “NWO” – also known as the Beast.

They won’t let you eat, until you kneel.


11:21 AM

whatever happened, it shall pass … this is twitter.

Twitter grievances, slights, insults … still just twitter.

But …

Crimes against the witch-clan of Tacoma?

Those crimes are never forgiven …

All the covens will hunt you in the night as you run bleeding and on fire.

LSR Notes: 9/26/20

10:29 PM

“The more hate you have, the funnier you’ll be …”


10:23 PM


10:00 PM


8:58 PM


Men and women will hunt the groggen-beast of the sewer, harvest the telephone fruit … the cats down by the river.


Factions from sectors 3 and 78-Zebra will join forces and launch an attack on Taco Time … steal the protein

Soon? Somewhere?

People will do “it”.

she is fancy-pants-mungle-flesh …

Her kind will die out during the first epoch of Rejuvenation, when the soil shall be re-fueled with the decaying lumps of hipster thunkis-folk.

all the rat-lords of Xorton will shout in the loudest voice:



3:42 PM

  1. Fauci
  2. Jim Jones

(compare and contrast)


2:47 PM

“Space has never been an important concern, for me.” – Dr. Freckles


12:52 PM

I had a vision of what the apostle Stephen looked like today …

Have you ever had a vision of that person, from the Bible?

It gets clearer, as you understand more.

I wonder, if it’s the face of the person, becoming real, through faith and worship?

I know: weird thought


7:33 AM

DEUT 23:9-14

This is some #boogaloo shit for those of you “getting ready”.


7:28 AM

they shall sing songs of you son

when the great cannon is fired and the virgin queen of Issaquah comes forth from the river of neglect?

50 handmaidens will dress her in clove and sweet fruit and all jumbulous silk is laid upon her …

She sings for you man.

And that’s cool.


7:24 AM

Nahum 3 … is “Nineveh” Seattle?


5:58 AM

hlumpet-gangs formed
rebar and axes and machetes and steel pipes have been issued
targets: Lord Diss, Franktas and the last Castle of Lame in Magnolia
All huglemick tribes outside of King County have been summoned using mind frequency Zebra-Bravo

end of line


5:47 AM

She was on Episode 1, Season 2 of “Fringe”


one other thing … there are scenes of her flipping through the bible and seeing “the beast” … 2009 …

(weird stuff now, in retrospect)

Fringe #Season2 #Episode1 #TheBeast #MeghanMarkle

Eschatology No. 1 (notes)

James 4:13-15

proselyte: convert, to Judaism

Questions/Discussion Points:

  1. What is eschatology?
  2. What is the role of Israel in unfulfilled prophecy?
  3. What really is the rapture?
  4. What is the beast in Rev 13?
  5. 3 Days of Darkness? the Marian Prophecies? Fatima?
  6. Jehovah’s Witness: are there only so many saved? 144K? Only virgins? Rev 14:1-4 …. I found this interesting: that the 144K refers to “kings” that will rule alongside God, and the rest of us can have eternal life on Earth.
  7. Gen 9:11 … floods off the table?
  8. As in the times of Noah? Matthew 24:37-39 …
  9. Daniel 12:2 “Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt.” What does it mean that the “dead shall rise”, and specifically in the context of Israel?
  10. Rev 22:18-19 … “18 I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll. 19 And if anyone takes words away from this scroll of prophecy, God will take away from that person any share in the tree of life and in the Holy City, which are described in this scroll.” Does this mean we should simply and literally interpret Revelation?
  11. Is Revelation about Nero?
  12. Revelation 2:18-29, Church of Thyatira? Jezebel?
  13. Who/what is Babylon in Revelation?
  14. Role of chimera in prophecy?



Doxology: a liturgical formula of praise to God.

  1. Letters, admonitions, messages … to the churches. 7 Churches of Asia.
  2. The scroll and the lamb
  3. The Seals
  4. 144K sealed
  5. Multitude in white robes
  6. 7th Seal and the Golden Censer … (Censer: A censer, incense burner, perfume burner or pastille burner is a vessel made for burning incense or perfume in some solid form)
  7. Trumpets, 3rd Angel, and Wormwood … a star falling
  8. Rev 9:1-12 …. the locusts … drones or robots? Also, is there a nod to the “3 days” here?
  9. Two Witnesses ….
  10. 7th Trumpet and the 24 elders
  11. The Woman and the Dragon
  12. Rev 12, War in Heaven … “Dragon” == Lucifer? is this a ref to pre-creation? pre-end of Eden? Just after the expulsion from paradise?
  13. REV 13:3 “One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was filled with wonder and followed the beast.”
  14. Lamb and the 144K
  15. The Three Angels
  16. REV 14:8 “A second angel followed and said, ‘Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great,’ which made all the nations drink the maddening wine of her adulteries.”
  17. Reaping/harvesting of the Earth … the great sickle … the winepress … REV 14:14-20
  18. REV 14:20 “They were trampled in the winepress outside the city, and blood flowed out of the press, rising as high as the horses’ bridles for a distance of 1,600 stadia.” (180 miles)
  19. 7 Angels, 7 Plagues, 7 Bowls
  20. REV 16, ecosystem collapse, and the Clathrate Gun hypothesis …
  21. The Fall of Babylon
  22. 1,000 years
  23. Satan released, Armageddon?


“In the beginning …”

John 1:1

The ages …

  1. Age of Eden
  2. Age of Noah
  3. Age of Founders (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph)
  4. Age of Enslavement and Liberation
  5. First Age of Israel: Judges
  6. Second Age of Israel: Kingship
  7. Third Age of Israel: Exile
  8. Fourth Age of Israel: Restoration / Hope Isaiah 7:14
  9. Christ on Earth #1
  10. Mandate of Christian Kingdom
  11. End of the Christian Kingdom
  12. Fifth Age of Israel: 1947-present


Christian Eschatology:

1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18 …. rapture?

Eph 3:1-6

Matt 16:18

Romans 11:1-25

Luke 18:1-8

Emmanuel: God with us …

LSR Notes: 9/25/20

8:36 PM

“A secret is something you can keep … there … I solved your intellectual property problem …” – Dr. Freckles


8:11 PM

I think I’m verbin-folk, and I get dumped.

dumped in the Duwamish

Fish grease

Huglameck Tribes from realm-Alpha-6 are ravaging the rat-women of Strimbous Street.


7:46 PM

The Michael Rockefeller case makes zero sense.

I don’t buy the “he drowned” or “head hunters ate him”.

The press conferences with his dad? – something off about them.

I think he was on the run because he learned the truth, and that’s part of the ritual … spook the kill.


6:29 PM

Sometimes it feels like “Q” and “Satoshi” are the same motherfucker.

(the same mind fuck)


6:15 PM

What’s my mood tonight?

Somewhere between the “Big Lebowski” and “Straw Dogs” …

(somewhere in there)


5:53 PM

The commies have been quiet on my part of 12th since setting the porta-potty on fire back in July …

Been a while ..

Black Lives Matter/Antifa poop-commies of #Seattle are focused on other places … very sad.

But I think they’ll be coming around again, those scrumbly whores.


5:15 PM

Re-using condoms …


4:46 PM

There’s something depressing about Butch Cassidy surviving S. America …

I don’t want to think of that guy, moping around, checking in on old friends …

Better he dies in a gunfight in Mexico or something, per the Peckinpah canon …

But winding down like a pocket watch?


9:31 AM

When I die, these will be my last words …

“… I almost got away with it …”


8:00 AM

“Writing is mostly bullshit.” – Dr. Freckles


7:38 AM

Raytheon has been dropping Sky-Gumbous on us again …

“Raytheon Rain” … yay

Want to know why I drink sometimes? – BECAUSE WHY THE FUCK NOT?

I am being poisoned every day … all around … in the air, water, food …

(why the fuck not?)

sky poison?

“All Say Tangata Manu”

welcome to my life-plan since 2016 …

Jesus wants me to do better, but that’s the hole I get pulled into: this shitty shit shit thing is going to shit … why not drink.

LSR Notes: 9/24/20

11:18 PM

  • you are dressed in black?
  • with 500 of your best friends from commie-land?
  • and you and your 500 friends are blocking the road?

I hit the throttle baby.

I scream Valhalla as I run over your bodies.

I hope I am driving a dump truck.


When will people stop being so fucking stupid?


That precedes an attack.

When I see #BlackLivesMatter fools? – I see commie insects.

Don’t give the insects a chance to act as such.


Kill a commie, kill two.

They are violating NAP by blocking vehicles and disrupting traffic.

This is why I want a 5 shot 12 gauge revolver with recoil assist cylinder progression.

All I want is that and the single shot .50 rifle round recoil assisted pistol …

And a 9 mm belt fed carbine … with 1,000 rouds in the back pack … AP rds

this is all I want, no biggee

BTW: what thoughts are going through a driver’s head when they just hit someone and NOW they are slowing down to let the mob get to them?

FUCK … get the FUCK out of there …

These are commie crumbo freaks …

A creative motherfucker would steal a dump truck and take it to a #BlackLivesMatter “protest” …

Do a “fuck around, find out” test …

See how many commies can be smashed in one pass.

That’s IF this were not scripted bullshit.


10:38 PM

He is shumbly-tuss, the dead bee.

Being dragged by the soldier bee to the body dump …

He will be unceremoniously tossed onto the pile of history.

Small insects will feed, life will grow.

Shumbly-tuss will fade into new things.

And the body dump will grow wings.

Bee life.


9:36 PM

… here’s the thing though that most people don’t know about time travel, and it’s why they fail …

time travel? – depends on credit card numbers … working ones … with a balance and a pin number you can give me plus your 3-factor auth … for this to work … or gold too.


9:19 PM

  1. bake sand/clay/rock sections to near melting point.
  2. have enmeshed, within the form, a wire and anchor metal mesh. With hardened anchor points. so the metal skeleton is baked into the wall.
  3. Design these like legos.
  4. you could start with bricks.

weird idea


8:58 PM

Psalm 24 … might be a repeat …


8:47 PM

I also need funding for this project:

I want to build a giant ground based antenna …

I want to transmit, in a mathematical language, the words “fuck around, find out” …

I just want to see what would fucking happen …


8:16 PM

I have this really fun idea.

I want to start leaving time capsules all over the place.

But in the capsules I bury? – total bullshit, stuff that NEVER happened, ideas that go nowhere.

I think some would consider this bad.

I consider this a test …

A simple challenge.

“Fuck with the Future” project:

A project to bury time capsules, some at sea, that will contain nothing but crap.

Total crap … probably old copies of “The Weekly World News” …

I only want a million dollars, and a fast car …

A sexy gf ..

A Hawaiian shirt …

Some coke.


8:13 PM

“In Search Of …” is the Coldplay of TV mystery shows …


7:41 PM

The only way to really know what you look like?

You have to rip off your face, and hold it in front of your uncovered pulpy bulbous, and as it drips your warm blood, look at that skin mask and marvel …

then you will probably die …

or maybe you become a monster, or a bat.


7:35 PM

Dear #Maga folks:

If Papa Trump tells you the nation has to be locked down, again, but worse, will you go along with this?

Is this the “America” you envision?

This stinking Bill Gates’ dystopia?

Just asking …

My guess? – many will turn in their guns to Trump, when he asks.

and when I say “again” … let’s be honest … the first lock down never ended … they just loosened the screws a little … they’re still sticking bamboo under our fingernails, so to speak.


7:12 PM

this is a great idea:

  • single shot
  • recoil assisted
  • .50 cal RIFLE ROUND


It’s like …

“He buddy, are you looking for me?”

“Naw, but this chunk of metal is …”


Barrel slides on recoil pistons and ejects single round …

fast reload design …

I want to call it a SKLANK gun …

I want to have a bandoleer too … of .50 cal rifle rounds …

and a Hawaiian shirt …

and a 1968 cherry red Pontiac GTO …

can you imagine driving down the street, in that GTO, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and being armed with a short-barreled-recoil-assisted-polymer-titanium-.50-rifle-pistol?

Just stick that thing out the window, fire an explosive round at the Hlookie gang bangers chasing you


6:57 PM

I went to see Dr. Grunkis last week …

He asked me “are you taking the salve I gave you?”

It stunk …

He gave me an ointment too, made of street-protein and grumbly-grease and maggots and rotten eggs and rotten apples … and he had me rub it on my eyes, my toes.

Grunkis uses old knives he finds …

Old hypodermic needles, rusty old IV bag attachments.

He reuses everything, and he washes all his implements in a piss pot.

His office is an alley … lit by a few candles, if it’s not raining. He has green and jaundiced eyes, shaky hands.


6:42 PM

Over the entrance of the camps …

“All death is covid death …”


6:32 PM

look at how the last one is limping?

Seems like this has happened before.


6:22 PM

siren flood …

Some hemblick priest just cooked a dude with a .357 probably or a shotgun blast … or some dude drank too much gasoline and went mad and began using his bumpkit-meat hatchet before the sun goes down …

It’s after the sun goes down.

they mostly come at night


5:56 PM

The smell of cooked bumpkit-meat is coming in through my window. It has the scent of cooked pig, but off, something different.

No one talks about where the bumpkit-meat comes from or what bumpkit-meat is …

Old homeless dudes go missing, and then the next day FOR SALE, MEAT!


5:44 PM

You were marked by the ancient wizards of Glotch.

They picked you, above all others, to be the lightning rod for trobic-energies coming in from the galactic core.

You will carry the torch of Trov!

You will stand up against the Dragon of Pog.

You alone, cuz of your birthday.


12:03 PM

Psalm 104


11:47 AM

I live in a simulated reality.

And it is pixelating.


11:38 AM

I’m just a dude.

I have NO IDEA if space is real.

I just KNOW that “space” is not my main problem right now.


11:31 AM

I think this is all making me furiously anxious.


10:54 AM

I gave crazy speeches everywhere I went today … and I sang crazy songs at intersections.


10:15 AM

I’m so tired of the bullshit.

So tired of this techno hell.

And I so know I’m in it, part of it, using it, to type this nonsense.

But I’m so tired of it.

Because what should have been TOOLS have turned into torments.

And we build prisons around ourselves.

Bill Gates smiles.


9:42 AM

Raytheon rain is falling in #Seattle.

You can taste the endothermic compounds.

(and the aluminum finish)


9:35 AM

I just realized the only thing I’m really afraid of now?

A pointless death …

We all die … and many will die, have died … in this maelstrom of evil bullshit.

But if I die I want it to be a gesture, a FUCK YOU to Lucifer.

(so it’s a challenge for me to find that death)


9:22 AM

I sang a song outside Uncle Ike’s today about “viruses, wind and propellers” …


9:13 AM

“Design is wonderful, complexity is SHIT.” – Dr. Freckles


9:05 AM

We don’t have metal for quarters, but we do have metal for bombs.

(same metals)


8:51 AM

I was out today, it was windy, people were wearing masks …

There are winds in #Seattle today.

Why are people wearing their masks outside?

(viruses don’t have propellers)


7:16 AM

“Dan, the state can’t be stopped … and these riots are REAL.”

“Rubber cones?”

“That’s racist.”


6:50 AM

  1. Our solar system drifts through space endlessly.
  2. Space is not empty, there are stray gases.
  3. If gravity overcomes vacuum to create atmosphere? – then all these stray gases should get collected by the Earth.

So why don’t we have a Jupiter level of pressure by now?

or even just Venus Syndrome … or toxic gases that get collected … radioactive gases … if “gravity” can overcome vacuum … it means that planets should NEVER STOP accruing atmosphere.

and if some space asshole tries to say “well … it’s only 1 G”

Sorry asshole … ACCORDING TO YOUR BULLSHIT, the additional atmosphere (gases) increase the mass of the Earth … which means what? Space assholes?

It means gravity increases.

… but not everything is my point … there are still stray gases that don’t get absorbed …

(and it’s been billions of years man)

BTW: if Jupiter can shield Earth by “stealing all gases”? – then Jupiter could steal Earth’s atmosphere, over time.

  1. been billions of years
  2. you have to admit – the gas giants HAVE NOT stopped it all.
  3. Low mass gases in interplanetary space? – not likely to be sucked in, unless Jupiter is about to steal our Moon?

Or, you don’t understand how gravity works?


6:44 AM

Black Lives Matter commie freaks are “sleeping it off” (post smoking PCP) until noon … 3 AM – NOON .. the commie blunket freaks ares sleeping in their own fecal matter and suckling upon a rotten potato

At night? – that’s when they patrol.

So? – breakfast over dinner.


6:40 AM

Proverbs 27:1


6:14 AM

  1. The cops are commies.
  2. #BlackLivesMatter are commies.

Why don’t people understand yet that they are STILL SEEING NWO/Globalist orchestrated fighting?

It’s a tool of control.

It’s a way of sublimating the REAL outrage.

And yes: buildings are being burned, people killed.

  1. failed state scenario


  1. SASO/Peace Keeping operations

Key point: first the CIA destabilizes a society THEN the US “helps them” by sending in military forces.

(and why do you think Trump is rotating forces back home?)

(some won’t understand until it is too late)

Christian Meeting: October 4th, 2020, Bremerton, WA

  1. Location: Evergreen Rotary Park in Bremerton, WA.
  2. Date: October 4th, 2020
  3. Time: 11 AM PST
  4. Duration: approximately 30 minutes
  5. We will meet near the parking lot, off of Pacific AVE. See red circle below.
  6. Please note: I will need your help too. If you need access to a toilet? – please research this before arrival. I’ve never been to this park, so I don’t know where the toilets are. If you need a chair? – please bring a folding chair. If you need a blanket to sit on, please bring one. Given the time of year? – we will be praying/meeting outside, so you may need an umbrella or a rain coat. Please note that we are meeting under difficult conditions, so bring what you need – as if you were going to the park to meet with friends.
  7. These are difficult times, and I hope folks, brothers and sisters, can understand the necessity of self reliance in our fellowship. I wish I could give you a building to pray in, sadly, I cannot. I ask that you understand and join us for worship if you can.
  8. If you are concerned about the COVID-19, please wear a mask, gloves, face covering. If you don’t want to shake hands or hug – you don’t have to. I will not be wearing a mask, I will be shaking hands.
  9. For more info, email me: